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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

<<<Click for the 2017 Flying Aces Schedule>>>

20th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs which act as an advert for PMFC Flying Aces on Sunday 3rd September - schedule available from top of this page.
The photos also include a mention of Mike Stuarts excellent flying scale model pages.

Next weekend is the R/C Nationals, back at Barkston; traders stands together with control line, as well as the main r/c disciplines plus free flight in the evenings.

For the first time the BMFA Silent Flight Nationals will be held at Buckminster Lodge, an easy journey either from Barkstone or Peterborough if you are curious to see what the competitive flat field glider flyers are up to.

No "Latest Updates" until Sunday.

15th August
I mentioned Meteoblue.com at the end of July and have now added a link to them on the PMFC Weather Page. A large quantity of options with this wind chart particularly useful.

Just received a note from John:-
"Plans are now well advanced for the forthcoming Flying Aces event at Ferry Meadows, on September 3rd. This is our big day, and once again we can expect a large entry...especially since the "K.K.Elf" contest, with its large cash prizes from the Vintage Model Company will be taking place.

On the subject of K.K.Elves, Brian Lever and I have just a few of the remaining Special Edition Flying Aces Elf kits (with specially selected balsa) still available at £20 each. A quick reply secures yours."

13th August
I have given www.vintagewings.ca several mentions but worth another one for their latest item.

Not that many PMFC members have tattoos but click on the engine cutaway for the article. Lots of text, worth a read if you have the time, otherwise scroll down to the examples.


11th August
Click the t/n for some photos of Wendy and Ray putting in their flights for the 2017 Grant MIMLOCT.

Scores from the FF World Champs continue to be reported on the BARCS forum with a full list from the Championship web site.


9th August
After being encouraged to go to the Monday free flight sessions at BMFA Buckminster I decided to give it a go this week. Forecast was for the wind to drop in the afternoon so I was there at 4pm, a touch windy but OK, with the direction straight down the main runway.

An enjoyable 90 minutes flying, with recovery very easy as the models were landing on or close to the runway. What I failed to spot was a direction change on what became my last flight when the model landed in the "Cloud Tramp lily pond". This is a very small pond in a large field.......

Not sure if anyone else turned up to fly later but I had the place to myself until 5:30pm when I had a chat to Manny Williamson then went home to dry my socks.

Just heard from Ray Millard:-
"Work got in the way, so we couldn't make it to Ferry. But bang on the dot of 5, in a meadow near Blakeney, Wendy and I put in our CT flights. Mission accomplished!!

Another late entry....
There are reports on the BARCS Forum of the current World Free Flight Championships.

7th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, from this years Brum Fly 2017 at North Luffenham.

5th August
At 5pm today is the "CHARLES HAMPSON GRANT MIMLOCT" at Ferry Meadows.
If you find this time inconvenient don't forget our friends in New Zealand will be flying it at 4am.

3rd August
Click the pond for some snaps taken at the SAM35 event.

Click here for snaps taken on day two of the event, when it was even windier but it was sunshine and showers as opposed to the grey drizzle of Wednesday.

I did hear that Tuesday evening was idylic, no wind and a glorious sunset.....

2nd August
Something to read whilst waiting for the wind to drop at the SAM 35 event, BMFA Buckminster.

Thanks to Stan for the August "Slipstream"


31st July
I have the feeling we are suffering from higher winds speeds this year than previously and have just come across Meteoblue.com, another forecast web site but with some extras you can try.

Click on the wind rose for Peterborough to investigate.



29th July
Another busy week coming.
John has covered the SAM35 event at BMFA Buckminster on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd in his e-mail message, with news of competitions on the 3rd.
Click the thumbnail for the SAM35 information sheet.

Then on Monday there is control line flying at Ferry Meadows, whilst Saturday is the "Grant Mimloct", also at Ferry Meadows.

See Meetings and Events on the left for further information.

Click for Grant Mimloct home page.


27th July
Thanks to Mick there is further set of photographs from the BMFA Free Flight Nationals on the front page.

25th July
F3K World Championships now underway; as I said on Sunday the British team is reporting via posts in the BARCS Forum. The actual official web page needs updating but there is plenty going on in the "social media".

Further to the free flight connection, click for the UK team photograph, on the left is Mike Fantham, the team manager, well known a few years ago as an F1A flyer.

23rd July
This coming week there is the F3K World Championship in Lviv, Ukraine. F3K is the discus launch, 1.5m r/c glider class, which I believe is the closest r/c glider class to the free flight F classes in that lift spotting and using is paramount and there is a physical element in the launch.

Over 30 national teams have entered and last Friday and Saturday was "Vladimir’s Model Cup", the pre-World Champs event. The British team have been reporting via posts in the BARCS Forum, I couldn't resist passing on the following one from Michael Stern. In the Poker round you have to predict the length of flight you will make in a 10 minute slot. You have to achieve your prediction to get the points but you can have as many flights as will fit the 10 minutes, hence a single flight prediction of 9:58 being the ultimate.

"Round8 ....Poker!
MikeS HeatC
Cool breeze blowing running up to the start, so was planning a 1:30. One of the guys in the test flying did show something off the NW corner and in the seconds before the start I saw a flag in the NW direction give a good indication so I decided, 9:58?? I then started my launch slightly early and was worried I'd release before the buzzer which would mean it was over before it began. So I did an awkward double spin and didn't get a good launch. I headed over to my read, somewhat lower than I wanted to be and struggled to hook up. Others had the same read so there were others judge against, but it was not looking great. I decided it was a bit further away to the N and after a few seconds began to rise. Soon after I was booming up and went to about 1500ft, I'd guess. Boom, 1000pts!"

17th July
Heard from Mick via John that the BMFA F/F Nationals results are available at:-

Or a direct download, with thanks to the BMFA.

2017 Free Flight Nationals - - - - - - 2017 Free Flight Nationals Champions
2017 Scale Free Flight Nationals

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