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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2019
Saturday, 31st August 2019

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21st May
Trimming at Buckminster yesterday - light winds and long grass.....


20th May
Aeromodeller have kindly allowed us to provide the Ferry 500 plan as a download here. As well as this we can provide partsheets and printable flying surface plans for convenience.

19th May
I don't really need to remind you that the BMFA Free Flight Nats are next weekend, especially as there has been a message from John about a pre-Nats trimming session at Buckminster tomorrow, Monday.

Further ahead and for a more spcialised audience is:- Gildings "Annual Auction of Aero Engines" Saturday 2nd November, Entries close August 30th.

17th May
The June edition of Aeromodeller features an article and free plan of our Ferry 500 class and includes some of the history of Ian's developments and E20 flying in the PMFC.

The Peterborough FET Timer for Ferry 500 is not covered in full detail so a video tutorial is provided here as mentioned in the magazine.

A new motor has been sourced to replace the GWS version and the club flying rules for Ferry500/E20 have been updated to reflect this.

Aeromodeller have kindly given us permission to offer the free plan as a download here.
Click for the plan, along with a parts sheet and extra photos of the model.

15th May
Not too bad a journey from Peterborough to Newark where, this coming Saturday, the Air Museum have a "Canberra Saturday".

This year is the 70th anniversary of the aircraft.

Click the photograph for full information.

13th May
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, these from the 2019 Northern Gala at Barkston Heath.

Old Warden yesterday had the best weather I can remember for a very long time, light winds, slowly developing streets of cumulus, sunshine but not too hot. An excellent crowd with a great deal of mixed flying done.

11th May
Rather a "grey" forecast fror Old Warden today, better on Sunday when amongst a lot of things there are free flight duration events for Frog Senior and K.K. Elfs.

I always enjoy a browse at the Microaces stand, not this weekend though. Click to find out why and see their TRINANZA offer.

9th May
Message from John:- "The results of the latest round of the F/F Club championship are now on the spreadsheet. A reasonable turnout, but once again with some luminaries unavoidably absent. Please remember, folks, that the final score will be best four out of five, so a missed event is not fatal to one's chances. Next round is on Friday 14th June."

Click for the scores.

7th May
I had an interesting day out at BMFA Buckminster over the weekend where there was a three day aerotowing meeting. Click the fuselage for some snaps to give an idea of what went on.


5th May
A reminder for Tuesday, the next round of the club championship, at Ferry Meadows as usual, starting at 3.30pm.

Next weekend is the Old Warden "May Fly". Should you want somewhere to go tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday, there is Aerotow at Buckminster or De Havilland Day at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

3rd May
Bit of a difference to Ferry Meadows.....
Christian has had a couple of entries on his "Echoes from Far Valley" page in the Soo Modellers web site.

1st May
Click for the PMFC Magazine for March 2019 - "What Larks, Pip", now available to non club members.

29th April
For those who have missed it elsewhere, click for a link to the BMFA message "CAA PROPOSES £16.50 ANNUAL REGISTRATION CHARGE - ACT NOW!"

There is also a discussion on the BARCS forum, where, in message four, there is a suggestion of a letter that could be sent to your MP.

27th April
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, these from the Timperley Gala in 2016 and 2018.

25th April
April Issue of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre Newsletter.
Click the Lancaster and Mosquito picture for a larger version as well as the Centres plans for the Summer.

23rd April
Master Class at Buckminster.
The F3K (r/c discus launched gliders) community were able to make use of the superb Easter weather when Vincent Merlijn from Holland, the current F3K World Champion, gave presentations in the hanger, demonstrated on the field and gave tuition to individual pilots. An excellent and worthwhile session over two days with plenty of time for individual flying.

Buckminster lends itself to this sort of event, comfortable indoor seating for presentations and then plenty of room for demonstration flying and coaching.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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