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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

17th Peterborough Flying Aces Nationals, Sunday 2nd Sept 2012 at Ferry Meadows.
Click for the schedule - - - - - Click for an easy to print .pdf version

30th June
A note from Brian Waterland in response to me saying I thought it too windy for any flying yesterday afternoon:- "Amazingly 8 flew in Hi start Glider at the "Picnic" and, even more amazingly, I won!". - Congratulations to all......

From now on the club magazine, edited and produced by John Ashmole, will be available on the web site.
First is the Spring 2012 edition.


28th June
Thanks to Mick Page for the group of front page photographs that started today. An excellent batch from the BMFA Freeflight Nationals.

Don't forget tomorrows PMFC Picnic in the Park at Ferry Meadows 1:30pm
Bungee Towline Glider event starts at 2:00pm. - Forecast wind strength from the Met Office 23mph with 43mph gusts, 20% possibility of rain - the visibility will be very good though....

26th June
The first thing I read when I got back home was the club magazine, excellent job John. I liked the note "Produced in conjunction with our website" and to further this click for a slightly different version of "Rocket Powered Duration Models" by Roger Simmonds.

16th June
As there will not be any web site updates until after Monday, 25th June here is an early reminder of :-
Friday June 29th - PMFC Picnic in the Park at Ferry Meadows 1:30pm
Bungee Towline Glider event starts at 2:00pm

15th June
Another set of front page pictures of the Bowden Contest, thanks to Ted.

13th June
MSP Plans the excellent service run by Martyn Pressnell has changed its address:-

11th June
Number 66, the May edition of the excellent "Sticks and Tissue" is available from the RPMFC web site.

9th June
John O'Donnell retires. Click for his words and some comments in FlyQuiet.

8th June
Don't forget that SAM35 Yearbook 15 is now available.

6th June
The Bowden Contest got most attention on the web site as I was able to watch the event and Ted took photographs. There were PMFC members who flew in other events, particularly Mark Benns who won the HLG, so congratulations there.

For the next two weeks or so the "front page" pictures are a group of nine taken from the excellent selection that Ted provided.

Bowden 20124th June
Delighted the PMFC had such a good showing in the Bowden. Topped off by the fact that Ian Middlemiss was the well regarded CD, ably helped by Dave Bent, who was doing the timing. - A big "thanks" to Ian and Dave.

The forecast was right!
Have a look at the photos that Ted took, which capture the good humour and wetness of the event. A credit to all those who took part.

3rd June
About to set off for Barkston - with the Met Office giving an 80% probability of rain all day, 12-13mph wind with gusts to over 20......

1st June
A busy weekend coming up - the Nationals at Barkston Heath, good luck to all the PMFC members who are taking part, both in the flying and in other ways.

30th May
FMK Models - "The Largest Small Model Manufacturer In The World". A variety of items, including laser cut kits.

27th May
In case you have missed this up to now:- Model Engine News from Australia Top quality regular monthly, with an archive back to 2002. Ranging far wider than just model engines.

25th May
Amongst the usual excellent photographs and other articles in the June RCSDigest there is a piece on an "High-Speed Robotic Albatross: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle powered by dynamic soaring"......

Players Please23rd May
Another page from "Civil Aeroplanes" cigarette cards.



21st May
Just noticed that Atomic Workshop is not included in the Links list and as AW are used by PMFC members I have added them.

19th May
I had heard of Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg,the world's largest model railway exhibition. Thanks to the West Australian Model Railway Club I now know there is a Knuffingen Airport......

17th May
Thanks to Mick Page for the new set of front page photographs taken at Ferry Meadows during the Good Friday get together.

15th May
Further to Bungee launched free flight gliders, Ian flew the enlarged Gnome at Old Warden on Saturday, see the bottom of the article.

14th May
Try www.flyingaces.co.uk, a very flash site for full size aviation.......

11th May
Thanks to Bernie for this list of plans that are suitable for the HI- Start Glider up to 36" span.

7th May
A bit late with this model from Ted, a "Bart Biplane". In his message Ted said "Hope the wind stays light and it keeps dry on Saturday", this was for GDMAC and the weather did neither of those things....

Mini Stomper5th May
Number 65, the April edition of the excellent "Sticks and Tissue" is available from the RPMFC web site. I see from the piece, about half way down, that Rick Farrer is working on an electric Stomper. Ian Middlemiss has reported on his electric version - which is a rather more sensible size than the one in the thumbnail picture shown here.

A complete change of subject but I was taken by the report by Barry Masefield (AEO Leader), of the first flight in 2012 of the Vulcan.

3rd May
Jonathan Whitmore was taken by this video of an indoor rubber model getting the best of a r/c "Champ" - watch the left hand end of the hall.

1st May
Information about a 36" Gnome has been added to HI- Start Glider up to 36" span.

Another four photographs have magically appeared in the PMFC "Dropbox" , so I have added them to Sundays "Gallery".

A wet take off29th April
The GDMAC event yesterday was cancelled, high wind speed, rain. However some photographs appeared in the PMFC "Dropbox" earlier this morning and it looks as if some flying was done.

Click to see this anonymous collection.


28th April
Thanks to Mick Page for the new set of front page photographs taken at Ferry Meadows during the Good Friday get together

21st April - - No web page updates until after 28th April
The May edition of Radio Controlled Soaring Digest is available. The usual quality photographs together with a very erudite article on the "Wave Theory of Lift". Click for a .pdf download.

19th April
Again nothing to do with model aircraft but click if you are curious about the "Link Farm" piece I had on 12th April

17th April
We don't hear much about the "CIAM Flyer" (I had to check what CIAM actually stood for, "Commission Internationale Aeromodelling"). It turns out there have been two editions so far in 2012. Click here and then choose 2012 from the page that appears.

Players Please15th April
Another page from "Civil Aeroplanes" cigarette cards.



13th April
Thanks to Mick Page for the set of front page photographs that started today - all from the Good Friday get together at Ferry Meadows.

12th April
This has nothing to do with model aircraft but click if you are curious about the "Link Farm" piece I had here yesterday.

9th April
A quality article from Ian:- "An electronic controller installation for brushless motors and Free Flight".

7th April
Thanks to Ted for providing photographs for a "Gallery" entry from yesterdays session at Ferry Meadows.

6th April
Looks like it is going to be a touch breezy as well as cold for todays "Ferry Season Opener".
A good day to announce the schedule for the 2012 Flying Aces, where there is a new event for 2012. HI- Start Glider up to 36" span.

Thanks to Ted for the header of those who were at Ferry this morning. The current nine front page pictures come from both Ted and Tony. Those from Mick will be next week.

4th April
Don't forget the Good Friday Ferry Season Opener, 10am start. - Forecast at present is "acceptable"!

What we need is a pico version of this wind chart to really sort out what goes on at Ferry Meadows.

Players Please2nd April
Click for some additions to the "Civil Aeroplanes" cigarette cards.



30th March
Sticks and Tissue No 64 – March 2012, from James Parry is out on the Raynes Park Club site.
Pertinent to the PMFC 36" span glider club event is "HI-STARTS FOR FF GLIDERS from Dave Platt". This is towards the bottom of the "Sticks and Tissue page.

28th March
An excellent piece from Ian about a bungee launched 36" span glider club event devised by Dave Rumball and Paul McMahon

This ties in nicely with the latest batch of front page photographs from Mick Page, which feature some of the models in action at Ferry Meadows.

Thanks to Mick and Ian.

Meadowlark26th March
Ians piece on the indoor rubber model Meadowlark has been updated to show how the electric conversion flew.

Click for the article.


24th March
The April Radio Control Soaring Digest download is available, top quality photographs as usual, together with some general interest items. On page 36 an excellent description then mathmatical analysis of 450mph plus dynamic slope soaring. There is also a link to www.karenfuxia.com a particularly cerebral web page on flight.

Super Scorpion22nd March
In January 2011 the Super Scorpion from John Ashmole was featured in Members Models. It is still going strong and in the recent sunny weather was photographed flying.

Click for a larger picture.



20th March
The last batch of front page photographs from Mick Page weren't there long, so they are back on view. Their place was taken by some snaps from the indoor meeting at Impington. There is now a "Gallery" group of snaps from this meeting.

18th March
On 29th February (below) the DH 88 Comet got a mention. There is an interesting Wikipedia page on the aircraft. Included in the page is a cigarette card from "An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil)" from John Player and Sons. I recently bought a rather battered copy of this album and decided to put it onto the "Gallery List".

16th March
The "Events" and "Meetings" page have had a tidy up ready for the Spring and Summer.

14th March
Click to read about "Meadowlark" an indoor rubber model from America that Ian flew at Impington last Sunday. Another outing due this Friday, this time electric power.....

12th March
The usual big variety of models at Impington. The latest batch of front page snaps intended to give a "feel" of the event.

10th March
Indoor at Impington College, Cambridge tomorrow - always a good day out.
Click for details

8th March
Another excellent read, with quality illustrations of model engines - Sticks and Tissue No 63, February 2012, from James Parry

6th March
An Electric Stomper……. with apologies to George Fuller, from Ian Middlemiss

4th March
Thanks to Mick Page for the new set of front page photographs, all these from Flying Aces 2011.
Click for a reminder of the front page photographs used since Spring 2010, when Mick suggested the idea.

2nd March - After the postman came...
The PMFC Mag arrived today, I particularly enjoyed the Bucket List Survey. Click to read the article "A Smoky Bucket List" from Roger Simmonds & Andy Blackwell. Ted also had a piece about diesel to brushless electric conversion. Click for the full article.

Is there a prize if you can identify all the quotations mentioned on page 15?

2nd March
Those of you who live to the NE of Peterborough might be interested in the 4th KLAMC Annual Swapmeet this coming Sunday. - Click for details.

29th February
Thanks to Bryan Lea who e-mailed that the Lancaster shown in the airshow compilation mentioned on 25th February was the Canadian one and included a picture of himself by it at Oshkosh. He also included information about the autogiro shown at 2:58 in the video. I got my timing wrong! It was the de Havilland DH.88 showing at 3:00 I was curious about as I thought it was based at Old Warden. Bryan came back with the following:-
"There are 2 DH 88 Comets painted as Grosvenor House G-ACSS. The Shuttleworth/Old Warden one being the original and a replica in America. The airworthy full-scale replica of the DH.88 Comet was built in 1993 by Thomas W.Wathen of Santa Barbara, California. N88XD flies wearing the full colours and registration of G-ACSS 'Grosvenor House'. Another example, started in the United States, is under steady construction by the Croydon Aircraft Company at Old Mandeville Airfield, near Gore, New Zealand." Source Wikipedia. Bryan also said:- "See this link for info on G-ACSP Black Magic currently being restored at Derby Airfield."

27th February
Whilst chatting at Bushfield about indoor electric models the conversation came round to small connectors. Click for instructions on mass production of these items, (perhaps not "mass" but 32 at a time.....)

25th February
Click for a very slick, wide ranging full size airshow compilation, which I assumed was American. Was that the Canadian Lancaster at 2:31 and where is the aircraft at 2:58 based?

23rd February
The Impington meeting on 11th March will have a number of Bostonian class models. Click for a build thread about a Bostonian Bede BD5 by Jonathan Whitmore.

21st February
Ted was busy with his camera at Bushfield on Saturday. Click for his entry in the "gallery".

19th February
There was a very closely fought Gyminnie Cricket competition at Bushfield yesterday with a top time of 70 secs from Russ Lister, two on 69 secs, Brian Lever and Dave Shipton, followed by David Leach with 68 secs, then junior Joe Rabicano on 65 seconds, with Jamie Lumsdon, another junior and Tony Johnson.

A bottle of wine for the winner and excellent practice for a similar competition at Impington Village College on Sunday 11th March.

18th February
An enjoyable session today at Bushfield, especially as there were strong winds and rain outside.

The new set of front page pictures were taken at Bushfield by Ted and Tony.
Thanks to Brian Waterland for making the arrangements and to the Mike Lucas Memorial Fund which paid some of the costs.

There are some further "snaps" in the Gallery section.

16th February
Lots of information at Windy Sock, newsletter of the Alamo Escadrille, Alamo Flying Aces.
Ideal for a cold winters afternoon.

14 February
Don't forget Indoor Flying at Bushfield this Saturday, 10am until 1pm

12 February
A reminder of:- Mike Stuarts flying scale model pages - a wealth of information and quality photographs.

11th February
We continue to have problems with the original web hosting company - we are now back to using www.peterboroughmfc.co.uk, with the .org suffix no longer working correctly.....
The .org suffix is now working again (13th Feb) - the saga continues....

10th February
Chris Williams, who writes a regular article on R/C scale gliding in Q&EFI, had a good one this month with links to video clips of his models flying with cameras. Lots of sunshine and Summer views, so worth a look on a cold and snowy February day.

8th February
The Vulcan again but I was impressed by the interview which Robert Pleming gave to globalaviationresource.com; there are some good photographs as well.

Click on the banner for the interview

6th February
Glad to say the club web site can now be got at via the original peterboroughmfc.org as well as the new .co.uk suffix. The site is being hosted by a different company. The only entertaining part about the whole frustrating business was the renewal date "December 30th 1899" - see 30th January below.

5th February
There is the Old Warden Swapmeet next Sunday, 12th February, click for their advert.

3rd February
See the January "Sticks & Tissue" from James Parry at The Raynes Park MAC for another excellent mixture of words and photographs.

2nd February
This web site is using www.peterboroughmfc.co.uk, not the normal .org suffix.
The problems from 30th January continue.....

1st February
In the hassle caused by the hosting problem I forgot to thank Mick for the latest set of front page photographs. An excellent selection from the BMFA Power Nationals 2011

31st January
Ian has finished the second installment of his build log for a Steve Bage EDF MIG17
Click here for a link to the plans.

30th January
The web site has not been available since last Saturday. It was renewal time with the company that does the "hosting". Unfortunately something went seriously wrong with their date system and it is taking some time to resolve the problem.Renewal
At one stage I wondered if they were going to invoice us from 1899 until the present, a cost of about £2680......

26th January
For those of you who don't get the regular Vulcan to the Sky e-mails here are some links to clips of the Vulcan flying. Also a short piece about the Victor which had its first flight 60 years ago on 24th December 2011.

21st January
No further updates until Thursday......

Another set of front page photographs from Mick Page, this set from last September and Flying Aces but with an extra at number 9.

20th January
Topco Kits - also includes a laser cutting service from your own drawings rather than a computer CAD file.

MIG18th January
Ian Middlemiss has done a build log for a Steve Bage EDF MIG17 enlarged to 143% - Click to read...

of the plan, it is a big download.

For just a quick look at the plan pages click the following
Page one -- Page two -- Page three -- Page four

16th January
Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page from Jackson, Mississippi and Independence, Kentucky

14th January
Teds front page photographs of the post Christmas flying session have been on show for two weeks. It is now back to Micks selection of Ferry Meadows photgraphs from last Summer, which only had a weeks show. Thanks to both of them for the photographs.

12th January
We don't get much of a chance to see "Power Scale Soaring" on this side of the country, you need a big hill to support this type of model. PSSA Online web site have a particularly good report of the The Lleyn MAC PSSA Fly-In - 13th/14th August 2011, with an interesting video as well.


10th January
Thanks to John Stennard who writes the excellent "Watts under the Roof" and "Small Thrust" pages in Q&EFI for supplying the Airbus video link, which has a lot more to do with Teds fish link than you would initially think.....


8th January
Old School Model Aeroplane Factory, doesn't seem to have a web page of its own but works through Ebay. Several Vic Smeed models as well as George Fullers Zoot Suit.

6th January
The January edition of RC SOaring Digest is available. Excellent photographs plus some general information for those not particularly interested in the RC side.

4th January
The last of Ted's photographs from Ferry Meadows after Christmas - Thanks.
These ones are in the "Gallery".

2nd January
A late reminder of the December 2011 Edition, No 61, of "Sticks and Tissue", another packed and quality read.

For the electronics enthusiasts there is a description of a timer from Alan Bond, about half way down, just above the "FROG 100 Mk II engine analysis by R H Warring Aero Modeller October 1958"....

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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