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Christians club in Canada, Soo Modellers, hold indoor meetings every Saturday during the Winter and he does an e-mail "catch-up" after each meeting. I am now on the mailing list and what follows are some items that might have particular appeal to PMFC members.

From the end of October:-
The half scale 'Sir Jasper' is now complete - this based on a plan by A. N. Searle in Aeromodeller (April 1970) which I built at the time - an outstanding design at any size! The last photo of the unfinished EDF is based on the KK Cub (Jetex version) but with a clipped (re-used) wing and U/C. Flies well, but needs more rudder authority. I have not yet added the hatch and windscreen. I'm not sure whether I'll bother to finish it - or build something more 'jet-like' to match the sound!

A touch noisy for indoors - click for the YouTube video

From the 23rd Nov edition

My "Bee" also made it's first flights in the gym this week - well sort of. So far, it appears to have neither stability nor control... and seems underpowered as well. Not a good start, but will be back again next week with some design changes. After several attempts, it did make a full circuit after all, and is certainly eye-catching. Some have suggested that it's actually a bumblebee - behaving in a scale manner and clearly demonstrating the well known scientific theory that bumblebees can't fly.

No... I did not dream up the "bee" on my own... and accept no responsibility whatsoever for the design! It is the product of some devious minds over in the UK - this photo courtesy of the PMFC website:

Ted was flying one of these three on the 23rd. at Bushfield.

From Saturday, 30th November.
To complement the serious indoor aerobatic models there are the Airbugs:-

This next photo shows your worst nightmare realized... being pulled over by the Airbug police! Driving too slowly, perhaps? A special "no-prize" is being offered this week to anyone who can identify the esteemed RCMP officer involved.

It turns out that there is a UK supplier of the Airbug. Click for 'Fatflyer'
On YouTube there is Airbugs Part 3 - Introducing the Bugcam!

Back for it's second appearance - now with Depron wings and rudder/elevator control - the "Bumble" was back... and demonstrated that it is quite capable of flight, but does not like being told what to do. Clearly, it is quite annoyed by any attempt to control it - such as moving the sticks on the transmitter.

Christian ended with:-
"See you next Saturday... 1:00pm - 4:00pm ... BEE there! "