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Echoes from Far Valley
Spring 2018

Very little outdoor flying at Far Valley in the Canadian Winter, snow stops you reaching the field for one thing.......

April 21st - Mandy inspects the snow covered laneway to the field.

View of the field looking Southwest.

Over the past week, we have had daytime temperatures of +15C and the snow is now almost gone! Here is a photo of the field this morning, April 28th. Flight operations will soon be underway!

Aerial view of the field looking West. That's me with the Tx, whilst Mandy inspects the runway for FOD (foreign object debris)

My "Barnstormer" made it's first flight of the season from the soggy field. Electric power with ailerons, flaps, and payload release.

Harrier (aka Marsh Hawk). Very common here. These birds are masters at soaring in even the smallest and weakest thermals and avoid expending energy whenever possible. This is a male - either looking for lunch or love. It's that time of year!

Sandhill cranes are also frequently seen (and heard) throughout the summer here at Far Valley. Often fly in pairs or small groups of 6 - 10 birds.

Looking a little greener now - May 11

A "busy" session on Saturday morning May 12. We had 4 RC airplanes airborne at one point

Earl launches his lovely micro RC "Pietenpol Aircamper" expertly built from the Stevens Aero kit.

In the CL circle, Earl flew for the first time in 40 yrs (!) but was soon doing loops and inverted flight with the electric foamboard "Ukie B. Wonder"

Greg flying inverted.

Spring is here now though and a sure sign is a Far Valley Elf.
Click to see it in action.


Christian Moes
Far Valley MFC
St. Joseph Island
Ontario, Canada

                Peterborough Model Flying Club