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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

30th December
From Soo Modellers in Canada, Christian chose an advert for his "cartoon of the week" a couple of weeks ago now. Click the thumbnail to get a larger view.

Google has a good photo compilation of Anzani.

Moving on a 100 years or so, click for the latest BMFA Club Bulletin.
Those of you in contact with young people might have a look at page 5 where there is a list of the 2017 Royal Aero Club Trust Bursaries.

28th December
Thanks to Mick for the last set of front page photographs of the year.

26th December
Forecast for flying at Ferry Meadows tomorrow, Tuesday, looks hopeful. 10am until 1pm - the normal parking code applies.

The Christmas Message from the Vulcan to the Sky Trust has some excellent video clips as well as the facility to download A4 "paper aeroplane" versions of the Vulcan.

24th December
Thanks to Mick for the Christmas Front Page photograph.

Ian has an excellent offer on FET timers for PMFC members, click the photo for more information.


22nd December
PMFC Christmas Party at Peakirk tomorrow, Friday. Then the post Christmas Frost Bite Flying at Ferry Meadows on Tuesday 27th from 10am until 1pm - the normal parking code applies.

20th December
For news of the Peterborough - Auckland Cloud Tramp Challenge.
         Click for the Challenge Poster - - - - - - - Click for Clarification of the Challenge.

18th December
I continue to be impressed by "Vintage Wings of Canada" and was particularly taken by their edition of a week or two ago. Click the graphic for the pages.

16th December
Meetings and Events for 2017 are beginning to build up, see the link on the left, which includes, on May 20th and 21st, "Spring Sport Fly and Swap Meet - BMFA National Centre for Model Flying". Which, I think, is the first advertised event at the centre. Close enough for some PMFC members to visit and see what it is all about.

Below the calendar at "Meetings and Events" are links to the Free Flight Contest Calendar, SAM 35 and to CLAPA events for 2017.

Please let me know of dates/links that could be added.

14th December
Thanks to Andy there is a video of the "Spot Landing" competition at Bushfield - see 27th November.

Click the photo to see the action.

12th December
Thanks to Mick for the latest front page photogrpahs, this set are from the Timperley Gala.

10th December
Bryan has spotted on the internet where "Adrian C. Duncan has put together a very comprehensive website of in depth model engine articles."

Click the logo for the website.

8th December

Click for details

5th December
At the recent AGM the following committee members were appointed:-
Brian Waterland, President
Brian Lever, Chairman
Brian Lever, Control Line Secretary (Until position can be filled)
David Clark, R/C Secretary

Thanks to Bryan Lea who, some days ago now, passed on this link for a download of The Cox Engine Quarterly

3rd December
Thanks to Stan the December/January issue of Slipstream is available.
Click the Slipstream heading for a .pdf download.


1st December
The winner of the £5 Spot Landing at Bushfield was Leon Cole from Belair Kits. (Web site well worth a look.)

Brian said "I never thought that a £5 note could motivate so many members to unpack their models again and try to win.
So I shall include the £5 challenge at the end of every Bushfield meeting next year. The minimum time in the air to qualify will be 25 seconds."

Just discovered a .pdf of "Minnie-Mouse" by Danny Maslowicz, a half sized version of the "Hanger Rat". Click the picture for a download. This might be suitable for the PMFCPLCC? See 29th November.

29th November
Continuing the indoor flying theme,
click to see a .pdf version of the new "PMFC Peakirk Low Ceiling Challenge".
A Friday evening competition with generous prizes. Dates of the 6 events to be announced.

27th November
An enjoyable session at Bushfield yesterday with rubber powered freeflight, scale and duration models, outnumbering other types.

There was a burst of activity towards the end of the session when Brian Lever arranged for a £5 note to be put near the centre of the hall and said that the model which landed nearest after a flight of at least 20 seconds would have the money. This resulted in a mass launch of more than a dozen models, rubber powererd apart from one electric. The winner was one of the smaller rubber powered duration models. In the excitement I failed to get the winners name....

Click for an indoor model that is not really suitable for Bushfield.

25th November
Don't forget indoor flying at Bushfield tomorrow, 10:00 - 13:00.

Thanks to Mick for the latest bunch of front page photographs, these from the Anglian Summer Gala at Sculthorpe and one from Brumfly at North Luffenham.

23rd November
HMS Ringtail
Visiting relatives near Southport we went to the cafe of a supermarket on the Ringtail Retail Park, Burscough. The cafe had a very interesting permanent display about HMS Ringtail and its history, whilst through the window you could see a monument erected to honour those who had served at HMS Ringtail.

An unexpected extra to our outing, there is lots on the web but Wikipedia can start things off.

20th November
Thanks to Christian at Soo Modellers where I picked up these RTP clips from the indoor meetings at Impington.

One - - - - - - - Two - - - - - - - Three

18th November
The latest Aeromodeller has an excellent two page spread on Flying Aces and elswhere gives John a mention for organising the "rubber Bowden" at Old Warden.

16th November
A reminder of some dates:-
Indoor Flying Bushfield - Saturday 26th November.

FF Coupe de Brum, North Luffenham - Sunday 4th December.

Details of the flying events in the Meetings/Events section on the left.

XH558 Vulcan Collectables - Central Stores, Stratford on Avon
Open Day & Christmas Fair, Saturday 19th November.
Click the stores photograph for details.

14th November
As the colder weather approaches there might be another reason for having a LiPo warmer as well as for performance in E30.

Click for Ians piece on the subject.

11th November
There was a link in Aeromodeller recently to "Reach For The Sky. Some resources for young persons interested in aviation".

A few minutes browsing here turned up some resources for the older person as well.

9th November
There is a short video "FAI Best of 2016 competitions during the year". I would have prefered a slightly more measured approach but....

Click the aerobatic aircraft for the video.

7th November
Thanks to Mick for a new set of front page photographs, this group taken at various area competitions during the season.

Thanks to John as well. The club magazine is now available to non-members.

Click for Field Days, the magazine plus a two page centre spread.

5th November
John has been keeping track of "our unofficial free flight championship, which is made up from PMFC scores in competitions open to all BMFA members. It is calculated by ignoring non - PMFC entrants, and giving our members one point for each PMFC person they beat, plus one. (Ie, if you beat two others you get three points, if you are the only PMFC flyer, you get one, etc.) It started as a doodle for my amusement, but I know that some are following it carefully. Hence the very close finish, with a final surge by Pee Gee not quite good enough to beat Peter Adams. No trophy, but we shall remember it at the AGM."

Click the t/n for full results.

3rd November
Thanks to Stan the November issue of Slipstream is available.
Click the Slipstream heading for a .pdf download.


1st November
Bryan said "Plastic models-shame it is not a flying model" when he passed on information about the Guinness World Record attempt for "most people constructing aircraft models".

Click the picture for full information about the event at the Shuttleworth Collection on Sunday, 20th November.

30th October
The latest mailing from the Vulcan to the Sky Trust remembers the Vulcans last flight just a year ago and includes links to four videos.(I was particularly taken with the latter half of the 3rd video where there were shots of the Vulcan flying in formation with a variety of other aircraft.)

Also news of new arrangements plus the setting up of the Canberra Restoration Project as an independent activity with its own fund-raising campaign.

28th October
Two dates this coming weekend. Saturday is The Midland Gala at North Luffenham, whilst on Sunday it is Indoor Flying at Impington Village College. Further details of both in Meetings/Events on the left.

Thinking of indoor flying, www.indoorduration-gbr.co.uk is worth a look.

26th October
General chat at Bushfield on Sunday gave the Peterborough Timer a mention.

Also about the fact that Maplins only stock one "side" of the 32 Way Turned Pin Sil header/socket used in these miniature connectors.

Then an unlikely item from Mick Reeve, have a look towards the bottom of his accessories page for tiny self tapping screws

24th October
Click on Gareths model for some snapshots taken at Bushfield yesterday, to give an idea of what was flying during the session.


22nd October
Thanks to Mick there is a fresh set of photographs from Flying Aces on the web site front page.

Don't forget the first indoor session of the 2016/17 season at Bushfield on Sunday. Full details in the Meetings/Events heading on the left.

20th October
Thanks to Bryan who let me know that the catalogue for the Gildings Auction in Market Harborough on 5th November is now available.

Mainly i/c motors but kits and other items as well, worth a browse even if you don't intend to go. Click the Nieuport for the catalogue.

16th October
As a taster for next Sundays indoor session at Bushfield - see Meetings/Events on left. Here are two videos of flying in the hall on 5th January 2014.

DPC Sopwith Triplane Russ Lister - - - - - General Flying

These were produced by "ffmodeller" if you click on the name there are several other ff videos available, some from earlier this year.

No "latest updates" until Thursday

12th October
A link to Australia, thanks to Christian in Canada.

Click the picture for a video of some excellent diesel powered models.


No "latest updates" until Sunday

10th October
Click the picture to browse the "Aviation Paintings of the Year"

An amazing variety of styles and subjects.


8th October
Seems a long time since Flying Aces, so here is another batch of memories supplied by Mick in the new set of front page photographs.

6th October
Some reminders of dates in October.

The main PMFC date is the first of the seasons indoor meetings at Bushfield on Sunday 23rd October. (See Meetings/Events on left for full details.) There is an indoor session at Impington Village college on the following Sunday.

Outdoor meetings:- Control line at Thorpe Meadow on Monday 10th, with North Luffenham free flight sessions on Sunday 16th (Area meeting) and Saturday 29th (Midland Gala).

Further afield is the LMA Gaydon Static & Trade show on Sunday 23rd October. Models are rather large for most of PMFC members but there will be trade stands and much reduced entry fee to the British Motor Museum. (See page 20 of the latests BMFA News.) Out in the same direction is the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition on October 13 - 16 at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre.

Nothing to do with models but you could support the "Vulcan to the Sky" Trust, (although it is now perhaps Vulcan to the runway but Canberra to the Sky). Click for details of their Aero Collectables Sale on Saturday, 8th at Stratford upon Avon.

3rd October
Clive, Teds contact in Australia, keeps him up to date with the swarming of the bees. Click their picture for a link to a Micron Wings page and then click on the Bee again for more info.

Clive from Ballarat Aeromodellers also sent Ted a copy of "Australian Model News". Click to download the .pdf file

Not sure when the next PMFC web site "Latest Update" will happen.

1st October
The October Aeromodeller features, with a free plan, the Mini Caprice built by Andy Sephton for the PMFC originated hi-start glider competitions. It is an excellent "how to" article which mentions a video from Monique Lyons as well as build thread on "The Aeromodellers Forum".

Click for the video - - - - - - - Click for the build thread

29th September

I have mentioned before the American based subscription "Aviation Channel". They do show trailers of their productions together with a small amount of text below the trailer. Have a look at "The War Gliders" for some iffy graphics and "The Lost V Bomber" for an addition to Valient, Victor and Vulcan.

The Canadian site "Vintage Wings of Canada" has an excellent full length article on the naming of some of the 110,000 lakes in Manitoba after decorated Manitoban airmen and soldiers who had died in the Second World War. Click for full details.

27th September
Thanks to Stan the October issue of Slipstrem is available.
Click the Slipstream heading for a .pdf download.


25th September
I keep an eye on what Christian puts on to the Soo Modellers web site. Two September entries in the "Video of the Week" section are of particular interest to UK fliers. One is Colonel Taplin in action with an early example of electric power.

The second is a Keil Kraft factory tour, which was passed on by Gray, columnist in RCMW who said:-

"I thought I would pass on this priceless video I 've just stumbled upon. So this is the home of Britain's best loved kit company. I'd never imagined that their factory was so big and employed so many staff. Everything looks quaintly antiquated, as though it was in the immediate post-war years, and yet this was filmed in the mid-1960's.

Seen in this sequence are founder Eddie Kiel, who died in a car crash not long after this was filmed and second in command Eddie Cosh, who ran KK on through to the 80's."

23rd September
An FAI mailing had a reminder that "the 60th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett" was undwerway. Not that I have a particular interest in ballooning but more that I still use "Gordon Bennett" as an expression of surprise.

Just realised I have mentioned my use of "Gordon Bennett" previously, what I discovered this time was that Gordon Bennett ended his life in Melton Mowbray, where I live and where a local brewery produces a Gordon Bennett beer.

21st September
Another excellent batch of front page photographs from Mick, continuing the Flying Aces winners theme.

19th September
John wrote on Saturday:-
As the final round of the club f/f contest ended in near darkness, with priority being given to finding models rather than to calculating the scores, the lads (lads!) are waiting in eager anticipation for the final positions.

Here are the scores on the day, and I have also attached the completed spreadsheet with the final overall positions. (See link at top of the page)

P20 1) M Page, +31 (a token flyoff) 2)P Adams 120, 3) T Johnson 117, 4) B Whitehead 111, 5th) D Clark 95.

Glider: 1) J Ashmole 98, 2) P Gibbons 87, 3) B Whitehead 68, 4) J Brown 46, 5) T Johnson 32

E20 M Page and R Brigginshaw tied with one 40 sec max each.

Cloud Tramp 1) B Whitehead 103, 2) J Brown 72. 3) D Clark 55

HLG/Cat 1) P Gibbons 86, 2) D Clark 54

Finding Moley's lost car keys in the dark 1) P Gibbons, (with a strong supporting cast.)

Many thanks to all who have supported our competitions this Summer, much fun was had by all. Roll on next year's events!

17th September
In the build and flying log of the rubber-powered Hodek HK-101 mentioned on 13th September there were a couple of American web sites I had not come across before. I have added them to the Links list and you can click on their headings to have a look at them from here.


15th September
Time for some date reminders - with further details in the Meetings/Events list on the left.

The last of this seasons Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competitions is on Friday 16th September. Then on 24th and 25th September the last of the 2016 model sessions at Old Warden.

A long trip but it is the 50th Anniversary Crookham Gala on Salisbury Plain on Sunday 18 September. (Details in Meetings/Events entry on the left).

An area meeting at North Luffenham on 16th October followed by the Midland Gala on Saturday 29th October.

That brings us round to indoor meetings with the PMFC first event of the 2016/17 season on Sunday, 23rd October. With Impington on 30th October.

13th September
Click the photograph for a particularly good build and flying log of a rubber-powered Hodek HK-101.

Thanks to Jonathan for spotting the video.

11th September
Thanks to John "Field Days" the September edition of the club magazine is available. An excellent read and includes a "Flying Aces" supplement.

Club members receive either an e-mail with links for downloading the magazine, or if they have chosen, a printed version.

The magzine will be available to non-club members in about 6 weeks.

9th September
Continuing on from the 13th August piece about Dave Goodenough and the Bumble Bee from Aeromodeller February 1994. Ted has heard how the Australian version has got on.

Click for Teds exchanges with Clive Phillips in Australia, they have been updated and include, at the bottom of the page, a link to a video.

7th September
Click for the corrected 2016 Flying Aces Results.
Glad to say there were no errors in the final positions but one or two names or models went astray.....

Thanks to Mick for the latest front page photographs, where he has a selection of Flying Aces prize winners.

4th September
Click for the 2016 Flying Aces Results.
These are provisional and could be subject to change, which won't happen until Wednesday.

31st August
Thanks to Stan you can click the thumb nail for the September edition of "Slipstream"

A last reminder for Sundays Flying Aces.......

No more "Latest Updates" until Sunday.

29th August
Brian Lever has passed on information about the "THE SAM 35 2017 VERON BEEBUG BASH." Click to download the .pdf file.

The SAM35 web site has further information, with the possibility of buying the Vintage Model Company kit.

Click for the Google page of Veron BeeBug images, accurate for the first few rows but tends to drift off after that.....

27th August
Mick has been through his archive and found some excellent photographs for the front page that advertise "Flying Aces" on Sunday, 4th September.
Click in the yellow box at the top of the page for full details of the "Flying Aces" competitions.

25th August
Click for the update to the Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competitions.
Thanks to John for these, he wrote:-
"There is now just one more round to go. Scores will be taken as best four out of five, after the final event, on 16th September.
(I should add that the scores for P30 are not as announced at the end of the meeting as, after Tony Johnson returned from the lake, it was discovered that he had two maxes that had not been recorded.)"

21st August
Only two weeks until Flying Aces, for full details click in the yellow block above.

With Flying Aces so close it is a sure sign the year is moving one and here is another indicator.
Click for dates, times and details of the 2016/17 indoor flying at Bushfield.

There is always a welcome in the large sports hall at Bushfield Leisure Centre, PE2 5RQ. 10.00 to 13.00. Free parking, £6 for flyers, juniors free. Free Flight and Micro RC (no Rotors/Shockies) Informal contests.

Dates will also be listed in the Meetings/Events on the left.

No "Latest Updates" until after 25th August

19th August
Thanks to David Clark for further photographs of the "Peakirk Mini Goodyear 1000 lap Challenge". Click to see the Gallery entry.

17th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, this set from the "Peakirk Mini Goodyear 1000 lap Challenge" - Click for a reminder of the Challenge.

13th August
The "Bumble Bee" originally from Dave Goodenough in the Aeromodeller Feb 1994 has received several mentions in the PMFC web pages.

'Just messing about' - Ian Middlemiss June 2010
'Another Flying Insect' - Ian Middlemiss July 2010
Bumble Bee - Ted Szklaruk July 2010

Building details for "Bumblebee Shuttleworthi" - Ted Szklaruk Also an exchange of letters between Ted and Dave Goodenough, the designer of the model. Plus information from Ian Middlemiss about an R/C version. 7th September 2010

Moving on to July 2016. Click for what I have just heard from Ted about an Australian version.

Then from John Picton I received details of the latest newsletter from MicronWings, the Australian company that "is dedicated to supporting and supplying components for micro RC aircraft builders."
Click for the page, there is a mention of PMFC towards the bottom.

Incidentally John said "Is there a member of PMFC who could make me some timers, I have real problems now holding very small Items."

No "Latest Updates" until after 16th August

11th August
I mentioned the Ken Faux blog several days ago, the Junior European Free Flight Champs are over now but I was particularly taken by the final post "The Party's Over" Click for the posting on August 6th.

9th August
Glad to say that last Saturday the "Peakirk Mini Goodyear 1000 lap Challenge" went well.
Click for a report by Brian Lever.

Sad news from the Hippocket web site.
"Unfortunately, I have to report that Peter Tolhurst who has informed on Electric and Coupes for many years on this site, had a severe stoke whilst competing at Beavoir sur Noirt in France the other day . It will be a little time before he can return to this site and give us the benefit of his knowledge"

7th August
John has updated the Club Free Flight Championship as well as points for the Ferry Meadows competitions.

Click the heading above this post for the details.

5th August
It is over a month since the the June Club magazine was available to PMFC members.

Click the mag heading for a .pdf download as it is now on "general release".


3rd August
Click for the interesting blog from Ken Faux about the Junior European Free Flight Champs.

In a CIAM mailing there was "The TransiTrace logs from the recent World Champs are now available on the 2016 World Championships website."

I had no idea what a "TransitTrace" was so I followed up the message:-
Control Line World Champs 2016 - - - TransitTrace Logs - - - TransitTrace web site

1st August
Carrying on the control line theme from Saturday here is a reminder of the Peakirk 1000 lap challenge on Saturday, 6th August, Peakirk Village Green, 10.30 start.
All supporters welcome, chairs and light refreshments provided.

Click for more details.

30th July

Just heard from Brian that:-

The BMFA Mini Goodyear Nationals is being run by the Peterborough Model Flying Club on October 9th 2016, to be held on Snowden Field, Crowland, Peterborough. 10am start.

Events will be BMFA Mini Goodyear Senior and Junior.

Plus:- PMFC Mini Goodyear Senior and Junior Le Mans Sprint and Speed. ( rules on pre-entry form)

In addition Taste stunt basic and intermediate will be run.( Rules on sam35.org)

Event pre- entry forms can be downloaded from the BMFA Web Site under the Control Line Events Sub Section. www.bmfa.org - (click here or the heading for the download)

Otherwise send SAE to :- Brian Lever, Fairwinds, 3 The Park, Peakirk,Peterborough, PE6 7NG.

Full details of the event can be found on the pre-entry form.

For enquiries please e-mail Brian on:- blever@btinternet.com

Brian also said that "To my knowledge the first time in our club's history that we have run a BMFA/SMAE National Championsip competition."

28th July
Thanks to Stan the August edition of "Slipstream" is available.
Click the heading for a .pdf download.



26th July
Chis Ottewell, in his "Tail End Charlie" page in the August Aeromodeller noted that Dave Days web site had a new home. Click for the pages.

This led me to Mike Nelson as well as Stuka Stunt Works.

However I spent most time with Dave Days "Memoirs/Recollections", wide ranging and entertaining and which include "The Peterboro Files", memories from 1987 to 1998 in which the PMFC organisers of the day didn't feature too well.

24th July
Thanks to Mick for the new batch of front page photographs, all taken at free flight sessons this year.

22nd July
When I spotted John on page 4 of the August Aeromodeller I thought I would include that picture, plus any others of PMFC who were in the magazine, turned out to be so many I dropped the idea...

Instead a mention of the Masefield Trophy, which John was presenting in 2015 and which is scheduled for Sunday at Old Warden. Click for a .pdf of the rules from the SAM 35 web site.

Instead a mention of the Masefield Trophy, which John was presenting in 2015 and which is scheduled for Sunday at Old Warden. Click for a .pdf of the rules from the SAM 35 web site.

20th July
I have just come across "Biggles News 2016". Click for the interesting .pdf file.

Don't forget Old Warden and the 6th Area Meeting are this coming weekend.

18th July
I keep an eye on the Canadian Soo Modellers web site as Christian comes up with a variety of interesting items, with the "Open" golf just finished I particularly liked his cartoon of the week - July 10th. Also from that week click the picture to watch a video from Weston Park in the UK,the biggest R/C ornithoper I have seen.

15th July
A busy period coming up, regular events include Control Line at Thorpe Meadow on 18th July, Old Warden on 23rd/24th with 6th Area Meeting on 24th. Free Flight at Ferry Meadows on 29th, then East Anglian Gala at Sculthorpe on 30th and 31st. Then into August with the Timperley Free Flight Gala at North Luffenham on 14th.

On Saturday 6th August is an event which won't happen again for another 1,000 years.
Click for information........

For further details check the Meetings/Events link on the left, whilst checking things the 2016 Club Free Flight Championship listing has been updated. See top of this column.

13th July
Bryan passed on this message from Bill Dennis:-
"Lodge Farm Postponed.
Dear all, The forecast for tomorrow is a continuation of strong winds, so regetfully we'll postpone. Hope for an improvement at Dreaming Spires Bill"

11th July
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs. This set from Brumfly and the 4th Area meeting.

9th July
The FAI Young Artists competition for 2017 is described at www.fai.org/fai-young-artists-contest/theme. Those of you who have regular contacts with children might like to consider encouraging them to take part in the competition. The listing at www.fai.org/fai-young-artists-contest/results shows who has taken part in previous years.

7th July
After two mentions of full size aircraft it is back to models.

A listing I should have had in the "Links" section some time ago is:-
David Baker Heritage Vintage Library

3rd July
No "Latest Updates" until after 6th July

The publicity supplied by the Vulcan XH558 continues to be interesting both as to what is happening to the Vulcan itself as well as to how the work on Canberra WK163 proceeds prior to its transfer to the Vulcan hanger.

It is now possible to have a Vulcan XH558 Virtual Tour, moving round the hanger and getting various closeups of the aircraft. Click to take the tour.

2nd July
By chance these two full size aircraft links arrived within a couple of days of each other, both from Canada.

First, a subscription service from www.aerocinema.com. If you try the "community section" there are some interesting text snippets.

Second was "Vintage Wings of Canada", I have mentioned them before but I found their latest offering "The High Flight Harvards" particularly interesting, with some excellent photographs.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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