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An Electric Stomper……. with apologies to George Fuller

The Stomper is a classic design ideally suited to electric conversion having a simple 1/16" box balsa fuselage capable of losing all the electronics necessary for electric flight. The Dixielander design is probably better known but the pylon layout is more of a challenge in stowing the various electric paraphernalia. Flying surfaces and section are very similar.


I did fall into the trap of making an asymmetric tailplane based on the MAP plan but learned PMFC colleagues politely told me that George's original Stomper tail was symmetric and I accordingly built another tailplane to avoid the banter of 'those that know'.

The model was covered with Polyspan with Esaki trim. This is not the lightest covering as Polyspan needs 3 coats of 50/50 minimum to seal the surface. You can, however, treat it with gross disrespect and drop stuff on it without puncturing the finish. It does look like tissue and you do not have to let on that you have used modern heat shrink covering materials.

The AUW is 400gm including 50gm of nose weight to get the CG in the correct place. Next model will have an extended nose moment.

The electric spec was……
Hyperion P1919-06 outrunner (expensive but great quality)
Graupner Cam 9 x 5 folder propeller
25 amp ESC
Derek Knight E30 controller
Electronic DT using a 4gm servo
850 mah Hyperion G3 25C 2s LiPo

Most of the stuff came from Robotbirds

This is a fairly soft motor spec giving about 120 Watts but capable of uprate to over 200 Watts with battery and propeller change.



This graphic shows the electronics installation less the battery at lower left.

Ian Middlemiss - e-mail
March 2012