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Link to Peter Michel, a Zaic Trooper and an own design.
Link to HI- Start Glider up to 36" span.

Bernie has discovered that in his cache of plans there are 16 suitable for the HI- Start Glider up to 36" span. Most of them are shown in the thumbnails below for a quick nostalgia fix.

The following is a list and each can be downloaded as a .pdf file.

Airflow.pdf --- ConquestGliderKK.pdf --- Cub_.pdf --- diana_plan.pdf --- JetcoThermic36.pdf --- KK Cadet.pdf

KK Pioneer.pdf --- KK Soarer Baby.pdf --- KK Wisp printwood.pdf --- KK Wisp1.pdf --- skylark plan.pdf

Thermic 36.pdf --- Trooper.pdf --- vespa_plan_full.pdf --- Wagtail.pdf --- waka-waka.pdf --- wren.pdf