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Click for 3rd January 2011 update.

Erblicken Sie das Luftwaffe ' 46


Schieber propeller zwilling Ramjet angriffs-Jäger kämpfer

  • Gewicht 96 Gramm -
  • eine lipo 200mA Zelle -
  • Stütze des Schiebers 5x3 auf Motor des Voodoo 90.

Oberleutnan Szklaruk

Top Secret dispatch intercepted at PMFC - translation follows…

Achtung !
behold the Luftwaffe '46 Lightning Hunter


Single pusher propeller twin ramjet attack hunter fighter.

  • Weight 96 gram
  • one lipo 200mA cell
  • 5x3 pusher prop on Voodoo 90 motor.

Oberleutnan Szklaruk
14th December 2010

3rd January 2011

An update on my Blitzjager fighter....

 I have ripped out the gutless Voodoo 90 -  35gram thrust twin brushed brushed 7mm motorgearbox and binned it as Blitzjager was very  underpowered  at the Christmas Turkey fly in at Ferry.

A 5gram Ebay outrunner and cheap £5 Ebay 10Amp esc is now fitted with the original 5x3 propeller now running on  2 cells lipo 220mA.


A small 2cm trim tab holds the port wing up and balances the torque effects of the pusher prop.

Brushless flight control is acheived by a £18  KP timer and Blitzjager now weighs 110grams AUW .

This tiny brushless motor develops 65 - 70grams static thrust on a 110 AUW flying model and it has completely transformed the model! 


Blitzjager now strafes the skies of England in true fighter fashion, climbing stongly right on power with a smooth transition to right glide and soft  ground effect floating landing thrown in for good measure every time.

- Any Spitfires out there - watch out!!!!

Ted Szklaruk