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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2018, Sunday 9th September, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough.

No "latest Updates" until Sunday, 24th June

19th June
Click the Competitor for another "Echo from Far Valley".
Includes R/C rubber power.......




16th & 17th June
Click the t/n to see some snaps of the SAM35 event at a rather windy Buckminster.




14th June
SAM 35 at Buckminster this coming weekend, with Saturday the premier day - see the last part of the posting for 7th June below.

To continue with the "Antique Modelers" theme. Click for a video taken at Fairlop in the early 1950's. I picked this up on the esoaring.net, where there is some background information. My particular interest is that I used to cycle to Fairlop from my suburban London home during this period.

12th June
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, these from the Free Flight Nats, showing several PMFC 1st place prize winners.

As this set have results in them click the picture to browse the whole group in one go.

10th June
June PMFC Free Flight Competition at Ferry Meadows.
Click for the results that John sent.

He said, "Four and a half hours of intense competition, high standards, everything a f/f comp should be. A credit to all the lads."

9th June
I was taken by the fuselage side joining method in the laser cut, Vic Smeed Pulstar, short kit from i-Gull, who sell via eBay.

Click the picture for the eBay link.

The American site "Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Hangout" got a mention in the latest Aeromodeller, it is in the PMFC links but I had forgotton what a useful site it was.

Another American site worth a browse is "Retro RC" which includes "Campbells Custom Kits" some of their items are available from UK based Micron.

7th June
No sitting in powered bathtubs this coming Friday; here is a reminder from John:-
"The next round of the f/f championships takes place this Friday at Ferry, starting at 3.30pm and ending with the Bernie Nichols trophy at 7pm. I should mention that, being for cabin rubber models, the BNT is also open to scale models."

Then, during the three day Sam Fly In at BMFA Buckminster on Fri 15th, Sat 16th and Sun 17th:-
"While writing, an advance notice for the f/f comps at the SAM 35 event at Buckminster the following weekend. I shall be running Cloud Tramp on Saturday 16th along with a precision contest for rubber/ic/electric cabin models. Engraved trophies to the winners subject to enough entries to pay for them. Some of you will be wondering about crops in surrounding fields: I have a spy at Bucky, & will be able to report back next week. At least a precision event will not be affected."

5th June
Brian W passed on this video......




3rd June
Enjoyable visits to Buckminster over the weekend where the BMFA Payload Challenges were taking place.

I have always followed the challenges in the magazines and enjoyed the reports. This year I was able to see what happens.

Manny Williamson has been organising these events for over 10 years at Elvington, for the last two it has been Buckminster, where this weekend had excellent conditions, sunshine and light winds.

Click the picture to give you some idea of the variety of models designed and built.
Click here for details of the competition provided by Manny Williamson on the BMFA Buckminster web site.

A page from Dave Shipton about the Peterborough School entry to the competition.

1st June
Thanks to Bryan for these Youtube videos from last weekends Nats. Spot the PMFC members...

Click the t/n for Bowden, click here for Free Flight Scale.


30th May
Another "thank you", to Stan this time, for the latest edition of "Slipstream". Which includes a contest report for the Auckland part of the Cloud Tramp Challenge.

Click the cover for a .pdf download.


Just received an extra for the current batch of front page photographs dealing with the Cloud Tramp Challenge. This one taken by Mick at the Free Flight Nats, where Ricky Bould from New Zealand, was competing.

Click the t/n from 28th May for the full set.

28th May
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, these all to do with with the UK part of the Cloud Tramp International.

Last day of the SF Nats today, starting grey and overcast, not so much wind forecast as the first two days.

Later 26th May
Cloud Tramp Challenge, message from John:-

PMFC.....................................1333 (Whithead 326)
Auckland................................1255 (Mulholland 375)
We thank our friends in New Zealand for their participation and hope that the Challenge will be taken up again next year. The Trophy will be proudly on display at the AGM at the end of the season.
John....................Oh, and....Well done, lads!!

26th May
BMFA Freeflight Nats start today. Forecast for the three days starts windy but calms a little by Monday.

Recent CIAM Flyer was about Fred Militkey, noted in both the model and full size aircraft world.
Click for the .pdf. This ties in with a post made on the web site in January 2017

24th May
A continuation of Bryans information from 30th April.
"I have just discovered that the CAA have improved the GINFO website. The website enables users to search for details such as owners and photographs of British registered aircraft."

If you put in "ADGP" or "AEXF", the aircraft you can see in the link from 30th April the system works.

These being 1930's aircraft I got out my cigarette cards again. Click for the "Miles Hawk Major" which was the closest I had to a "Miles Hawk Speed Six", the registration from the card could be ACTO, which gives a sensible result at the GINFO web site.

21st May
Thanks to Chris we can keep up the international theme. Click the picture to have "Echoes from Far Valley".

I don't really need to remind you that it is the BMFA Free Flight Nationals next weekend.

19th May
More results, this time of the Cloud Tramp International. Click to see what John sent.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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