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SOO Modellers Smallest R/C Model, plus other things.

I asked Christian what was the smallest indoor RC model they had flown. He said that "so far it is my 'Baby Bill' with 250 mm (10") span and a flying weight of 5.3g including 50 mAh LiPo. I have built several versions of Boddo's 'Old Bill' over the years - this is the smallest! A lovely flyer - but vulnerable if anyone else is airborne... "

Thanks to Peter for majority of the photographs.

Christian went on to say:-
"We had a break from the cold weather and snow this week - with temperatures close to freezing. This video was taken in the early morning at around -10C, but zero wind. I had trouble getting Tenderfoot Tom to fly indoors at the weekend (long story) - so I made a few test flights outdoors. The loose snow on the driveway is from the night before (we would call this a 'dusting') and I had not yet cleared it. Note how Mandy avoids the snow banks - including that parked car in front of the barn!

'Tenderfoot Tom' was designed by Walt Mooney and was included in a series of excellent beginner's models presented monthly in "American Aircraft Modeler" during the late 60s/early 70s. Many important designers participated in the "For the Tenderfoot" series, Bill Hannan being most prominent, perhaps. I built many of these designs - including the 13" span rubber powered FF version of this model 'back in the day' and it flew in circles like a control line model - making flat turns to the left and very stable - despite the low wing and lack of dihedral.

The stability is provided by the vertical surface area of Tenderfoot Tom himself of course... The RC version responds well to rudder - and banks left or right similar to a model with dihedral.

I wonder... did the UK have a similar freeflight model - using a large profile pilot for stability???


Tenderfoot Tom ready in a mixed group, lined up for a pylon racing start.
Saturday 1st March 2014

Click for a list of plans and several articles.
American Aircraft Modeler was readily available in the local shops in Peterborough (Ontario) from 1968 thru 1970s - which was the heyday of the series. I built many of these models but have lost all of these magazines from this period - and have only a few plans stashed away. The Flying Funtique was one of my favourites - and I've been looking for this plan for some time. It's a likely candidate for micro r/c pylon races next week! The guys in your club might like the Escondito Mosquito. The 'Baby Biplane' is also highly recommended! Here is a scan of the plan I used for Tenderfoot Tom. Notice address stamp lower left!

A couple of days later Christian sent this 11 Mbyte .pdf file of the original article and said "I just rec'd this from Bob Selman (BSDMicro) in USA. Wow! This brings back memories....

Click the front page for the large
Tenderfoot Tom .pdf.

Click here for Bob Selmans BSDMicro web pages - well worth a look.

After its session outside in below zero temperaures Tenderfoot Tom did get to fly indoors:-
"Thanks & hats off to pilot and new member Terry B. He did a superb job of steering Tom around inside the gym and avoiding other traffic - as it was the first time he flew this plane.".

Christian Moes
February 2014