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Peterborough Rules - Free Flight

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Free Flight


Peterborough E20
or Ferry 500


Flying Aces - there are some changes most years - click for a .pdf download.
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General:   For 2017: The classes will be, HLG/Catapult, E20, P20, 36” Hi-Start Glider and Cloud Tramp, plus the “Bernie Nichols Trophy” which will take place at the completion of other contest flights at 7pm on the dates of the three middle events.

One model per entry unless due to loss or serious damage the CD agrees to a second model being used.

Three flights to a max which will be set on the day, 10 second attempt: this applies to all the above classes.

Best four scores to count, fifth in the event of a tie. Scoring is 4,3,2,1,1, etc, or 3,2,1 if three entries, 2,1, for two entries, solo entry one point if three flights above 10 seconds are achieved.

Rubber Precision. For the Bernie Nichols Trophy (The “Rubber Bowden.”)

Models: Any rubber powered model that lies within the parameters of use at Ferry Meadows. Builder of the model rule applies. Traditional structure & covering. No Fo*m please, gentlemen. Traditional cabin type models are encouraged, and may be prescribed in future, to keep up the numbers, all types can be accepted.

Rounds: Two, with a target time of, normally, 35seconds. Ballot for launching order (first round). Less than 10 seconds... go to back of queue for another attempt. If duration exceeds 60 seconds, or if model lands under d/t inside that time, 25points lost. (because of the nature of the field and its surrounds, d/t can be used subject to above rule.) Launching order for second round is reverse order of first round score, ie “best last.”

Scoring: Flights timed to nearest full second, points lost per second deviation from target time. No disqualification for overflying. Smallest points loss wins. Flyoff in the event of a tie.

Three events are planned for 2017, points awarded 1 for last place, 2 for next best continuing upwards. All three events to count.


Up to 6 grams of rubber ( not 4grams )
Motor may be external
Max prop dia 8 inch

Minimum weight 32 grammes less motor. This limit does not apply to models with cabins and two (or three) leg undercarriages. (This rule change was agreed at the “F/F Conference” that took place in December 2016, and is to encourage members to fit efficient d/t's without putting off newcomers by restricting performance.)

Hi-Start Glider

Span 36 inches tip to tip (NOT flat span)
Hi Start 7.5m of 1/8” rubber Plus 22.5m of line
Same Hi start used by all and not reeled in between flights.
Models – ANY glider (vintage, modern, scale, kit, O.D.or existing design scaled up or down)

Peterborough Free Flight Scale – Propeller, Jet and Profile

Static scoring (marks out of 10 for each)
1) Accuracy to provided plan (no three view required) 
2) Finish 
3) Detail 
4) Workmanship

Maximum static score 40 points

Flight Scoring
Minimum flight time to qualify 15 secs 

Marks out of 10 for each (best of three flights) 
1) Launch/take off 
2) Flight 
3) Landing

Maximum flight score 30 points

Add static and the best flight score (of the three) to arrive at competitor’s total for the event.