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Keil Kraft flying scale SE5
Photos by Ted Szklaruk

Some pics for the web page from Rob Smith PMFC member at Impington on Sunday 17th March, 2013, who makes his own designs from profile pictures and prints tissue coverings onto depron and balsa with such intricate detail.... Ted

The model is a Keil Kraft flying scale SE5 with a "what if" dazzle camo scheme. The dazzle is printed tissue. The motor is a double KP00 unit, sorry I can't remember the size of the prop, if you go onto the KP website there are lots of different sizes and combinations. The fet timer is one of your very original units from years ago as I already had the motor wired up from an old deceased model. As to cells I will use 70mah 2cell from brc hobbies which I don't think they have at the moment.

(I guess this is the same Rob Smith who applied a bit of "what if" to Hensons Aerial Steam Carriage 1843 - click to see the article from July 2011. Don't miss the "historical bacground" at the bottom of the page.)