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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Indoor Flying, Bushfield - directions and details see Meetings/Events on left.
Saturday, 6th January
Saturday, 10th February - Sunday, 11th March
Saturday, 10th March BMFA booking 10am-5pm

17th December
BMFA FFTC Free Flight Gala at Buckminster. Click the "sun rise" for some snaps.

Manny Williamson and Mark Benns were there bright and early to welcome people and get things going.

Many told me that snow had affected last weekends Swapmeet but enough people braved the conditions to make it worthwhile. Good quality goods were on offer, with everyone feeling positive about the event. The next one will be in April.

15th December
Weather forecast for the Free Flight Gala at Buckminster on Sunday seems "possible". Weather unlikely to affect the Club Christmas Party this evening. - Details for both in "Meetings and Events" on the left.

Might be travel problems for us getting to the Scale Day though, as this is in New Zealand....





13th December
I continue to get caught out with the different miniature connectors available and have come across the American based www.rc-connectors.com who have a very comprensive list. (Make sure you click in the categories listing on the left.) Their address is now on the page of miniature connectors I put together in October this year.

11th December
Thanks to Mick for his front page photographs taken at this years club agm.

Thanks also to John who has finished "Autumn Leaves" the December edition of the club magazine. That was printed by Brian W and posted on Friday.
I have just e-mailed details of the .pdf download for those members who get their magazine via this low cost method.
Non club members will have access to the magazine in the New Year.

Snow stopped me going to the Swapmeet at Buckminster, not sure yet what actually happened at Buckminster.

9th December
Swapmeet at Buckminster tomorrow from 10am onwards. See Meetings/Events on the left for more details.

From the Buckminster web site:- "Please note that all indoor space has now been reserved (over 60 tables) however we have a large space outdoors for an aero-modellers car boot sale. No need to book for this, just turn up, bring your own tables though."

Click the Lysander for a comprehensive piece by Dave Hadfield, with excellent photographs from "Vintage Wings of Canada".

4th December
Another enjoyable session at Bushfield on Saturday.

PMFC have an account with Vimeo. Click their logo to see what is stored.
Should anyone have suitable videos that could be included let me know and I can pass on access details.

No "Latest Updates" until Saturday, 9th December

2nd December
Off in a few minutes for indoor flying at Bushfield.

Click on the thumbnail for details of the event at North Luffenham on Sunday 3rd.

Then two dates for BMFA Buckminster, Sunday December 10th the Swapmeet and Sunday 17th December the BMFA Freeflight Gala.
See "Meetings/Events" on the left for further details.

30th November
Bushfield Saturday, 10:00 until 13:00 - see Meetings/Events for further details.

Last February I put in this "Magnus" link that I picked up from Chris at the Soo Modellers web site. Lots of in information about the effect on the web.
If you want to make and bring your "Blue Peter" version to Bushfield, try this link.

28th November
Click the "Slipstream" logo for the December/January edition.
Thanks to Stan for that.


26th November
Thanks to Mick and Bryan for the latest batch of front page photographs, these from this years August BMFA Nationals.

24th November
There will be a prompt, 7:30pm, start to this evenings club AGM and Prizegiving at Peakirk.
Details in Meetings/Events on the left.

22nd November
I give RCSD a mention occasionally as one of the best on-line aeromodelling magazines. Although RC Soaring based its articles often offer a wider range. Click their logo for the November edition, with amongst other things, an article on thermals, which starts at page 41.

20th November
Received my December edition of Aeromodeller this morning which contains a two page spread from Andrew Boddington of the PMFC Flying Aces event on 3rd September.

Andrew mentions the results can be seen on the web site, they are tucked away in the "History" link on the left together with those from previous years but for instant access click here. Mick put together several front page sets of photographs from Flying Aces, click for the list.

19th November
Brian W passed on this Shockie Demo from friend Phil saying "Even if shockies are not your thing, this is clever flying and I was staggered by the speed of response on the variable pitch prop.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


ClustrMaps was first set up in October 2012, in March 2015 their
system stopped working but if you click the icon you will see the
results for that two and a half year period.

I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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