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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

31st December
More thanks to Ted as the current batch of front page photographs were taken by him at the post Christmas flying session at Ferry Meadows.

29th December
Thanks to Ted for the heading photograph taken at the post Christmas flying session at Ferry Meadows.

Also for his Blitzstürmer, which is featured in "Members Models".

27th December
Don't forget the flying session at Ferry Meadows this morning. XC Weather has sensible temperatures but too windy for comfort, lets hope they are wrong about the wind.

Calendar image25th December
Although there are lots of ways at getting dates and calendars from a PC I still like to have an 'analogue' calendar to hand.
Click to download a .pdf version of the club calendar that, when printed and folded, will sit on top of a PC monitor.


23rd December
Le "Champ'46" d'Emmanuel Fillon - you can practice your French on this web site.
I was told about it by a friend who remembers seeing the original model at Eaton Bray in 1946.
"18 aout 1946 Angleterre -International Week Eaton Bray 1st au concours d'Elégance ! Durée 1er 548", perdu de vue et retrouvé à 4milles (7km)"

21st December
According to Wikipedia the Winter Solstice in 2011 occurs at 05:30 on 22nd December. To celebrate there is a new set of front page photographs taken at Ferry Meadows when it was warm with light winds, last Summer - Thanks Mick!

19th December
Derek Knight's new E30 controller, a review, with photographs and installation in a model.
Ian Middlemiss

16/17th December
There are lots of clips of the Vulcan on You Tube but one that I was guided to by the Vulcan to the Sky web site was taken at the Waddington Air Show 2011 by Airshow Vision.
An excellent 9 minutes or so with a restrained commentary.

Click on the Vulcan banner for latest news of the Winter service and money raising schemes.Vulcan

Another video the Vulcan to the Sky page suggested was "RAF Film No 67 the story of a Vulcan Aircraft and it's Crew". Shot in the 1960's and very much "of its time", interesting from that point of view but with excellent Vulcan footage as well. Lasts 26mins.

14th December
Thanks to Christian Moes, from Canada, for news about their Mercurian Mite indoor control line flying.

12th December
As promised the rest of Ted's photographs from the Bushfield indoor session on 4th December - thanks for those.

10th December
I continue to be impressed not only by the quality but the quantity of information supplied each month by James Parry in Sticks and Tissue on the Raynes Park Club web site.
Issue 80, November has been available for a couple of days now.

EasyJet8th December
Even though Ted was flying for the Peterborough branch of EasyJet he still found time for the current set of front page photographs.



6th December
Thanks to Ted for the heading photograph taken at Bushfield on Sunday - there will be some more photographs from him in a day or so.

5th December
An excellent session at Bushfield yesterday, the front page pictures intended to give a "feel" of the event.
There were several freeflight Mercurian Mites, together with Teds electric powered control line version, which Brian Waterland looped when he flew it. It was Brian who did the arranging for the event, so thanks for that. Brian also told gave us a provisional date of 4th March for next year.

3rd December
Doing silly things in full size gliders.......

1st December
Martin's Model Aircraft

29th November
A couple of weeks ago Bernie passed on a link of an Eagle Owl landing in slow motion - I have watched this several times since and thought it worth mentioning again. I particularly like the way the owl adjusts its dihedral when fine tuning its approach. Click the picture for the video.


27th November
Bernie has passed on the Interclub Competition Calendar for 2012

25th November 2011
Update from Ted, his Mercurian Mite now has more power.....

23rd November
Micron have started an e-mail newsletter; in case you have missed issue two here is the part of particular interest. "This will be very short newsletter as the only significant item is that we have decided to scale down and concentrate on micro and indoor models. Thus, we are having a sale of all products that do not fit within the new range." - Click to see a list of items with a 20% discount.

21st November
Thanks to Mick Page for the new set of front page photographs - these from this years power nats.

Swimmer19th November
Click to see the video taken by Ted at Oundle MFC meet 11th Nov 2011.




17th November
Don't forget that tomorrow, Friday 18th., is the club agm at Peakirk, 7:30 - 9:30

15th November
The usual stunning photographs plus some information of general interest in the November edition of Radio Control Soaring Digest - worth the 17Mbyte download.

13th November
A reminder of the excellent "Small Flying Arts" from America where there are Tutorials, Free Plans a Model Showcase and a Discussion Forum.

"SFA is the web's largest model aircraft community, providing resource and discussion on topics like free flight, indoor flight, R/C flight, gliders, rubber powered airplanes, micro-flight, and more."

11th November
One for the diary?

Swap Meet

7th November
The model shop for the 'sport' modeller:- Dens Model Supplies

5th November
The excellent "Sticks and Tissue, October, edition from James Parry at the Raynes Park Club is now available.

3rd November
Thanks to Mick Page for the new set of opening page photographs taken at this years Flying Aces.

1st November
A reminder of updates to the "Meetings" page.

The AGM is confirmed as November 18th at Peakirk from 7.30 - 9.30.

A day time indoor flying session at Bushfield from 10am until 1pm on December 4th.
The Mike Lucas Memorial Fund contributed to the cost of the hall hire for this event.

30th October
Video of indoor, electric control line flying at Whittlesea last Friday......

Some more photographs added to the original Mercurian Mite page.

29th October
A Peterborough Fet Timer in an electric Tomboy from Long Eaton.

26th and 27th October
Both Ian and Ted have sent more information for the Mercurian Mite page.

24th October
Mercurian Mite:- At Impington Brian Lever was doing well with his MM plans, a number of people going away with copies. Click to read his description of "what to do" plus some pictures of MM's already under construction.

23rd October
Home from holiday just in time for the Impington meeting. An excellent turn out from PMFC.
The front page for the next few days gives just an impression of what was happening.

14th October
No updates to the web site until Monday, 24th October

Don't forget the Impington Village College Indoor Meeting on Sunday week - 23rd October
Always a good day out.

12th October
Thanks to Mick who provided two batches of 2011 Flying Aces photographs, neither batch were available for very long, so I have combined them into a set of 17 that show randomly on the front page.

10th October
Technology, Entertainment, Design. - TED.
Not our Ted, although technology, entertainment and design does fit for him.

Click for a UTube video of a r/c "gull". Stick with all 6 minutes of the film for the actual flight.

8th October
John Andrews - Aeromodeller. Beware accompanied by music......

6th October
The Aerofilms Collection is a unique air photographs archive of international importance. - English Heritage

Click to view a selection of the photographs.

4th October
The September issue of "Sticks & Tissue" is available from the Raynes Park Club.
Includes three excellent close ups of i/c engines plus lots more.

2nd October
Thermo Formed Depron Wings.
Taken, with thanks, from the August 2011 edition of RC Micro World.
Click here for latest .pdf edition and details of how to subscribe.

23rd September
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs - these were taken at the R/C Nationals, 2011

There won't be any further updates to the web site until 2nd October.

21st September
Club indoor dates for the Winter listed in Meetings.

19th September
Some Autumn indoor dates:-
October 14th - Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition, near Warwick.
October 23rd -Impington Village College Indoor Meeting
October 30th - Fenland MFC Swapmeet, 9 am on. Village Hall, Sutton St Edmunds
November 5th - Gildings, Market Harborough. Aero Engines, The 13th Annual Vintage, Classic & Modern Sale, includes Ron Moulton items. Catalogue available 28th October.
December 4th - BARCS Soaring Fair, Leicester
December 11th - Loughborough MFC 14th Annual Swapmeet

17th September
The origin of the Leicester based Motorvation Model Engines.
John and Ursula Haytree supplied model engines and parts for over 40 years, building a reputation very few people to this day can match, becoming well known throughout the Model world. John eventually retired from the engine repair scene and a void opened in the model engine repair market.
I was granted permission by John Haytree to continue with the service and repair of engines he previously undertook, and my new company Motorvation Model Engines will continue to offer a service to ensure engines can be kept in peak condition. Modellers who had repair work carried out by John Haytree, will no doubt be aware of the exceptional customer care and dedication given to every engine he worked on. It's going to be a tough act to follow, but I will endeavour to give customers old and new that same unrivaled service.

15th September
Thanks to Mick Page for the latest set of front page photographs from Flying Aces 2011

13th September
Freedom of the Skies
The OpenPilot community believes the latest UAV technology has important civilian uses, as such we offer you the Freedom of the Skies.

11th September
Saturday at Old Warden turned out to be better than I expected, it was windy, as forecast but straight down the main runway, which meant the big stand of trees on the far side of the runway provided a substantial wind shadow. People were flying free flight there and getting reasonable flights until the model left the wind shadow, whereupon amazing gyrations happened as the turbulence got the models.

A group of PMFC members were enjoying their control line flying when they were visited by a small bird of prey, which joined them with a thump of a landing and then stayed quite close and appeared to watch, with interest, what was going on. The bird had the jesses of a trained bird and the Falconry Centre were contacted. It turned out to be only the birds second free flight session and it was captured and returned for further training. We were told it also had an electronic "tracker" attached, so would have been found with that had it not chosen to watch the control line flying.

9th September
Sticks and Tissue No 57 – August 2011 from the Raynes Park Club is now available. The usual wide ranging and informative read.

7th September
Brian has now dried out and ironed the result sheets and spotted some errors in the web results - apologies, these have been corrected.Click for the Flying Aces 2011 Results

Thanks to Mick Page for an excellent set of front page photographs, which will be in place for the next two weeks

6th September
Click to read the message from Chairman Bernie sent the day after Flying Aces.

4th September
Flying Aces today - an early morning difference in forecasts though. XC Weather for Wittering gives a max of 10mph at 16:00, with no mention of rain, whilst the Met Office has the same wind strength but with a potential for rain at any time during the day, at its worst at 1pm.

Get your flights done early and miss both the stronger wind and the rain?.......

Home by 16:45 to be told there had been a light shower in Melton. Not the case at Ferry Meadows though. A short shower at about 11am, then just after 1pm the rain really settled in; at 14:30 the prize giving was called, with the rain rattling on the tent it was hard to hear what was going on! The good news was that a lot of flying had been done before the rain and you can see the results here:- Click for the Flying Aces 2011 Results

Rowing BoatThe front page is a picture through the car windscreen during the worst of the rain, I hope there will be more interesting photographs later in the week.

First occupant of the take off pond was the delightful rowing boat made for Ian Middlemiss by his Dad whilst Ian was still in junior school.
Click for larger photographs.

2nd September
Update in the "Events" section of the GDMAS inter-club Free Flight Competition.

31st August
The September RCSoaring Digest is now available. Not quite so much for the non R/C Soarer in this edition but after the moderate/strong winds at the Nats you might be interested to see what the Slope Flyers use to combat 50mph + winds.

29th August
Thanks to Mick for another selection of Flying Aces photographs, as a reminder for next Sunday.

Those of us at Cottesmore for the Silent Flight Nats yesterday were privileged to have a "practice display" by the Vulcan, which was en route to Dunsmore. Unfortunately a suspected hydraulic problem was spotted and the Vulcan diverted to Coningsby, missing the Dunsmore show.


28th August
John Stennard in his "Watts under the Roof" section in September Q&EFI had a piece on the micro receivers produced by David Theunissen. - - David also has a general "electric" web site.

26th August
Ted has put together a diagram and description as to how to connect up his version of the Peterborough FET Timer for freeflight models.

24th August
Mick has produced some photographs from previous Flying Aces events for the "reminder" on the front page of the web site. The ones I put together from Bernies Sculthorpe photographs show people using i/c engines, which might give the wrong idea. No i/c at Ferry Meadows.

22nd August
5 of Bernies photographs from Sculthorpe have been converted to "front page style" together with a reminder of Flying Aces on 4th September.

20th August
Bernie was very busy with his camera at the Sculthorpe meeting last month.

18th August
Some photographs by Mick Page from the Timperly Gala held last Sunday at Barkston.

Glue Gun16th August
This Maplins glue gun got a mention back in January this year, since then I have made good use of the tool. It seems Maplins will not be selling the gun after the current stocks have gone. Check out the bottom of the article for information added since January.



14th August
Dave Clarks Beaufighter - see 11th August. Front page photographs from Mick Page

13th August
With a pair of ED 2.46 Racers used in Dave Clarks Beaufighter perhaps it is time for a reminder of Eric Clutton - DOCTOR DIESEL - from Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Bristol Beaufighter11th August
Dave Clark won 1st prize in the Sam 35 Control line competition at Old Warden in July with his Bristol Beaufighter.



Bigga Bump9th August
An addition to the Bump series of models is the "Bigga Bump" from Ted - see the bottom of the original Members Model page from September 2010

7th August
Thanks to Ted for the batch of front page photographs that are now in use.


5th August
In his RCM&E column Alex Whittaker was being enthusiastic about Cox engines and mentioned this Wikipedia link.

3rd August
"Hobby Free Flight" - European based competition free flight supplies.

1st August
Sticks and Tissue No 56 – July 2011 from the Raynes Park Club is now available. The usual wide ranging and informative read.

30th July
The model shop for the 'sport' modeller - Dens Model Supplies

28th July
Radio Controlled Soaring Digest have combined their July and August editions. The usual stunning photographs plus information of interest to flyers in any modelling discipline, not just RC gliders.

26th July
U-Build Models had an advert in the latest BMFA News, I was going to give them a mention as a result of that - an original group of rubber models. Then at Old Warden Sunday those of us free flighting were handed a leaflet from the company, so another reason to spread the word. Where are the kits produced I wonder?

Steam Carriage24th July
An Ebenezer from Rob Smith.......



22nd July
Harry Perkins - A group of front page photographs in memory of Harry, who died recently.
Put together by Mick Page.

20th July
Bernie has posted an updated list for the Interclub comps held by Ian & Diane Hibbert at Barkston.
Click for a .pdf version.

18th July
On Monday 11th July at Orton Mere meadow there was a Control Line get together.
Thanks to Dave Rumble for his gallery of photographs.

16th July
Australian Free Flight Plans

Club P20 Competition this Friday, 15th July at Ferry Meadows
Peter Gibbons, organiser.

14th July
Quality FAI Free Flight Equipment available at:-

14th July
Thanks to Ted for another group of archive photographs that are "front page pictures" for the next few days.

12th July
Music wire for tiny DT springs

10th July
An interesting German web site:- Modellbau Claus Thiele, with freeflight items for sale in the Modelle/Freiflugmodelle section. I am reliably informed that 'Bausatz' is kit and 'Fertigmodell' is assembled.

8th July
In case anybody missed the German answer to the older persons towing problems, this is about a third of the way through the latest Sticks and Tissue - see 6th July


6th July
Sticks and Tissue No 55 – June 2011 from the Raynes Park Club is now available. The usual wide ranging and informative read.

4th July
Thanks to Ted for the group of archive photographs that are "front page pictures" for the next few days.

2nd July
The Canadian use of the "Peterborough Timer" mentioned on 27th June comes from the "Small Flying Arts" bulletin board in the section "Electric Power Free Flight".

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