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More news from Dave Goodenough in France, Dave was the designer of the "Bumblebee Shuttleworthi", which featured on the web site in the middle of November:-

I had a chance a little while ago to test the two models prepped for indoor.  The HP-Sayers turning out to be a 'wanderer', as the rudder had very little control.  Doubling the rudder area and reducing the span a little, plus moving the C of G back, has shown promise - but I need an indoor 'fix' of flying (the smell of cyano is like crystal meth to a modellista) to prove the cure.

The De Monge (photo also attached) champs at the bit, straining for another attempt at the 'round the gymnase' circuit.  The other Model is the Pegna Rondine, showing its ample curves (?)  If I can tame these fearsome beasts I may build 'outdoor' versions - especially the De Monge.

HP-Sayers, De Monge and Pegna Rondine

3rd December 2010