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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

30th December
I don't know what happened at Ferry on Saturday, however, thanks to Bernie, who found this video (click the picture to see it in action) and mentioned tentative plans for next year......

28th December
In case the weather is keeping you indoors here are two more "Slipstreams", the excellent bulletin of Auckland Model Aero Club; thanks to Stan Mauger.

Click photo for May 2014

Click photo for June 2014

23rd December
First, thanks to Mick for a new set of front page photographs, these from the club outing to Cosford last June.

Frost Free Ferry Fly-In   Saturday 27th 10am onwards.

Bushfield indoor flying Saturday 3rd January 10am until 1pm. Usual arrangements with several competitions, check the Meetings/Events on the left. One of the competitions is for the Hanger Rat; you can make it a Hanger Rat weekend as Paul Briggs from NMAC has managed to organise a one off special in the excellent Nottingham University gym on Sunday evening 4th January. Main event is the Hanger Rat competition. Click for further details.

The cd that PlanesTV made of the visit of the Canadian Lancaster to the UK last Summer is now available. Excellent photography of both Lancasters as well as the Vulcan. Click for details and the trailer.

For a varied read with quality photographs click for the latest Radio Control Soaring Digest in .pdf form.

Not sure how many of you use a stand alone pc monitor now but just in case click for a .pdf download of a 2015 calendar to sit on the top of it.

No updates until December 28th but there is a Christmas card from the FAI if you click on the small version.

21st December
What is this? Click the photo to find out.



19th December
Click for and indoor ducted fan canard plus a Rogello as well....

17th December
Here are two more "Slipstreams", the excellent bulletin of Auckland Model Aero Club; thanks to Stan Mauger.

Click the Stearman for the March 2014 edition.
Click here for April 2014.

15th December
The rest of the videos that Ted took at the Bushfield meeting are now on line - click to see them.

13th December
There will be a competition for the Hanger Rat at the next indoor meeting at Bushfield on January 3rd. Click for the rules, plans, building instructions and tips.
The rules for Bostonian and Gyminie Cricket will be added soon....

11th December
Christian Moes from Soo Modellers in Canada continues to find an aeromodelling cartoon each week, he says he is about to run out, so if you have any tucked away......
Click here for the cartoon web page, scroll down for the full listing.

9th December
As Winter begins to get a grip here are a new group of front page photographs from Mick to remind us of good weather at Ferry Meadows earlier in the year. - Thanks Mick

7th December
Ted had a busy time at Bushfield last Sunday and took a number of videos.
Click for the page, there will be more added later.

5th December
First installment from John on building an Eros - click the photograph for the article.


Don't forget the auction at Peakirk this evening.

3rd December
Click the MIG for some snaps taken at Bushfield on Sunday.






1st December
A good session at Bushfield yesterday, photos and videos to come.

Thanks to Stan Mauger and the AMAI the December/January edition of "Slipstream" is available. Click the cover for a .pdf download.

The magazine includes an excellent quiz, with several questions I felt I should know the answer to but didn't!

29th November
Skygipsy - original design Ray Malmström, now twin engined, r/c, camera carrying by Christian Moes.

Click the moon for the article, plus pictures of PMFC Skygipsys.



27th November
Reminders:- AGM tomorrow at Peakirk, with indoor flying on Sunday at Bushfield.
Full details in Meetings/Events on the left.

Click for the latest CIAM Bulletin, in .pdf form, two pages devoted to control line electric speed......

25th November
Thanks to Russ Lister for these videos from Impington of two models from Peter Adams. Click the SE5a or the Bostonian for the appropriate Youtube page.



23rd November
Here are two more "Slipstreams", the excellent bulletin of Auckland Model Aero Club; thanks to Stan Mauger.

Click the cover of the Ron Warring book which appears on the front page of the December 2013/January Slipstream.

Click here for the February Slipstream.





21st November
The Vulcan winter raffle has some amazing prizes. You can request books of tickets or enter online. Click the image for full details.

19th November
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs,
this set from the 2014 BMFA Nationals.

17th November
An enjoyable session at Impington yesterday, with several PMFC members attending.
Click for some snapshots - mainly of models in the exhibition area.

Click for some of the RTP models by Carl Beaumont flown at Impington.

15th November
Three reminders:-
Indoor flying at Impington, tomorrow, Sunday 16th November.

Sunday 7th December
Freeflight at North Luffenham.
Also BARCS Soaring Market in Leicester; even if you are not interested in R/C gliders this event brings several suppliers together in the same hall. There will be a F3K/Mosquito dlg group displaying models. Also a bring and buy sale, not always just r/c gliders.

More details on these events click Meetings/Events on the left.

13th November
There was some talk at the last Bushfield meeting about indoor glider towing using a ground vehicle.

Christian and the Soo Modellers from Canada have extended on the piece shown here on 26th October and are now using an Airbug, a hovercraft from the kit by the British supplier Fatflyer.

Click here for the article, or on the Airbug itself for Fatflyer.


11th November
Christmas merchandise, the sales from which will help get the Vulcan flying in 2015, include some excellent photographs. Click the thumb-nail for a larger version as well as the others from the selection.


9th November
Click for the page that Ian has produced to help people choose an electric motor making use of the FlyBrushless web site.

7th November
I heard from Stan Mauger this morning, he said "Here is the November Slipstream. PMFC features prominently this month! Best wishes to all."

Click the cover heading for a .pdf copy of the magazine.

5th November
The Gildings Engine Auction is on Saturday, so a few engine links seem in order. Thanks to Bryan for spotting the latest Cox Engines Quarterly is available. Go to their web page and you can subscribe in the bottom left hand corner.

Tethered Cars and Hydroplanes are not what we normally see at Ferry Meadows but their "On the Wire" web site is worth a look. The Engines link, Pit Box section in particular, considering the Gildings Auction.

3rd November
Thanks to Mick for the new batch of front page photographs, this group from Flying Aces 2014.

1st November
Click for:- Harleyford Art, Historic Aviation and Model Making in Art and Books.

The web site is not complete but have a look at the shop section where they have postcards and greetings cards produced from these iconic book covers and illustrations.

This follows on from the "latest update" on 15th October about Eaton Bray.

30th October
Thanks to Bryan for spotting the catalogue for the Gildings of Market Harborough auction of Aero Engines on Saturday 8th November 2014 at 10:30 am is now available. Click their logo for the listing of more than 1,500 motors......

If you have time to spend, it is worth browsing the listing as it is not all engines. Lots 192 - 195 are timers, there is also some Jetex material in there as well as well.

28th October
The September magazine "Much Ado" has been available to paid up club members for some time now.
Click if you would like to read a copy as a non-member.

Click for a full list of available club magazines.

26th October
The scheme was to call in at Bushfield yesterday on the way home from Suffolk, do some flying and take some photos. However, being stuck in the tailback as a result of an accident on the A14 put paid to that and my visit to the hall was a very short one. Luckily I have just heard from Christian in Canada where the Soo Modellers indoor sessions started last week and included some glider towing. Click for the article.

Click for general photographs (thanks to Peter Smith for those),
from the Soo Modellers indoor session.

24th October
Click for a couple of models from Ian ready for indoor season which starts tomorrow at Bushfield.



19th October
Click for two more of the excellent "Slipstream", the bulletin of the Aukland Model Aero Club.
October 2013 - - - - - November 2013

17th October
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs,
this time the BMFA Nats.


15th October
Eaton Bray is a place I remember reading about in Aeromodellers from the early 1950's, then in the 1980's I did fly in a r/c glider comp, on what we were told, was the original site.
Click for a comprehensive history of both Eaton Bray and D. A. Russell, the Managing Editor of the ‘Aeromodeller’ at the time.

13th October
Even after a weekend of very light winds I still have a gut feeling that the last couple of years have produced a general increase in wind strength. Click for a Met Office web page on the subject. If you download the Met Office .pdf files it seems I am right about 2013 but wrong for the first part of this year.

11th October
www.flightradar24.com has had several mentions as a web site for tracking commercial flights and in particular the Canadian Lancaster, when the aircraft was visiting in the summer.

There is also a web site www.cunimb.fr/live where it is possible to track full size gliders making use of the FLARM system. What has happened now is that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane, Spitfire and Chipmunk aircraft have been fitted with the system and from next season the Lancaster and Dakota will also be fitted. Click for an article on the web site of the RAF BBMF

9th October
I had thought that Profili dealt only with aerofoil sections, certainly that is where its reputation began but things have moved on since 1998. Click the logo for the current web site.

7th October
Thanks to Stan Mauger the October edition of "Slipstream" the bulletin of the Aukland Model Aero Club. is now available. Click to download the .pdf file.

5th October
Michael Woodhouse at Freeflight Supplies recently e-mailed:-
"A new list has been added" Click for the details.

28th September
John has arranged with Stan Mauger that PMFC exchange magazines with "Slipstream" the bulletin of the Aukland Model Aero Club.

Click for .pdf versions of Slipstream, August 2013 and Slipstream, September 2013.

There was a PMFC Elf Outing to Old Warden yesterday. Click to see what they were up to.
PMFC lead the challenge........

26th September
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, the second set from this years Flying Aces.

24th September
With the indoor dates on the calendar and if you are curious about micro r/c you might like to have a look at Plantraco Microflight as the well as Micromodeldrome.

21st September
The Autumn and Winters indoor dates are now on the calendar, click Meetings/Events on the left to see the list. Please let me know if you have dates and details to add or suggest errors to be corrected......

19th September
With Flying Aces nearly three weeks gone it is worth thinking about the last of the local outdoor 'events' of the season. There is the Old Warden Vintage Weekend on 27th and 28th September, then two at North Luffenham in October. 8th Area Freeflight on 12th and BMFA Midland Gala on Saturday 25th October.

17th September
The latest club magazine from John, "Much Ado" is now out. All paid up members of PMFC should have received either a printed version by post or an e-mail giving links so they can download their own copies.
Those who download can choose the "a5" version, best if you are viewing it directly on screen or the "paginated" version if they wish to print their own copy.
Any problems with downloading or the e-mail please let me know via   magdelivery@peterboroughmfc.org
To contact John about editorial content please use   editor@peterboroughmfc.org.

15th September
Thanks to Bryan who sent this link for the Grosvenor House flying at Old Warden.

Keeping the full size theme the following are just four links, which I particularly liked, from the many available, of the two Lancasters and the Vulcan.

Planes TV, Vulcan and Lancasters in formation.
In flight video taken from British Lancaster.
This time the video was taken from the Vulcan.
A piece from Bill Ramsey on leading the Vulcan and Lancaster formation, includes top quality stills photographs.

13th September
The lengthy spell of light winds changes on Sunday to double figure wind speeds, this coincides with Area Free Flight meeting at North Luffenham......

12th September
The web site gets the occasional message offering a service or requesting a link from a commercial company. The one from Expanded Polystyrene Supplies was a little different as they had taken the trouble to check the PMFC links page and spotted a couple that were broken, the broken ones have now been removed, so as a 'thank you' have a look at http://www.shop4poly.co.uk/

10th September
Thanks to Mick for the excellent first batch of front page photographs of this years Flying Aces.


8th September
I saw www.u-buildmodels.com at Old Warden and was taken by their 1950's feel and the term "impressionist scale".


6th September
There have been some changes and additions to the Flying Aces results. Click for the updates.

4th September
Update from Ian regarding his home built dlg fuz, (see 20th August). After an "incident" on Tuesday it is back to the drawing board. Click for more details.

2nd September
Thanks to Mick for the front page photographs from the Nats,
good to see PMFC members and friends in action.


31st August
Flying Aces was sunny and warm but with a blustery wind - lots of flying done.
Click for the results. - - - - - Click for some snapshots

29th August
Flying Aces on Sunday, see above for the schedule and travel details.
Forecast is for fine weather, slightly less wind than so far this week but enough!

27th August
Click the cover to download the July edition of Sticks and Tissue. The excellent magazine from James Parry.


25th August
      Saturday and Sunday will have been the best days at the Nats as it is raining at the moment and there is more to follow today. Click for "Nationals Notes".


22nd August
Micks second set of front page photographs advertising Flying Aces start tomorrow.

Meanwhile, thanks to Christian from Canada who has passed on these links. For photographs of the Flying Aces Club NATS at Geneseo, NY July, 2014, click on the thumb nail picture. The whole of the Maxecuters web site is well worth exploring. Christian also suggested this flickr site by Pat Daily, who is a Maxecuter.

With all this talk of Flying Aces we mustn't forget the Nationals start tomorrow at Barkston and Cranwell.

20th August
Ian has come up with a neat and low cost home built dlg fuz,
click the picture for details.


18th August
Thanks to RCSD for these two battery links.

A 4v AA size lithium battery

Fast charging "dual carbon" battery from Japan.

I did look in on North Luffenham yesterday; bright and blustery covers it. I watched Mick trimming his hlg for a time, although this was mainly watching Mick collecting the model from downwind....

Bryan let me know that the Canadian Lancaster is not consistent with its use of C-GVRA, as Bryan was able to follow its progress using www.flightradar24.com on Saturday afternoon as it headed north from Old Warden up to Market Deeping, Bourne and Sleaford before heading into Coningsby.

Weather on Sunday kept both Lancasters on the ground, so Peterborough missed its flypast.

16th August
Timperley comes to North Luffenham tomorrow from 10am. As for last weeks freeflight another poor forecast. See the classes to be flown by clicking on the item in the Meetings/Events calendar.

Canadian and British Lancaster. Their first couple of displays together were well received, with lots of photographs on the web. A slight disappointment is that it is no longer possible to follow the Canadian Lancaster via www.flightradar24.com. So its complicated journey back from Biggin Hill tomorrow can't be tracked by enthusiasts. The schedule for the latter part of the journey is a display at Sywell at 16:15, then fly past Wyton 17:15, Ramsey 17:20 and Peterborough at 17:25, then landing at Coningsby at 17:40. The two Lancasters are scheduled to be accompanied by a Hurricane and a Spitfire.

14th August
Flying Aces is now just over two weeks away. Mick has put together some front page "advertising" photographs from previous events.

13th August
A note from Denis Oglesby, "The Freeview Quest channel is starting a series on British aircraft, this week (14th Aug) Thursdays, 10pm. It is known that one episode will feature our "Buccaneer", I am wondering if it will finally reveal tales previously not told about this aircraft". I'm a touch curious about "tales previously not told"......

Continuing the full size aircraft theme, the Canadian Lancaster was airborne last evening doing "flight training with the BBMF". This coming Sunday both Lancasters are scheduled to fly at Eastbourne and Herne Bay returning via Sywell, Wyton, Ramsey and Peterborough. The fact that you can track the Canadian one using www.flightradar24.com and the call sign C-GVRA should make it easier to be in the right place at the right time to see the fly past.

11th August
Dealing with carbon re-inforcement patches, suggestions from Ian.
Click the photo for information.



9th August
There is an Area Free Flight Contest at North Luffenham tomorrow, although judging from the forecast it is not going to be ideal weather.....

8th August
Thanks to Mick for the new front page photographs from last Saturdays Grant Mimloct 2014,
also features the new club flag.

7th August
The Canadian Lancaster is on its way to the UK. Yesterday I was able to follow the latter part of its flight to Iceland using www.flightradar24.com with the call sign C-GVRA.
Click the picture to see commemorative envelopes that have flown in both the Canadian and the British Lancaster.

5th August - late evening
Although rain threatened several times it turned out to be an ideal flying session with a light drift plus lift! Two sets of fly-offs were needed. Pete Adams, Tony Johnson and Bert Whitehead in P20 with Mick Page and Jonathan Whitmore in E20.
Thanks to Pete Gibbons for organizing and Ian Middlemiss for the scores.

Click for 5th August results. - - - - Overall League results.

5th August
Forecast now not quite so good for todays comp at Ferry, but looks flyable....

The recent BMFA News had an article about Don Coe which included this link. When reading a magazine I am away from a PC and often forget to follow up links of this sort. In case you forgot I have included it here, don't miss the architectural illustrations.

3rd August
Forecast for Tuesday at Ferry Meadows is looking good for the last of this seasons weekday comps. - Thanks to Peter for running those - see the calendar at "Meetings/Events" for full details.

The new Peterborough MFC Flag had its first outing yesterday at the "Cloud Tramp Event" - see 30th July. Thanks to Ian who took some photographs. - Click the flag to see those.

Both Bryan and Jonathan sent this link for "The Shuttleworth Collection’s de Havilland DH.88 Comet (G-ACSS) returns to flight". Excellent photographs and interesting information. Jonathan also spotted some further photographs.

PlanesTV.com have made available in the last couple of day a short video with exceptional air to air photographs of the Vulcan.

1st August
Here are the rest of the drawings from the notebook of Sam Bailey when he was under training as a fitter in the Royal Naval Air Service during Autumn 1916.
Click the fuselage to see the notebook.

30th July
For those who missed Bernies message:-
We have received permission from the Nene Park Trust to use the park, between the hours of 4.00pm and 6.00pm, on Saturday August 2nd to fly the annual Cloud Tramp Memorial event."

Click the Cloud Tramp for their web site and the list of 133 participants from all over the World in 2013 event. Lots of other Cloud Tramp things to see as well....

28th July
Bryan spotted this article from "Light Aviation" and said "A replica of the Travelair Mystery Ship, an American racer from the Golden Age has been built and is flying in the UK. Now if only it would fly in formation with the Mew Gull and DH Comet racer that would be something else!"
Click the picture for a .pdf download.


26th July
The new set of front page photographs were taken by Mick at various competions he has attended. Thanks for those.

24th July
The models are a touch large for Ferry Meadows but I was taken by the excellent flying photographs by Peter Smith from Soo Modellers of the Zlin and 1/3 scale Fokker Dr1 by Clarence Boyer and Steve Daly.
Click the Fokker for the photographs.


22nd July
The June edition of "Sticks and Tissue" can be downloaded as a .pdf
if you click the title page.


20th July
Keeping the scale theme, this time the "2014 FAI World Championships for Scale Model Aircraft", which is going on at Marmand in France. Britain has a team in F4C as well as F4H.
Click for a list of competitors with photographs of their models.  F4C  - - -  F4H 

18th July
Jonathan has spotted a worthwhile exchange going on in Hip Pocket Aeronautics regarding the scale newsletter recently sent out by Andy Septon. Potential changes affect several PMFC members. Click to see the postings.

16th July
Must be grandfather week as quite by chance, Christian Moes, who looks after the Soo Modellers web site, mentioned his grandfather on 13th July in his "From Across the Pond" section.
Click on the 1921 Farman Goliath for more information.

14th July
Sam Bailey in the Royal Navel Air Service. Click the wing for details.

12th July
Click for an interesting page of electric powered models by Ivan Pettigrew from the Canadian West Coast.

10th July
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, these from this years freeflight nats. Apologies to Mick as well, his last flight in P20 last Tuesday, a max, was missed from the results. Click for the updated versions.

8th July
BMFA News listed an F1E meeting scheduled on 6th July at Burrough Hill and as I have never seen examples of F1E - magnet steered, free flight models, this was too good to miss. I fly R/C slope soarers at Burrough and was curious to see how F1E would fit in to this, in places, well wooded area. As it happened it didn't! After meeting in the Burrough car park we set off to private land some distance away. Click for photographs and more information.

6th July
For a few days just the one front page photograph from Mick, to celebrate some competition success. Mick says on the photo "The club is proud of you both".

On a personal note I am delighted to be a member of club who has such helpful members. Last Tuesday I lost my Gnome glider at Ferry Meadows, at least five members spent some time looking for it on that day, then some continued on the following days until the model was finally found on Friday; so far into a small tree that we had all previously missed seeing it. - Thanks everyone!

4th July
The FAI has released a new video featuring all air sports activities under the umbrella of the Federation. 23 seconds into the video there is 7 seconds on aeromodelling but no free flight.....
Click for the video, which is interesting even so.

2nd July
Started off the monthly Ferry Comp in ideal conditions, but with a really big, threatening cloud in the distance, as this got closer the wind increased until, with a big flash of lightning, the rain came. This lasted an hour or so, then clear sky and flat calm but by the end of the evening the wind was up to moderate. Plenty of flying was done in all this.
Click for the results. (Subject to correction.....)
Apologies, Jon was initially missed off the E20 listing, which he won.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


Clustrmaps was first set up on 19th October 2012.
I was curious if there were many visits to the web site from outside the UK.