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  Aeromodelling can get a touch intense……….here is something to lighten the mood.

Bee and fish

On the left we have Bumble Bee from Dave Goodenough from an Aeromodeller Feb 1994 plan. The spec is……….

Fuselage : A 2mm Depron 18mm box
Wings : 3mm Depron with 0.7mm CF bracing strut
Motor : GWS EDF 12mm can motor
Battery : 250mah 1s Fullriver LiPo
Prop : 3.75 x 3 GWS cut down from a 4.5 x 3
Finish : Yellow acrylic with black tissue applied with Johnsons Kleer
Eyes : Hobby Craft polystyrene balls cut in half
AUW : 59gm Intent : Old Warden funfly

On the right is Mr Fish, inspired by a Robin James design 'Bubbles' Aeromodeller April 1991

Fuselage : 2mm Depron 11mm box
Wing , stab and fin : 2mm depron
Motor : 7mm 1.7ohm blue pager
Battery : 90mah 1s LiPo
Prop : GWS 2.5 x 1


Ian Middlemiss
June 2010