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Elf Biplane.

First saw one of these at the idyllic 2009 Bowden, when one was flown by (I think) Alan Husband. Our John Thornburn also has a beautiful version for r/c powered by a small four-stroke. Mine is an electric conversion for r/c. I do have some diesel motors, but this is much cleaner, does less damage to the airframe, and can be run up indoors (with the nose pushed under the footwell of my workbench, for safety.) 

Elf Biplane

Original idea was to insert the battery through the cowling under the prop, but when assembled  I discovered that the model balanced perfectly without the battery. Hence a late modification to add another battery box in the pilot position, accessed from below. The original bettery space is now a cooling shaft. There! If I hadn't admitted that, you would all have thought it was a brilliantly planned  arrangement.

Elf biplane


  • Elf Biplane, from Ben Buckle kit.
  • Covering: 
    Polyester and heavy orange Esaki, both from Mike Woodhouse "Free Flight Supplies"
  • Motor: Waypoint-E3026-12
  • Speed Controller: Waypoint 70A.
  • Propellor: 14" x 7"  All from Robotbirds.
  • Battery: Loong Max 3000mAh, from Giant Cod.

John Ashmole
25th September 2010

Elf biplane