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Indoor Flying with Soo Modellers in Canada
Winter 2017/2018

Previously Soo Modellers and friends have concentrated on electric powered r/c models for their indoor flying, but this season there has been a growing interest in rubber power free flight.
Thanks to Chris for the information.

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Stinson Voyager 108-1

Stinson Voyager 108-1

The Cessna "Airmaster" from an old Flying Models plan


Peck-Polymers "X-masticks"


"Gym Dandy" from an Aeromodeller plan

Peck-polymers "Starved Pussycats"

Photo by builder Earl Turner of Piper J2

Fleet Canuck


"Baby Biplane" from American Aircraft Modeler plans

Andreasson BA-4B peanut from Aeromodeller plan (also Peck-Polymers kit)

Chris, Jack & Graham - mass launch, 900 winds each. The Stinson (centre) won!

Jack & Graham launch the Starved Pussycat on a 50 second flight. New gym record!


Photographs by Peter Smith from Soo Modellers

Click for videos:- Gym Dandy - - - - Starved Pussycats - - - - X-mastick
More Peanuts Please - - - - Rubber powered "Gym Dandy" fly-off - - - - Peanut scale Piper J-2

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