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Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.
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31st December
One of the models flown at the get together last Monday was the Sopwith Tabloid, originally from John Ashmole.

30th December
Interesting article on "Zephyr Solar Powered Plane Shatters Three World Records"

29th December
Delighted to see, that considering the weather, there was a good turnout on 27th December.
Thanks to Ted for the heading photograph. also for the selection of photographs shown here.

27th December
After two days of sunshine and light winds Monday, the day of the post Christmas get together at Ferry Meadows, was cloudy with winds of 15mph, an added disincentive was a temperature barely above freezing.

For those who stayed at home there was a chance to watch some full size flying via the PlanesTV.com web site. Where "Every day over the Christmas period you can watch a different full length programme online without any complicated registration."
I had to install "Silverlight" on my PC (a Microsoft "plugin" for browsers) but that didn't cause any problems and I now have the facility to watch a different quality video each day up to 2nd January. The program changes at 10am each morning. If you have time to spare give Planestv.com a try. Scroll down a screen until you see "Try PlanesTV ON Demand" on the right hand side for the full length videos, otherwise it is short samples.

22nd December
Latest edition of www.rcsoaringdigest.com is available, always an interesting read plus excellent photography. I have not come across a model aircraft on-line magazine that matches RC Soaring Digest in its "production values". Worth a look even if you don't fly RC gliders. Where else will you get pictures of slope soaring from a site where bamboo bushes are a problem or news of a soaring contest run by six American missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

21st December
Mick has come up with another set of front page photographs, several of these have a "weather" element in them, intended to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which according to Wikipedia is at 13:38 on 21st December

15th December
Bernie spotted this page showing an amazing scale Spitfire.

14th December
Top Secret dispatch intercepted at PMFC......

More secrets, this time from the cutting room floor of an:- aeronautical based, Sunday evening TV costume drama.

13th December
Bernie has sent a reminder about Club and BMFA fees for 2011, which are now being taken.
Click for a .pdf form

8th December
Another batch of "Cardington Memories" from Mick Page, used as opening page backgrounds.

6th December
As a result of the agm there are some changes on the Contacts page.

There is now a Direct link to BMFA FREE FLIGHT AND SPACE CALENDAR 2011
on the events page.

5th December
Further news from Dave Goodenough in France

3rd December
This Sunday is the BARCS Trade Fair at Parkland Leisure Centre, Wigston Road, Oadby, LEICESTER, LE2 5QG. Whilst the focus is on R/C gliders the trade stands will have a variety stock. See FlyQuiet for more details. There is also the "Bring & Buy" that usually produces some amazing bargains.

1st December
Something to browse through whilst stuck at home because of the snow.
The Plans Page - This has been added to the "Links" section. If you have any favourite sites that are missing from the "Links" please let me know. e-mail

25th November
As a "tribute" to Cardington, where we are unlikely to be flying any more, Mick has provided a group of front page photographs, from 1978 until recently.

23rd November
Mick Page has provided the majority of front page pictures up to now, thanks for those. The selection he sent from the 2010 Flying Aces are now finished. Instead I have taken 9 from the "Gallery", at full screen size are not as sharp as they would be if I had the originals. The pictures were only in place 3 days - click to see them if you wish

21st November
Further additions to "Bumblebee Shuttleworthi", this time pictures of an R/C version and news from France.

20th November
Spotted the following on the BMFA web site:- The BMFA at The Flying Show – NEC
or click here for a direct link to "The Flying Show, the UK's Largest Indoor Aviation Event"

18th November
Teds answer to Dave added to the "Bumblebee Shuttleworthi" page.

All this talk of insects have caused some to escape onto the web....

17th November
Dave Goodenough, ex Impington VCMAC and now living in France, sent Ted a letter about the electric powered bee featured in "Members Models" - Click to read what Dave had to say.

15th November
I have mentioned the FlyQuiet Forum several times as a very useful source of information. Just spotted on the Free Flight section a link to an excellent video of F1A launching.

Continuing the FlyQuiet theme:- Whilst chatting at Impington a couple of PMFC members queried electric powered R/C gliders. A thread has just started on FlyQuiet asking much the same question although the suggestion is a RTF model. For an own build perhaps their own thread could be started?

If second hand was acceptable there will be R/C glider bargains on offer at the Bring and Buy section of the BARCS Trade Fair on Sunday December 5th on the SE outskirts of Leicester. There will also be new kits on view. Click for the FlyQuiet Forum link.

8th November
The front page pictures from Mick Page have changed again, the current batch of 7 pictures are the last that Mick sent from this years Flying Aces.

There is also a "tidy up" on the Events page with some dates for 2011.

2nd November
Junior 60 - John Ashmole

1st November
Thanks to Ted for the photos, he got lots of flying done at Impington yesterday,
Click to see two of the models he was flying, plus an extra. Also a larger version of the photograph to the right


Ted sent the photograph on the right on 8th Nov - not sure who took it though.


31st October
Just back from a very enjoyable indoor session at Impington. I checked with the people on the door and they thought about 70 had paid as "Flyers". PBMFC made up at least 10% of them.

The range of free flight models in the air at this meeting always amazes me, from the most complex of scale designs all the way through to off the shelf models supplied by SAMS Models, who have a stand in the hall.

Those who have never been to this meeting have missed a treat; the food is good too!

The "No-Cal" class was well represented and there was a talk on the subject during the afternoon. There is mention of the class in Wikepedia should you be interested. Also a search on Google will produce links.

25th October
Mick took this photograph yesterday at the Midland Gala of Peter collecting his certificate and a bottle of wine for coming 2nd in FIJ. - Mick came 2nd in HLG.

25th October
Thanks to Mick, the front page pictures have changed again, seven more photographs from Flying Aces 2010.

24th October
Reminder of Indoor Flying at Impington Village College, next Sunday, 31st October.
Click for full details.

8th October
Satyr - by Jiri Smola - owned by Tony Wilson

6th October
Vintage Power Trains - John Ashmole

4th October
Thanks to Mick Page for the set of nine front page photographs that started today.

4th October
Ted has provided an interesting mixture for "Members Models"

3rd October
Of Clouds and Elves. - John Ashmole

2nd October
Teds model interacting with judges so that
'Stan practises his break dancing routine with a Hepcat.....'
with thanks to Alex Whittaker for the photographs.

28th September
A "Members Model" - Ted Szklaruk this time with a "Cri -Cri by Ray Malmström

27th September
Bernie has sent a list of indoor meetings for Autumn/Winter 2010/2011
Click for the Meetings Page - or - click for an easy to print .pdf version.

25th September
Thanks to John Ashmole for his "Members Model" - Elf Biplane

24th September
GORDON BENNETT - I still use this as an expression of exasperation and have always been taken with the fact that it is also the name of a full size balloon race. What I had missed is that the race last year was won by a British team and consequently this year the race is in this country.
Click for details of the race - possibly starting tomorrow.
Click for information about Gordon Bennett from the "Phrase Finder"

Not too much to do with model aircraft, but it is freeflight.....

Sunday morning:- Give the tracking page a try to see how far they have travelled.
Monday morning:- Still going.......   As on Tuesday morning!

21st September
Mick has just sent a photo that was passed on to him by Bryan Lea of two identical Veron Comper Swifts. It is included in the current batch of front page photos. Click on the picture for a larger version.     Comper Swifts

20th September
A new batch of photographs from Mick Page for the front page of the web site.
Check out the link "Picture Details" at the bottom of the front page for an archive of photographs used so far.

20th September
Thanks to Ted for these two models seen at Ferry Meadows last Friday.

16th September
Following on from yesterday - in part of the exchange of messages between Andy and Mick; Andy said:-
"I have to say, both Jaqui and I very much enjoyed your event, for both of us it was the best of the year for two years running. You’ve managed to achieve a really good atmosphere with lots of model flying and low-key competition – it’s a brilliant formula. We’re now both looking forward to next year!"

15th September
Up until today Mick Page has provided the full screen pictures for the web site - thanks for that. Mick has also been swapping messages and photographs with Andy Sephton, who sent five photographs of the "flying swarm" from Flying Aces taken by Jaqui Clark. They now appear in random order on the front page. Thanks to Jaqui for those - her pictures have a JQ in the bottom right hand corner.

If anyone else would like to have their photographs of Flying Aces appear on the web site please send them to e-mail or

15th September
Bump……an electric model of some versatility- Ian Middlemiss

11th September
A couple of things to look at, the 1st from Bernie who headed it:-
A Brand New Building Material and said
I found this article completely by chance....thought it might interest some of you.

Then from the Freeflight section of FlyQuiet a couple of Youtube links to the 1971 World Freeflight Championships.
Whilst you are there have a look at the Freeflight front page if you have not visited this Bulletin Board before.

10th September
Reg Heaths "Modelflight" on line magazine has been in PMFC Links section for some time but I have just had a further look at his "Recyclopedia" page. As you would expect, a number of old favourites but there are also some novel new ones that are worth considering.

The PMFC Links page could do with some new entries. Suggestions to

8th September
Ted and Ian had a busy time at the Power Nationals.

7th September 2010
Thanks to Mike Page for providing ten background pictures of "Flying Aces 2010" for the front page, the photographs will appear in a random order each time you access the page.

7th September 2010
Building details for the electric powered bee - Ted Szklaruk

5th September 2010
Flying Aces 2010 - click for the results

3rd September
An Electric Competition Model. - Ian Middlemiss

28th August
As a contrast to the Nationals this weekend you might want to catch up on some old British Pathe newsreel footage.
Unknown airfield 1936
Northern Heights 1952
Radlett 1953
Radlett 1955

22nd August
A4 size Atlantis Space Shuttle - it goes like stink , definitely one for the Barkston hangar next week end!

11th August
Just received from Ted this E-Bee-Neezer swarm.

8th August
I was taken by the "Nats News" bulletin from USA, seems they mix free flight with RC Soaring.
Click for a large .pdf download, that has some excellent photographs and an indication that some things are done differently across the Atlantic.

6th August
BMFA info from Bernie

2nd August
Flying Aces advertising on front page.
Thanks to Mick Page for the photographs, he provided a number of "possible" pictures for the page. I have chosen ten of these, which will be used during August, appearing in random order each time the front page is accessed. To experiment with this, be on the front page and press F5 to "refresh".

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.
Click to see all new messages from January 2012 onwards . . Click to see all new messages from July to December 2011
Click to see all new messages from January to June 2011- - Click to see all new messages August 2010 - December 2010

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