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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Indoor Flying, Bushfield - directions and details see Meetings/Events on left.

Sunday, 11th March
Saturday, 10th March BMFA booking 10am-5pm


Peterborough E20 (Ferry 500) - Provisional Rules
Open E20 - Provisional Rules

An E20 Competition for 2018

17th February
Alex Whittaker in his Weekenders column, from February 2018 RCM&E, chats about the Bowden contest and used some photographs from his archives. Click to see the PMFC connection.

15th February
For the last 3 years a group of GBR free flight enthusiasts have gone to California in February. Mike Fantham has reported on each occasion via the BARCS forum. Click the thumbnail to see how they got on this year.

A quote from Johns Tuesday e-mail, "On Friday at Peakirk the P30 National Champion, our Mick Page, will be telling us how to achieve success in that popular class. Doubtless there will be a good deal of other free flight talk taking place as well."

13th February
Chatting to John Picton at Bushfield on Saturday about the range of less than 130mAh batteries that Atomic Workshop have in stock. John also mentioned the interesting items they have in their articles link. In particular Richard Crossley's LFW 'Cato Engined' Butterfly, where he is using 8 degrees of right side thrust for successful flight.

11th February
Excellent session at Bushfield yesterday, with lots of visitors.

There was a mystery. The spot landing for a bottle of wine was won by Chris Grant flying a Carbon Butterfly, a brave choice as it would undoubtably come off worse had there been a mid-air with any of the 20 or so other models flying.

Another Carbon Butterfly was flown but in the general chaos of the mass flight the owner lost sight and it completely disappeared. An extensive hunt afterwards showed it was no where at floor level and the consensus was that it had lodged completely inside one of the girders in the roof.

Clearing up in a garage after Bushfield I discovered "fallen down the back" a bent and battered Aeromodeller from March 1991. Click to see who I found in it.

9th February
Jon has been very busy co-ordinating the E20 rules for the coming season, for those who ordered them Jon said the "E20 'starter kit' packages" can be collected from the indoor flying session at Bushfield tomorrow, Saturday.

Click for a quality information page:- An E20 Competition for 2018, also from Jon.

7th February
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, these taken at this Winters Friday evening club meetings.

Indoor flying at Bushfield this coming Saturday, 10:00 until 13:00.
See the link Meetings/Events on the left for full details.

5th February
Thanks to John for:-
The following events will now be held at Barkston Heath

18th February 1st Area (Midland Area venue)
4th March 2nd Area (Midland Area venue)
25th March 3rd Area (Midland Area Venue)
31st March Northern Gala note date change, now Saturday

Subsequent Midland Area meetings may revert to North Luffenham.

Meetings/Events have been updated with this information.

3rd February
Just heard from Bryan that Mike Stuart has updated his Free Flight Scale website.

Includes excellent reports from International Indoor Fly In 2017, Nijmegen. Link is almost at bottom of the main web page.


1st February
Friday, 2nd is "Bring a Model" night, beginning at 7.30, Peakirk Village Hall.

I mentioned the Scale Soaring site a few days ago and since then I have been back again several times as I continued reading the wide ranging articles.

30th January
Thanks to Stan for the latest "Slipstream".

Click the Helium diesel for the February download.

28th January
February Aeromodeller came out a couple of days ago with an excellent mixture of items.

Dave said "good article on setting up classic gliders in this months Aeromodeller. Of interest to those building Hi Start gliders as it gives details of C.G. and towhook positions.


26th January
There have been a lot of e-mail exchanges between Jon and those with a particular interest in E20 (Ferry 500). Also a discussion of the rules at Peakirk last Friday.

Click the icon to see the set of provisional rules that Jon has produced as a result of the e-mails and discussion.

24th January
The latest batch of front page photographs are from the 6th BMFA Area Meeting 2017, thanks Mick.

22nd January
Click for "Autumn Leaves" the December edition of the PMFC magazine, now available to non-club members.

Back issues of the PMFC magazine, as well as "Slipstream" the Bulletin of the Auckland Model Aero Club, can be found via the Magazine link on the left.

20th January
Even if you don't have a particular interest in r/c large scale sailplanes and tugs the web site is well worth a visit, in particular for the selection of newsreel clips starting from 1910 and the wide ranging articles.

18th January
Judging by the number of adverts around at present now is the time of year to book overseas holidays. Keep in touch with the flying part of the journey by clicking on "Ask the Pilot".

An important session at Peakirk tomorrow:- "Free Flight Conference and 2018 calendars."

16th January
I was curious about the Sarik Hobbies advert as I remembered that Sarik Vacform had a connection with Traplet Publications. A check showed that Traplet Publications Ltd were still listed with a web address of www.myhobbystore.co.uk which links with Sarek Hobbies.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


ClustrMaps was first set up in October 2012, in March 2015 their
system stopped working but if you click the icon you will see the
results for that two and a half year period.

I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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