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Small Flying Aeroplanes - Click for the web site

I can't do better than copy the first two paragraphs of the "Who are we" section on their web site:-

"Welcome to our Website focused on Free Flight aero modelling. We are dedicated to providing modellers old and new with building plans and supporting materials to enable you to construct small traditional `build it yourself` model aircraft. Our interests include Free Flight models powered mostly by rubber or occasionally CO2 engines. The models, built according to our plans can be adapted to RC and upgraded to electric power.

We are three friends, Radek, Petr and Jirka from the Czech Republic who have been pursuing our interest and enjoyment in designing, building and flying Free Flight models since we were youngsters and now would like to share our passion with all aviation modellers worldwide"

In 2013 I received a .pdf calendar from "Small Flying Aeroplanes" and was much taken by the graphic style of Radek Gregovsky who produced the drawings. On a couple of occasions since then I have used a single drawing but here is the whole set. Excellent stuff!

Peterborough Model Flying Club