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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2019
Saturday, 31st August 2019
Click for Flying Aces Results

Click for details of the June Aeromodeller article about the Ferry 500


11th September
Peterborough Model Flying Club is mourning the passing of one of our favourite and most dedicated members Tony Beckett. Tony was the creator of this website which has become one of the most visited and enjoyed aeromodelling sites in the world. To commemorate his untimely passing one of the Indoor Flying meetings to be held at Bushfield Sports Centre this Autumn will be dedicated to his name. Until we have worked out the details of transferring the management of this website we ask for everybody's patience.

3rd September
With Flying Aces over and the last of the PMFC freeflight competitions on Friday week it is time to think about indoor meetings.

Click Meetings/Events on the left for the Bushfield flying dates as well as those for club meetings at Peakirk.

1st September
Mick was very busy with his camera at Flying Aces yesterday, meanwhile thanks for his latest batch of front page photographs which are from the "Sam 35 Competitions at the 2019 Free Flight Nationals."

31st August

Click for Flying Aces Results

29th August
With Micks photographs on the front page you won't have missed it is Flying Aces on Saturday.

Last year David Boddington and the Aeromodeller produced an excellent report, which I hope he wont mind seeing here to show you that Flying Aces is a day out that should not be missed - full details in the yellow block at the top of the page.

Aeromodeller Report page one - - - - - -Aeromodeller Report page two

27th August
At the Nats Saturday I saw the fuselage of the latest model from Peter Illiffe.

Click the t/n for some snaps of this quality model.


25th August
Excellent weather at the start of the BMFA Power Nats, with the forecast for the rest of the weekend good.

Click for some snaps to give an idea of what was happening on Saturday.

22nd August
Nothing new when flying r/c gliders to join groups of birds that are thermalling, also for the birds to join your model when it is in lift, then, very occasionally, for a bird to follow your model when slope soaring. It seems when Alpine slope soaring the birds operate in pairs.

Unlikely to be any birds doing formation flying at the Nats, this coming Saturday to Monday, Barkstone Heath. Although, with the weather looking good we might see some in the thermals at the Silent Flight Nats, Buckminster.

20th August
Mixed conditions for the SAM35 Freeflight event at BMFA Buckminster.

Click for some snaps, to give an idea of what was going on.

18th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs where Flying Aces is given a reminder.

16th August
Three important events coming up. On Monday it is a freeflight session at BMFA Buckminster. See Meetings/Events on the left for more details.

Then the following weekend, The Nationals at Barkston Heath, PMFC have a particular interest in the free flight scale competitions as well as control line.

On Saturday 31st it is Flying Aces at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. See the yellow block at the top of this page

14th August
I was disappointed with the web site introducing the Silver Spitfire - see 4th August. The one page in which I had a continued interest has failed to work properly.

However, no problems with the excellent "Vintage Wings of Canada", who have a background piece on the aircrafts Canadian connections.

12th August
Click for latest PMFC magazine "Borne on the Wind".
Now available to non-club members.






10th August
The forecast wind strength means there won't be much model flying done today in the southern part of the country. The F3K comp at BMFA Buckminster has been cancelled because of this and I ended up at a garden centre instead.

Click the restaurent notice for some photos.

8th August
A BARCS Forum subject of "Fossil hunting in Bognor Regis" seemed unlikely but together with some fossil information it led to the Graham and David Woods web site, Favonius (ancient Roman personification of the west wind).

Click Favonius himself for links to a varied list of articles.

6th August
A new set of front page photographs - thanks to Mick for this group taken at the PMFC Rubber Bowden competition, which Mick won.

4th August
Bryan picked up this piece about the "Silver Spitfire" flying round the world.

Click the Spitfire for the, rather over the top, web site.


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