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Some more indoor info from the Soo Modellers in Canada. Thanks to Christian for putting me on their e-mail list, I have only included items of the sort that we normally fly at Bushfield.

Here are the last two meetings of 2013, 9th and 16th December, photographs on the 9th from Peter Smith.

The bee was back...

Removed the right thrust, stiffened the elevator joiner, but she still shows a strong independent spirit. Hey!!! Make up your mind - right or left? Confused by the clock apparently, which is set to Newfie time, we think...

My latest EDF - based on Ray Malmstrom's 'Fli-Wing'. The 24mm brushless EDF and ESC are mounted inside, the AR6400 Rx and 2S 180 mAh pack underneath. Flies well on rudder and vectored thrust for pitch. Canopy not yet installed...

16th December
Tom was in a festive mood.