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Ember 24" DLG
Jonathan Whitmore - September 2015

The five pics are a 24" span DLG I've been working on for an Ember brick. Probably won't thermal too well but I hope it will be fun on a small slope.

Update on the 24" Ember DLG: She flies!

Final weight was 49.8g once about 9g of lead nose weight was added. This puts the model close to the UMX Whip-it in size and weight.

I took her out for the maiden yesterday, in less than ideal conditions - a bit blustery with wind 10mph, gusting 18mph. However the model handled the wind ridiculously well for such a small model and flew 'off the board'.

She launches high - not quite Elf height but plenty high enough to catch lift. I didn't time any flights but the potential is definitely there. Penetration is excellent and I was able to fly it like a full size glider, landing back near me from a fair way downwind. Control authority is just about right, although I had conservative throws. The Ember 1 receiver brick only binds with the very basic 'toy' transmitter so all adjustments are made manually. I can increase throws quite a bit more if needed.

All in all, I'm extremely chuffed and quite surprised - I didn't expect such a small model to fly well and was quite prepared to just use her as a sloper!

Unfortunately I crashed once (ill judged launched across the wind) and the rx brick seems to be playing up since. I fear the crash has stripped one of the servos slightly. So until I can fix that she's grounded. Replacement is going to be difficult because the fuselage is built very precisely for the Ember brick size. So if you know of anyone who has one lying around that I might purchase please let me know!

I've already started drawing up another slightly larger version for 'normal' 2.5g servos, as i'm afraid the brick may have had it.