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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2019
Saturday, 31st August 2019
Click for full details

Click for details of the June Aeromodeller article about the Ferry 500


20th August
Mixed conditions for the SAM35 Freeflight event at BMFA Buckminster.

Click for some snaps, to give an idea of what was going on.

18th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs where Flying Aces is given a reminder.

16th August
Three important events coming up. On Monday it is a freeflight session at BMFA Buckminster. See Meetings/Events on the left for more details.

Then the following weekend, The Nationals at Barkston Heath, PMFC have a particular interest in the free flight scale competitions as well as control line.

On Saturday 31st it is Flying Aces at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. See the yellow block at the top of this page

14th August
I was disappointed with the web site introducing the Silver Spitfire - see 4th August. The one page in which I had a continued interest has failed to work properly.

However, no problems with the excellent "Vintage Wings of Canada", who have a background piece on the aircrafts Canadian connections.

12th August
Click for latest PMFC magazine "Borne on the Wind".
Now available to non-club members.






10th August
The forecast wind strength means there won't be much model flying done today in the southern part of the country. The F3K comp at BMFA Buckminster has been cancelled because of this and I ended up at a garden centre instead.

Click the restaurent notice for some photos.

8th August
A BARCS Forum subject of "Fossil hunting in Bognor Regis" seemed unlikely but together with some fossil information it led to the Graham and David Woods web site, Favonius (ancient Roman personification of the west wind).

Click Favonius himself for links to a varied list of articles.

6th August
A new set of front page photographs - thanks to Mick for this group taken at the PMFC Rubber Bowden competition, which Mick won.

4th August
Bryan picked up this piece about the "Silver Spitfire" flying round the world.

Click the Spitfire for the, rather over the top, web site.


2nd August
Picked up from Slipstream that the GRANT MIMLOCT 2019 is tomorrow.
Click for full details on the Enlesslift.com web site.

Well down the above page is a link to the December 2015 PMFC magazine where the writer suggests "Scroll down to page 4 for an article on getting the most out of your Cloud Tramp by Andy Sephton."

31st July
Thanks to Stan you can click the heading for the August/September Slipstream.


29th July
A couple of links from the latest Aeromodeller that might be interesting.

The 8th single channel and retro r/c fly-in at Pontefract had a report and gave Phil and Shaun a mention.

Aviation Paintings of the Year, 2019 actual Exhibition is over but you can view their "gallery".

27th July
PMFC Windbreak Club could well be in action at the East Anglian Gala on Sculthorpe this weekend.

See Meetings/Events on left for the free flight meeting at Buckminster on Monday August 19th.

25th July
Not much scope for Power Scale Soaring in the Peterborough area but the PSSA have recently re-vamped their web site and there are lots of quality photographs to be seen.

Click the Great Orme pic for more information.

23rd July
War Birds Fly-in and Beer Festival, BMFA Buckminster.

Click the t/n for some snaps to give an idea of what was being flown.
There were lots of different beers to try but at mid-day on the Sunday the beer hanger was empty with everyone out by the runway.

21st July
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, these from the Aeromodeller/Model Aircraft designs scale competition at the 2019 Free Flight Nationals.

19th July
Area Comp on 21st. East Anglian Gala Sculthorpe on 27th/28th. Details in Meetings/Events on the left.

Latest Aeromodeller is now out. Andrew Boddington has given an excellent plug for Flying Aces.
In the Freeflight Nationals reports it is good to see PMFC members appearing in various places.

In the reports Gary Catterick was given a mention with regard to photographs. Click for his album on Flickr. - Scroll down when you reach the page.

17th July
Picked this up from the BARCS Forum, not a great deal to do with model aircraft, although appreciation of down thrust is needed. Click the t/n for a video, would make a good start to Flying Aces at Ferry Meadows on Saturday, 31st August.



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