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Mercurian Mites in action at PMFC Whittlesey flying evening 28.10.2011.

Not only control line but free flight as well. Ted had a 3mm depron construction free flighter and it flew brilliantly using the �Minium standard motor gearbox prop, single 90 ma lipo cell�and a 1 gram Pboro Fet timer, AUW 20g.
Graham Gostick also had a very tiny Mecurian Mite that �flew really well on a little pager gearbox�prop combi with no dihedral.

Click on these links to view videos, taken by Ted, of some great indoor control line flying!

Ted 's A3 size 6mm depron model, 65g AUW, flying on approx 20ft kevlar lines with 5 gram outrunner motor, 2 cells 250mA lipo, 5x3" prop and KP timer set to 40 seconds,
flown by Brian Waterland.

I will try and remember to attach the lipo batteries a bit more securely next time!

Next video  with the CG moved rearwards, which Brian Lever said flew even better....

Bernie's tiny A4 size6mm depron model with that huge outrunner,
flown very smoothley by Dave Clarke.

Bernie's model flown by Brian Waterland here again, before the prop gave up....

Bernie replaced the original damaged flight prop with a larger 7" one
BIGGER than the complete span of his dinky A4 size model. It went just ballistic.