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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Indoor meetings at Bushfield, Peterborough
Sunday, January 27th - Saturday, 9th February - Saturday, 9th March

For full details see Meetings and Events on left

15th January
Click their logo for details of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.

The Rivet Club; for a small sum each month you receive a regular newsletter and weekly restoration reports, (from Mid-November to April), of how the work is going on returning Lancaster NX611 to flight.

Last Saturday there was a presentation in the hanger, with the Lancaster, on how things were going two years into the ten year restoration plan. Extremely interesting and well worth while. There are also Winter Servicing Tours, click for details of the 5 available up until March.

Click for some snaps taken of the Lancaster after Saturdays presentation.

13th January
The latest batch of front page photographs are from 2018 area meetings. Thanks to Mick for those.

11th January
The American site www.oldwoodtoys.com has a section "LET’S GO FLYING!", where there are details of 10 or so US firms who produced "toy" model aircraft. Something of a nostalgia trip even though the models are from America. Click the gliders for the web site.

Link from Chris Ottewell in a recent AeroModeller.

9th January
Leicester AeroNutz got a mention on 25th December when I "consolidated" pages to do with the Peterborough Timer. I said then that the AeroNutz web pages were no longer available, since then Jon has found them on the Wayback Machine where the front page from 2003 has a photo of Ted Szklaruk from PMFC.

The AeroNutz website and newsletters are well worth a browse if indoor flying interests you.

7th January
Just come across the "The Vintage Model Aero Engine Page".

Click on the Frog 175 to see photos and drawings of those listed.



5th January
Enjoyable session at Bushfield today. Pleased to have visitors from Norfolk with a quality collection of scale models.

Click the Coronado to give an idea of what was going on.

3rd January
Indoor flying at Bushfield, Saturday from 10:00 until 13:00.
Friday evening Peakirk meeting at 19:00. Brian Lever on SAM35, history and future....

In the web site links section there is a list of on-line publications that could be of interest to PMFC members. Perhaps you could let me know of others that could be added.

1st January
Denis Ogelsby sends me the occasional science/technical e-mail. I particularly enjoyed his piece "Surfing the Mountain Wave", where he condensed information written by Bill Read FRAeS from the Perlan Project.

30th December
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs - all these from Peakirk indoor meetings.

28th December
Click for some snaps that give an idea of what happened at todays frostbite meeting.

27th December
Frostbite meeting at Ferry Meadows tomorrow, mid-day until dusk.
From the forecast frost is unlikely, wind speed reasonable and there might even be some sun shine.

25th December
A few days ago Jon sent the link to a video by David Gozzard from the University of Western Australia where David quotes from a PMFC web page on the "Peterborough Timer" and then goes on to explain and make his version of the timer.
Click the photo for the video.

Seeing the video caused me to go back through all the Peterborough Timer entries.
Click for the consolidation page I made, which includes a link to a Ferry 500 timer for E20 competitions.

It turns out that David is a prolific video producer on a wide variety of subjects. If you have a few minutes to browse over the holiday period click on this title page.


23rd December
Thanks to Mick for the "Seasons Greetings" front page, which will be in place for the next few days.

21st December
The American National Free Flight Society web site is always worth a look - a recent e-mail from them contained the Christmas card.

The latest CIAM Bulletin is available as a .pdf download.

Closer to home the Club Meetings on Friday evenings at Peakirk are now listed for the New Year in the Meetings/Events link on the left, where there are also full details of this evenings Christmas Party.

19th December
Jon has spotted an article and plan to go with the Cliche which was mentioned last March in "Further Information on E20 Models" .

Click the Cliche for the original PMFC article and the new link.

17th December
Just heard from Alan Holmes of the Raynes Park MAC that the address of their web site has changed. It is now updated in the links. Click their Christmas card for the web site.

Reminded me that I had not mentioned "Sticks and Tissue" recently.

15th December
Thanks to Jon for the link to this excellent selection of indoor models from the Czech Republic.

Click the t/n for the whole set.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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