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Peterborough School Entry to BMFA Payload Challenges 2018

I am really proud to say that I was a mentor to the Peterborough school for their payload challenge model, they came in late to the event and only had two months to design build and test fly the model. The team of five ( Issy, Jake, James, Archie and Leon ) had no experience whatsoever, and not only completed the task, but did it in some style and took home the BMFA challenge trophy for their efforts. My son Robert flew the model for them and we were in with a chance of winning the event, the last flight of the day forced team Gavin, our only rivals to take drastic action and remove 200grams of material from their model, they had to equal our best result of 13 laps of the course to win on points, which they did and our congratulations to them for doing so.

The Peterborough team did themselves and the school proud.

Dave Shipton - 3rd June 2018

                Peterborough Model Flying Club