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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2018, Sunday 9th September, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough.

26th April
To echo Johns recent message:-
"May I just remind you that it's Elfs and Frog juniors at OW in 13th May (C/L bods should be aware of BML's comps as well.) The next PMFC F/F comp, including the Bernie Nichols Trophy Round One on the 15th starting at the new time of 3.30pm, and that the 25" Rubber Vintage postal in under way (cards from me) and it's 4th Area on the 20th. That's not to mention the Nats, of which more later.

Also PMFC Cloud Tramp flyers are now primed for the Peterborough/Auckland Challenge which will take place at BMFA Buckminster sometime before 23rd May. Lets hope for at least one calm day......

24th April
Another enjoyable visit to BMFA Buckminster at the weekend got me thinking about Eaton Bray.

There is a fair bit about the enterprise on the web but one piece I had not seen before comes from "All about the village of Eaton Bray in Bedfordshire". Click the icon for the page, also worth following the link "D.A. Russell and Eaton Bray" that is mentioned.

22nd April
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs.

These taken at the first of this seasons club free flight competitions at Ferry Meadows.

20th April
Thanks to John for "Leading Edge" the March edition of the PMFC Magazine, which is now available to non club members.

Click the heading for a .pdf download. Or try the "Magazine" link on the left for a full list.

18th April
Click the logo for the latest edition of the CIAM Flyer.

This one concerned with the "F" classes.


16th April
SAM35 Spring Fly In off to a breezy start and unlikely to get better tomorrow.

Click the thumb nail for snapshots taken from about 11:00-13:00 featuring some PMFC members plus others.

14th April
Two reminders:-
Swapmeet at BMFA Buckminster - see yellow note above.
Also at Buckminster on Monday and Tuesday, 16th and 17th the SAM Spring Fly In, with free flight competitions on the Tuesday.

12th April
Excellent turnout in reasonable weather for the first of the 2018 Free Flight club contests at Ferry Meadows. Thanks to John for organsing and sending results also to Brian L for the report on the meeting,

RESULTS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - REPORTS

11th April
The Meetings/Events list of the left has had some additions made. Let me know if you would like anything else added.

9th April
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, these taken at the First Area Meeting 2018.

Tomorrow is the first of the 2018 Free Flight club contests at Ferry Meadows.
See 7th April below.

7th April
John reminded us earlier in the week that "next Tuesday, the 10th, sees the first of our 2018 Free Flight club contests at Ferry Meadows. Let's hope the weather allows us to have a good event. (Remember that there are five meetings, from which competitors score their best four out of five.)"

See full details in Meetings/Events on the left, which also has a link to the new E20 competition.

Another reminder is for the Swapmeet at BMFA Buckminster on Sunday, 15th April - see Meetings/Events on the left for directions. Plus the yellow note at the top of the page.
Also there is a two day SAM 35 Fly In at Buckminster on the following Monday and Tuesday, again see Meetings/Events on the left.

5th April
Keeping to the indoor theme click the Piper Tri-Pacer to see the model flying at Nijmegan last Autumn.

Richard Crossley had articles in the February and March Aeromodeller about this top quality model.


3rd April
From the BMFA Midland Area web site I picked up that there is a free open indoor flying session at Newark organised by the Newark Indoor Flying Club, on Tuesday 17th April, which might be of interest to PMFC members who live to the North of Peterborough.

1st April
Thanks to Stan for the latest edition of Slipstream, click the magazine logo for a .pdf download.


Slipstream comes from New Zealand, here is something from Canada. Click the t/n for a well illustrated article.




30th March
As a reaction to "For many of us rubber is the only "real" way to power model aircraft" here is a link from Aeromodeller to PB Engine Australia. Click the picture for a detailed and comprehensive site on motor production.



28th March
In the recent BMFA News Mike Woodhouse said "For many of us rubber is the only "real" way to power model aircraft". He then gave a link to rubber band production.

Click the picture to see the YouTube video.

Condensed from Johns e-mail:-
At Ferry Meadows, the annual Good Friday flying session begins at 10am, but since Friday is our regular afternoon as well, the field will be ours all day.

On Saturday, the Northern Gala takes place at Barkston.
Remember to use the same entry as for the campsite at the Nationals, & sign in.

26th March
Just in case any PMFC members don't know, here is the link to a BMFA message:-
GB Team, Mark Benns, Tony Hebb and Hans Staartjes.       Click for full results.

23rd March was the 25th Anniversary of Vulcan XH558 last RAF flight. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust has a page commemorating this. Whilst Planes TV have an 11 minute video of the delivery flight to Bruntingthorpe.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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