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The Sculthorpe Bowden 22nd July 2012         Click for photographs.

Well at least it was not raining but the wind speed picked up during the day to be 8-15mph at 11.00, start time for the Bowden. The entry was slim with 4 fellows from the Peterborough club and last years winner Mick Staples.

John Ashmole opened the proceedings with a > 60sec overfly caused by 'a recalcitrant screw in his timer faceplate' . This could be a metaphor for 'I did not set the timer'. Will we give him the doubt, I wonder, or will he get a BVW timer mess up T-shirt at the AGM? Time will tell. John's 2nd flight was 'formidable' good long take off run, excellent climb out, spot on turn radius, imperceptible transition and a long glide.

Dave Rumball's Tomboy was defeated on both flights by the high windspeed and with a Mills that did not want to peak out.

Bernie Nichols Trenton/Frog 100 ran well but first flight was out of trim with the model turning tightly on a wing tip. Second flight was also iffy with of all things a power stall and a just acceptable 30sec flight time. Nonetheless, Bernie was the only flyer to score on both flights and accordingly won the contest taking the Stan Horne memorial shield.

Mick Staples, last years winner was unlucky in having a short motor run and was given a DNQ having failed to make 30sec. Second flight was much better with a stable 39sec effort.

Peter Adams Sky Gypsy provided the greatest entertainment with half the flight being at less than 10feet off the ground. Alas a short flight DNQ prevented Peter from placing.

The final placings were…………..


Ian Middlemiss
July 2012

The Winner

John Ashmole