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Flying Aces 2019
Saturday, 31st August 2019

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18th March
In February I gave Easy Built Models from America a mention.

They have a "Wings of Yesteryear" section with photos and book covers. I was particularly taken with the mass launch by cap and bowler hatted wearing modellers from 1934. Click the picture for the whole page.


16th March
Juan Seren, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, sent me a link to this excellent video of a glow engine assembly. Click the t/n to view it.

Juan also has a "Blogspot" which is well worth a look.



14th March
The "spot landing" competition got a mention on 12th March, the prizes here have been various from a bottle of wine, books and modelling accessories. The last one was an excellent set of vintage wheels for a scale model.

The winner has a little background so click the wheels for more details.

Last Friday evening PMFC meeting of the year at Peakirk tomorrow. There is a change of subject, it is now "Bring a Model Night".

12th March
Pleased to discover that Chris Brainwood made a video of the indoor session at Bushfield on Saturday and has let us use the link. Click the t/n.

A good mixture of the flying is shown with excellent shots of the quality scale models. Well worth reading the notes at the bottom of the video for a description of the models.

The start of the video shows the "Spot Landing" competition (held at the end of the session). Open to anyone, their model has to fly for 25 secs or more and the closest landing to the prize, which is placed on the floor, wins. This and the "flight accuracy" competition are organised by Brian L. The "accuracy" competition, usually in the 40 seconds range has reached the stage that Brian is now asking for two decimal places on the stop watch.....

Plenty of varied sport flying as well as the competitions and serious trimming make for a most enjoyable session.

10th March
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs.

Excellent finish to the indoor season at Bushfield yesterday, thanks to Brian W for setting those up. Very pleased to see visitors with a quality group of models which they were trimming prior to the BMFA Indoor Scale Free Flight Nationals are on April 28 - click for details.

8th March
Click the "flyers" for the video "Two Guys Catch a Flight" that Brian W. passed on.

6th March
Saturday 9th March at Bushfield is the last PMFC indoor flying session of the Winter. Sunday 17th March marks the last of the Impington, Cambridge Winter Series.

Click Meetings/Events on the left for full details.

4th March
Strong winds and rain yesterday meant no outdoor flying, so a good day to visit the Peterborough Scale Model Club show. (See 28th February).

There was an enormous amount to see and absorb.
Click the 6 engine canard for a small number of snaps that does not do the show justice.

2nd March
Kits with an international theme again, this time a British manufacturer with a review in an the American magazine "Model Aviation".(There might be a restriction that stops you reading this - some times OK, some times not!)

Fine for indoors but not free flight this time, click the Microaces DH 2 for their web site,

28th February
Peterborough Scale Model Club is holding their 2019 Show on Sunday, 3rd March at a school in the north of Peterborough. A number of traders will be attending, including AeroModeller.

Click the t/n for full details and travel information.

PMFC Club Meeting tomorrow when Martin Judge will present on interesting Free Flight subjects with a lead to F1D Indoor Competion.

26th February
Monday is a regular free flight day at BMFA Buckminster. Yesterday we had amazing late February weather. Click the t/n for some snaps to give an idea of what was going on.

24th February
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs of a club meeting where Dave Hipperson was the guest of honour.

22nd February
Continuing the kit theme from Wednesday; Chris Ottewell, in the just out March Aeromodeller, mentioned two suppliers from North America that could be of interest to PMFC members.

Click the picture for "Easy Built Models" from the USA, or click the icon for "Hummingbird Model Products" from Canada


20th February
Click for photos of two models that can be used in small model, rubber powered free flight competitions in 2019.


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