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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

Flying Aces - Ferry Meadows Peterborough.
Sunday 6th September.   Click for full details.

29th June
Wikipedia has a quantity of entries about model aircraft; click here for the random selection that is on the PMFC web site links page.

27th June
The Vulcan has an important weekend as the plane is scheduled to fly a "Salute to the V Force Tour" on both Saturday and Sunday. Click the logo for details.
With latest updates here.

We were lucky just South of Melton last weekend. The route that the Vulcan planned to use on the way to its display was published in advance and appeared to come our way. I kept in touch using the "Twitter" feed so knew when the plane had taken off and went into the garden and we were delighted to have a horizon to horizon view as the Vulcan flew over.

The front page photographs change today. Thanks to David, who only had two days of his set of "In the Hanger" showing when I swapped them for Nationals photographs from Mick. I believe there are still some Nationals photos from Mick to come and I will use those next.

25th June
Bryan has spotted that the "well known ff scale modeller Mike Smith's website is now back and up and running again after a prolonged absence. I was particularly interested in his latest project a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. If you click on 'project' button he describes how he has made the tail surfaces of this stressed skin aircraft."
Click the tail surfaces for the web page.

Another web site back again is that of FliteHook.

23rd June
Click for the results of last Fridays Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competitions.

21st June
Part of a recent message from Bernie:-
"Well, all you control liners, just when you thought we'd forgotten you, up pops the next club meeting. Next Tuesday, 23rd June, there will be a Control Line aerobatic workshop at the Thorpe Meadow flying site. Everything from basic manoeuvre and stunts, to the full vintage schedule. The frivolities will start from 2p.m. (you can arrive and set up anytime after 1 o'clock). Learn how to fly like a pro, and for those of you that wish to have a go and don't yet have the equipment, the club trainer model will be on hand, as will stunt capable models for those who want to try their hand at the manoeuvres."

I have not mentioned "Sticks and Tissue" recently. Click the picture for the latest edition.

13th June
As there will be no updates until after 20th June here is an early reminder of the second group of Ferry Meadow Free Flight Competitions on Friday, 19th June - see "Meetings/Events" on the left.

Thanks to John the June edition of the club magazine titled "Spring into Action" is out. If you are a paid up club member and have not received the mailing please contact:-

Thanks to Mick there is now a new set of front page photographs, all these from the Bowden Trophy at the BMFA May Nationals.

11th June
Last Sunday I went to North Luffenham for the Area Free Flight meeting. Bright and rather breezy. Arrived to find Ian trimming his hlg but not much else going on, left about 11am and returned home via Whissendine where they had a "steam meeting".

It is much easier to take snaps of model steam engines than it is of free flight models. Hence the bias in the gallery you can see by clicking the photo.

9th June
Thanks to Bryan who spotted this excellent report and photos of the BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals by Mike Stuart.
Click Ian Levers West Wings Puss Moth for the report.


7th June
The Throckmorton Airshow provided the first public display flight of the year for the last flying season of the Vulcan.

PlanesTV.com provided live coverage of the whole airshow. Click the Vulcan for a short video from that section of the show.

5th June
"What do Thermals Look Like?" - Click for a short text piece that is a worth a read.

3rd June
BMFA 5th Area Free Flight Meeting this Sunday, 7th. I presume at North Luffenham

1st June
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, not the normal product I would mention here but if you click the photo you can download the June edition of Radio Control Soaring Digest as a .pdf file. On page 21 there is a description of using the Rejuvenator as a minature sander.

Lots of other interesting items, not all concerned with top level r/c soaring. In particular a review of the Dream-Flight Libelle, a model which is a possible introduction to r/c dlg. It also has some comments from Michael Richter, the Libelle designer.

30th May
Mick has just come up with a set of front page photographs from last weekends BMFA May Nationals. We will go back to Davids group "In the Hanger" later in the year.

Micks photographs are worth seeing as soon as possible as they include several examples of PMFC success, particularly so Mick himself, who won the HLG. Congratulations to all.

28th May
Thanks to David for the new set of front page photographs, these are "In the Hanger".

26th May
PMFC success at the Nationals, which you will be able to read about soon.

Meanwhile, from the other side of the world, click "Slipstream" for the June edition. Thanks Stan.

24th May
Saturday was a good day at the Nationals, warm, lots of cloud, a fair bit of lift and the wind, which was OK to start with dropped off from about 3pm onwards. Max flights were being recorded by PMFC members in the early part of the day - not sure what happened at the end.

Click the SE5A by Russ Lister for some snapshots of the event. Mick was busy taking photos at the kit scale where I spotted the SE5A but I couldn't resist just the one. The rest of the snapshots are in the area of the PMFC encampment plus some from the control line section.

22nd May
BMFA Freeflight Nationals this weekend. Saturdays forecast looks reasonable, then back to double figure winds speeds for the other two days.....

Two links from yesterdays BMFA News:-
Barton Model Flying Club Control Line forum and Battery University.

20th May
The BMFA might have found a site for a national centre - see 10th May, click for a link to more information about Eaton Bray, which was mentioned here some months ago.

18th May
I had hoped to fly freeflight at Shuttleworth over the weekend but the strong wind kept me away.

They don't have a Short Syrinx in the hangers at the air field but if you click the cigarette card there are a couple more pages available from "An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil)" where you will find several examples of Shuttleworth aircraft.

16th May
"Balsa Builder, the model builders publication" is a new American magazine. Click the mag for their web page.

In April they were offering the first edition as foc download.

If PMFC members have missed the offer e-mail as below and I can pass on a copy.

Thanks to Chris from Soo Modellers for the original link.

Just heard from John regarding Tuesday. "incidentally, the first club comp at Ferry did go ahead, unflyable at the 4pm start time, but almost calm by the end. Good fun for those who turned up.

14th May
Just received the following from Bryan:-
Gildings have a sale on Monday 25th May at Market Harborough starting at 1.00pm.

Gildings call the sale 'Aero Engines' but it is much more of a mixed bag than the usual November sale. There are more kits, books and tools included this time. If the wind is blowing and the rain pelting down at Barkston for the F/F Nats it might make a more comfortable afternoon!

Click the kit boxes for full details.

12th May
Last Summer I put in several links to videos of the Canadian and British Lancasters flying together. Click the Lancaster to see a trailer for a Canadian take on the activities. Thanks to Chris at Soo Modellers for the link. Also for the following link to a descriptive page about the "Reunion of the Giants."

The UK company PlanesTV have a 30% off pre-season sale at present. Click for details of their air show videos.

10th May
Bryan sent me a message on Saturday:-
"I'm not sure if PMFC members are aware but the BMFA have found a site for the national centre at Laws Lawn Farm, Kingscliffe, Northamptonshire and have put in an offer which has been accepted.

Click to read about it.
or here for the information on Right Move - 104 acres of land. £1,250,000 asking price

On Tuesday is the first of this years Ferry Meadows free flight competitions.
Click Meetings/Events on the left for more information, also for the May Fly at Old Warden next weekend.

8th May
Thanks to Mick we have a new set of front page photographs, this set from the BMFA Nationals, August 2014.

6th May
I recently heard from Chris at Soo Modellers in Canada, he has been taking balsa buying to its origin.

Click the balsa stacks for more information.



4th May
Thanks to Stan you can click on the bulletin header for the May edition of Slipstream, another excellent read.


25th April
Bernie spotted this style of wind chart a couple of years ago now, since then it has been combined with a forecast application. Richard Swindells mentioned it on FlyQuiet and wondered if you could state specific parameters in their style of forecasting above which you would cancel a competition.

Click the chart to see it working.

23rd April
Thanks to David there is a new set of front page photographs.

21st April
Click the battery for an update on their latest technology, from PCPro



19th April
It is now over a month since PMFC members received their "New Age" edition of the club magazine.

If any non-members would like to read a copy click the magazine heading .

17th April
Ian has produced a a lightweight voltage regulator to drop battery voltage from 7.4-22v down to 5.9-6.1v. Particularly useful if you want to use a 2 cell Lipo pack whilst what it drives would prefer something less than 7.4v.

Click the picture for details.

15th April
Some photographs from "the Gallery, thanks to David.

Click the coach party for the whole set.



12th April
PMFC Control Line at Thorpe Meadows (see map at "Flying Site" on the left).
Monday 20th April "Testing" - Tuesday 23rd June "Aerobatic Workshop"
Monday 20th July "CL Picnic + Trojan Racing"
Monday 17th August location PEAKIRK "Goodyear Nats Testing"
Monday 21st Sept "Combat racing" new event, details later.

The "Taster Stunt Rules" have been updated, see "Flying Rules" on left.

10th April
The April edition of R/C Soaring Digest is the usual excellent world wide collection of articles and photographs. The front page this time is from the UK.
Of general interest, again from the UK, on page 15 is a piece on "An easy method for copying fuselage contours to make templates". Whilst page 5 has information on "Guidance and Control for an Autonomous Soaring UAV".
Click the "Celestial Horseman" for download details.

8th April
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs.

6th April
An interesting piece in FlyQuiet about the densities of the materials we use for ballast and trimming weights.
Mike Fantham worked out the following:- Lead 10 gm/cc, Tungsten putty 2.75 gm/cc, Blu Tack 2 gm/cc, Plasticine 1.7 gm/cc.

Click the "fluid lead" for the whole thread.

4th April
After several hours yesterday in the drizzle watching PMFC and others suffering with the weather at North Luffenham I thought the following might help; "Gentle Humming can give aircraft a lift", a subject for the 1st of April rather than 4th but seemingly genuine from 2005.

2nd April
Thanks to Stan you can click on the bulletin header for the April edition of Slipstream, another excellent read.

There is Good Friday flying at Ferry Meadows as well as the Northern Gala at North Luffenham tomorrow.

31st March
Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show - Sat 25 & Sun 26 April 2015

Click the Mig for more details.


29th March
There are several r/c DLG models in the club now. With these, getting the aileron/spoiler set up is not the easiest job in the world. Ian has spotted a web site that helps with the problem.
http://tube.geogebra.org/student/m715723 - Its all in Deutsch but intuitive enough to get results in 5 mins or so.

27th March
Full Flying Aces details now available - see above.

Also, thanks to Brian we have had a tidy up of the PMFC Flying Rules.
On the left, just below "Flying Classes" there is now and extra menu item, "Flying Rules".
You might check this out and let us know of omissions or errors.....

25th March
The new batch of front page photographs are from David.
The menu on the left spoils some of them so click the thumb nail for the full set.


23rd March
An enjoyable session at Bushfield on Saturday.
Mike Bowthorpe was there with a variety of electronic items, see www.emodules.co.uk.
Most useful as far as I was concerned were some 3.7v 48000rpm motors and props for £1.20.
Click to download Mikes latest price list.

I have added Mikes web site to the links section and talking of links, a couple of weeks ago Chris Philpot of Expanded Polystyrene Supplies contacted me to say some of the PMFC links were broken. A neat way of getting his web site mentioned by PMFC. I have since gone through the links and had a tidy up. Please let me know if there any sites I should add.

21st March
Click for the January edition of "Sticks and Tissue", as a .pdf file.
On page 15 there is a piece about DMFG 36 glider event, with photos of the Dorset models and a mention of Peterborough MFC.

Bushfield today, the last of the clubs meetings there this Winter. Don't forget the all day session next Saturday, organised by Andy Sephton as a preliminary to the indoor scale Nationals.

19th March
The Vulcans winter service is on schedule for what could well be its last display season in 2015.

The Winter Raffle closes for on-line entries at midnight, Sunday 29th March but there is still time to get some ordinary tickets and try for the amazing prizes offered.
Click the Lancaster for full details.

Bernies "Whats on Notes" have been added to the diary in "Meetings and Events" on the left.

16th March
Stan Yeo from Phoenix Model Products in Devon distrbutes an interesting newsletter. His web site is also worth a browse, mainly for r/c but some useful ideas and tips for all.
Click the Toledo Mk2 for the Spring 2015 edition.



14th March
Thanks to David Clark - here is another "Gallery" of his photographs. This group "Winter Flying" - click on the photograph to see the whole group.



12th March
Brian Lever let us know that the 3 day Easter meeting at Little Wallop will be running. Mick came up with an excellent front page photograph to remind us.
Click Mick as he used to be for more details.

Don't forget Impington on the 15th, then Bushfield on Saturday 21st (last of the PMFC Bushfield sessions this Winter.) Then there is Andy Sephtons scale indoor session the next weekend on 28th.

Easter is busy with PMFC at Ferry Meadows on Good Friday plus the "Northern Gala" at North Luffenham the same day. Followed by Little Wallop the rest of the weekend.....

I have been updating the calendar (Meetings and Events) on the left. Please let me know anything I have left out. Also where is our closest BMFA "Area Centralised" event?

10th March
Click the model to read the piece from Ian on Sharkface pylon racing.




7th March
Thanks to Mick for the new batch of front page photographs - what the PMFC members have been doing in February.

Yesterday there was a mailing to paid up PMFC members giving a link to the latest club magazine, also those who receive printed versions should have received theirs by now.
John has called the March 2015 edition "New Age"
If you haven't received the mailing and think you should have one please let me know.

5th March
Bryan has spotted a good candidate for your next scale model.

Click the cockerel for a larger picture. Bryan said "fin and rudder look to be from an Aeronca C3. Would be a big challenge to make a scale model though unless you were a dab hand with the airbrush!"

3rd March
David spent some time in various full size aircraft hangers last year.
Click the cockpit for the gallery of some of the photographs he took.



1st March
Christian Moes from the Soo Modellers in Canada keeps his weekly modelling cartoon updated - click for the latest.
Chris has the free plans feature in the March 2015 Q&EFI with "Gyro Gina" and "Rogallo Rick", both light weight indoor r/c models. Worth getting the magazine for those plans and building instructions.

Planes TV have just released their "British Airshows 2014" DVD. Click the Vulcan for 90 seconds of highlights.


27th February
Thanks to Stan Mauger we have the March Slipstream from New Zealand.
Click the title page for a .pdf download.


25th February
A selection of photographs from Sundays Bushfield meeting. Thanks to David Clark - click the "thumb nail" for the whole set.



21st February
A good session at Bushfield yesterday, with photographs to come.
Some quality scale being flown plus good times from the duration people.
I had another look at Jons "Pseudo-Frog" Tucano and he told me that there was a thread on Hip Pocket Aeronautics about the "Pseudo-Frog scale designs" idea.
Jon has also done a build thread on "Small Flying Arts"; click the Tucano for that.

21st February
The aircraft in Davids current front page photographs reminded me that I have not updated the cigarette cards lately. Click the Players logo for the cards.


19th February
Thanks to David Clark for the new batch of front page photographs taken at Old Warden during their "Air Race" day last year.

I have just added Bernies reminder of Sundays indoor flying session at Bushfield to the calendar (see Meetings/Events on the left.) There is also a link to a map in the calendar as well.

17th February
Click for the excellent Mike Woodhouse "Freeflight Supplies" web site,
also the latest version of his newsletter and then for East Anglian Activities, mainly Sculthorpe.

15th February
David Clark has made available a quantity of model and full size aircraft photographs he has taken. Some of these will be used to provide the "full screen" front page photographs, the rest as different groups under the "Gallery".

The first group comes under a general heading of "closeups".
Click the photograph for the whole group.

13th February
Radio Carbon Art (Paul Naton) are well known for producing training videos for r/c soaring pilots. Particularly so when r/c dlg was getting going, it was good to see model production methods as well as people launching in this new style.

Click for Paul Naton giving an interesting background to his enthusiasm for gliding.

He has offered, via Vimeo:- "This beautiful new 25 minute program takes you through a typical day at a Full-Scale national soaring championships event featuring gorgeous shots of a wide variety of sexy racing gliders launching, gliding, and returning after the days flying task.

11th February
The December edition of Radio Control Soaring Digest had an article on an epic free flight recovery of an F1C in Argentina. Click the photograph to download the .pdf file.

8th February
Tool Catalogues - By chance I came across www.proopsbrothers.com. A real blast from the past, I used them a lot back in the 1980's, in particular for Mabuchi motors, ideal for RTP flying and at 25p each a bargain. Proops were based then in Tottenhamcourt Road but later moved to Leicestershire. I was taken by their very clear web catalogue. Not that much of direct interest to aeromodellers but worth a look. The next day the latest Q&EFI arrived, included in the envelope was the printed catalogue from Expo Drills and Tools, a 130 page A4 publication, with even more items than Proops can manage. Worth buying the magazine for the catalogue....

6th February
It turns out that yesterdays BMFA News has a piece on wing bags. Dave and Ian have had theirs organised for a couple of weeks.
Click for the PMFC version.

The Film 4 tv channel on Saturday at 15:25 is showing "The Wind Rises".
Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki directs this fictionalised biopic of Japanese aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi, who created the iconic Mitsubishi Zero WWII fighter plane.

Click the catapult glider graphic for a 2:21 trailer on Youtube.

Whilst I was typing the above I received an e-mail from John Picton with a link to a video of a stealth jet (X-47B) taking off & landing on USS George H.W. BUSH, aircraft carrier, thanks for that.

5th February
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs - these all based on what PMFC members have been doing in January.

5th February
Part Three of "Eros .......an all time classic, from John.

Click the photograph for the article.


1st Feb
Excellent session at Bushfield yesterday. Click on the results board for a report and photos.
Thanks to Jon for those.

30th Jan
At Andy Sephtons suggestion I have added the "Aeromodellers Forum" to the Links (on the left at the bottom), list of fora. Andy has several build projects on the go in the forum, so it should be worth a look.
This makes the 6th forum listed and I would welcome suggestions of others that fit in with the wide ranging interests of PMFC.
Click to go straight to the list of fora.

29th Jan
A talk on Friday at Peakirk plus Indoor Flying on Saturday. Details and map for the indoor flying in the calendar - see Meetings/Events on the left.

Click the Tucano for the information Bernie e-mailed about Fridays talk and the competitions he is running on Saturday. Also a first look at a Frog Junior concept of an all sheet wood Tucano from Jon.

27th January
Plenty to read this week as by chance this morning I received the latest Slipstream from Stan Mauger, having mentioned the PMFC magazine on Sunday.

Click the bulletin heading for a .pdf download - a quality production, see what goes on in New Zealand.

25th January
The December club magazine has been available to paid up club members for some time now. Click the magazine heading if you would like to read a copy as a non-member.
Click for a full list of available club magazines.

23rd January

Three years ago the company who had been hosting the club web site "took it down". There was a confusion over renewal dates not helped by their message, note the 1899......

Since then we have been using www.peterboroughmfc.co.uk but I am now glad to say the correct address for the web site is again www.peterboroughmfc.org, although anyone who uses the .co.uk suffix will be re-directed to .org

It has taken three years to make the change as I didn't want the original company to benefit by their error and it has taken this long to work off the credit we had with them.

21st Jan
Thanks to Mick for the new batch of front page photographs, these from the BMFA Power Nationals 2014

19th January
I have been updating the calendar in "Meetings and Events" on the left.
Main changes are in April, the BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals and then May, the Modelair 2015 Mayfly at Old Warden.
Any events you know about that should be on the calendar please let me know.

17th January
Equipment for Electric powered Indoor Flying - click the charger for details.




15th January
John Picton pointed out this 9 channel r/c scale model. Click the Mustang for the video. I didn't read the information properly and got a big surprise 1min 10secs after the start.....

13th January
Andy Sephton spotted that the club web site didn't have a link to the BMFA Scale Technical Committee, the link is now in place. Andy also said "the BMFA Scale Judges' Guide (essential reading if you want to get into BMFA Scale competition) is linked on the first page of the site."

11th January
We are now up to date with "Slipstreams", the excellent bulletin of Auckland Model Aero Club; thanks to Stan Mauger.
July and August/September 2014 have just been added. Click for the whole list.

9th January
Thanks to Jonathan Whitmore for an excellent article on indoor, free flight, scale gliders.
Click on the full size Tutor for the text, plans, pictures and videos.

7th January
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, this group from 2014 Friday evening meetings at Peakirk. - See "Meetings and Events" on the left for details this years meetings.

5th January
Part Two of "Eros .......an all time classic, from John.

Click the photograph for the article.


3rd January
An enjoyable session at Bushfield today, thanks to Brian for setting that up.
Click for some general snaps of the meeting.

Jonathan had enough scale models to merit some snaps of just those, which include flying an indoor scale glider.
Click the Chipmunk fuselage to see the pictures.

1st January 2015
Thanks to Mick for the last of the old year photograph. I will keep that single one in place for a few days.

Members will have received an e-mail from Bernie as a reminder for the indoor session at Busfield this Saturday, 10am until 1pm. Maps and further details in the Meetings/Events link on the left.
Should you be interested there are three competitions planned, Hanger Rat, Gyminie Cricket and Bostonian. Click for the rules.

To get you into the swing of things click to have a look at the Clayton Indoor Flyers website from near Chorley in Lancashire - indoor free flight enthusiasts.

Don't forget you can continue with Hanger Rats (and other free flight models) in Nottingham on Sunday. (See entry for 23rd December)Click for further details.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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