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Indoor season is now well underway. We had great fun in previous years with airborne operations from a stationary 'carrier deck', so we thought we should try a variation.

Part 1 of 2 - Mobile platform is a cleverly disguised RC truck using high tech materials. Aircraft is a multi-purpose Depron/balsa test-bed presently equipped with twin Ember II motors. Takeoff is the easy bit, using a wheel chock (folded tape) and gradually applying power to both vehicles until takeoff speed is reached. Landings are another matter!


Part 2 of 2 - Larger platform, excellent takeoff, brilliant avoidance of pedestrians, spectators, and obstructions - but still no success on landing, with this type of aircraft...

Clearly, this 'trick' requires significant skill by both participants. We are considering a slower a/c - such as an Ember II - and some additional 'restraint' around the perimeter of the platform (a net at the stern?) - so the a/c doesn't roll off. It should be noted that wheels are not atually required for takeoff - nor landing either, if you can hit the deck!

Later in the session, we were able to "land" 3-D type foamies on the platform - but this is cheating, really - as these types can hover well below stall speed. Our aim is to match the speed of the platform with the landing (stall) speed of a 'proper' aircraft.

I wonder if PMFC has ever tried this - or are up to the challenge of achieving that which has alluded us so far - to land micro RC job (at flight speed) on a moving platform???

Soo Modellers
Sault. Ste Marie, Canada