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Peterborough Rules - Free Flight


Free Flight


Peterborough E20
or Ferry 500


Rocketplane Duration


Flying Aces - there are some changes most years - click for a .pdf download.
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Our monthly meetings will be HLG. Catapult glider, E20 (to PMFC open rules) P20 (see minimum weight limit) 36" Hi-Start Glider, Cloud Tramp, Kit/Plan scale Precision and Open Rocket. However, it must be stressed that non competitive sports flyers are more than welcome at all our meetings: please don't stay away because it's a contest!

Contests begin at 2pm and end at 6pm. The dates appear on this website and in the club magazine. Members are also alerted by e-mail shortly before each event. Your best four scores out of the five events will count for the end-of-season trophies presented at the AGM.

Two models per entry are permitted. Three flights will be required to a max. that will be set on the day. The target time for the Scale Precision will be different, usually 20 or 25 seconds.

Scoring is 4,3,2,1,1,1, etc., or 3,2,1 if only three enter, or 2,1 if two. If only one flies in a particular class, the competitor must make a bona fide effort defined as a max, or three flights over the 10 second attempt time.

Timing by club members or recognised assistants: competitors are asked to be available to time others when called upon.

The "Victor Ludorum Trophy" is presented to the competitor who beats the largest number of other competitors on the final, end of year results over all classes, best four scores to count in each class.


Up to 6 grams of rubber ( not 4grams )
Motor may be external
Max prop dia 8 inch

Minimum weight 32 grammes less motor. This limit does not apply to models with cabins and two (or three) leg undercarriages. (This rule change was agreed at the “F/F Conference” that took place in December 2016, and is to encourage members to fit efficient d/t's without putting off newcomers by restricting performance.)


Please refer to Peterborough E20/Open E20 rules.


A duration contest for rubber powered Vintage models.
With acknowledgments Tony Rushby and Andrew Longhurst.

Models: Rubber powered designs kitted or published pre 1951 whose original span was under 20" (ie, no scaling up or down). Model must be RoG capable, or undercarriage must be fitted or added.
Stick fuselages are permitted.
Any quantity of rubber may be used. Prop must be below 7 1/2" span, freewheeler or folder.

Contest: Max to be arranged on the day, but not exceeding 60 seconds. Three flights followed by unlimited fly off if necessary.

Awards: variable, but minimum would be Certificates to top three.

(For further information, see Andrew's column in "SAM Speaks" 11/22 plus previous and subsequent issues.)

New for 2023: "Open Twenty" for the Chairman's Cup.

This is a single afternoon duration contest to take the place of the Cloud Tramp team event against Auckland which has now been discontinued. Several of our regular classes are pitted against each other for a single prize.

The date will be within a "window" of Tuesdays/Fridays in the Autumn, in an attempt to find calm(ish) weather. The contest takes the form of a five round duration event. Beginning at 2pm and ending at six, as per our other contests.

Models: choose any of P20, E20, V20, HLG/Cat (under 20") Open Rocket, even a 20" Hi-Start Glider if you are desperate! All models must be in the configuration that would qualify for one of our regular monthly contests (except for V20...see its own set of rules.)

Any two models, of any of the above classes may be used.

Hi-Start Glider

Span 36 inches tip to tip (NOT flat span)
Hi Start 7.5m of 1/8” rubber Plus 22.5m of line
Same Hi start used by all and not reeled in between flights.
Models – ANY glider (vintage, modern, scale, kit, O.D.or existing design scaled up or down)

PMFC Kitscale Planscale Precision

Any scale model built from kit or plans. Please keep closely to the spirit of the original design. No static nor flight judging. A target time will be announced on the day (normally 25 or 30 seconds.)

Three flights, attempt may be called if any flight is under 10 seconds.

Lowest aggregate score wins.

PMFC TSP L-1 Rocketplane Duration

1) Models can be of any type of construction, and be propelled by a single reaction motor of the L-1 type (see (3) below).

2) The contest is open to all who pay and register upon arrival. Contestants must be current BMFA members.

3) Only L1 type TSP motors will be allowed. These have a thrust of 100mN for 15 sec. and motors may not be modified in any way.

Note ! For Peterborough Flying Aces 2022 ONLY these motors will be supplied by the organiser

4) All motors shall be mounted in a tube or clip securely attached to the model. Note the motors have a diameter of about 10.2mm. Mounting tubes should have a wire retaining clip to prevent the motor from slipping out during launch or separating from the model during the gliding phase of the flight. The Contest Director (CD) reserves the right to bar any model he considers unsafe.

5) Models will be launched by hand; no catapult assisted launching is permitted. If a competitor is using a fuse, the model may not be launched before motor is ignited.

6) Scoring time shall be the total elapsed time of three official flights in seconds, with all fractions of a second first dropped.

7) In the event of more than one competitor posting a maximum score on three flights a 'one off' unlimited 'fly-off' will decide the winner. No 'attempts' will be allowed in the fly-off. The score will be the total flight time or time to OOS.

Rubber precision for the Bernie Nichols Trophy

Models: Any rubber powered model with cabin (or cockpit) using traditional structure and covering, such as would comply with SAM 35 "Rubber Bowden" rules. Builder of the model rule applies, except for the tribute flying of models constructed by past members of PMFC.

Rounds: Five, except when weather conditions dictate fewer: at least three must be flown. There will be a ballot for launching order. Target time will be either 30 or 35 seconds, to be defined prior to the start. Flight of less that 10 seconds? Option to refly at end of round. Flights of over 60 seconds scored as 60 seconds, as will be any flight terminated by a d/t.

Scoring: Flights timed to nearest completed second, one point lost per second deviation from target time. All rounds count. Smallest aggregate points loss wins. Flyoff in event of a tie.

BNT Trophy to be held annually.

Peterborough Free Flight Scale – Propeller, Jet and Profile

Static scoring (marks out of 10 for each)
1) Accuracy to provided plan (no three view required) 
2) Finish 
3) Detail 
4) Workmanship

Maximum static score 40 points

Flight Scoring
Minimum flight time to qualify 15 secs 

Marks out of 10 for each (best of three flights) 
1) Launch/take off 
2) Flight 
3) Landing

Maximum flight score 30 points

Add static and the best flight score (of the three) to arrive at competitor’s total for the event.