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CANDy 30

I've been playing with DLG designs again, this one is called the CANDy 30 (stands for Cheap And Nasty Dlg.)

The idea was to build something really simple and cheap for a bit of fun flying. I reckon the whole lot cost about £23

It's built from 6mm depron covered in coloured parcel tape with a pound shop glassfibre boom. The wing is a flat sheet with a carbon spar, lightly sanded to thin the trailing edge a bit and radius the leading edge. The tail surfaces are balsa.

Wing span is 30" and all up weight ended up at 78 grams, including 10 grams of noseweight. The servos are 2.5g Emax ES9051 digital, which work very nicely. The battery is an 8 gram Turnigy Nanotech 1S 300mAh and the receiver is a 3g Orange R410X.

The model took an afternoon to design and about two days to build. It flies quite nicely, not in the same league as an Elf obviously, but plenty of fun for the minimal investment. The flat section on the wing makes for good penetration but the glide slope suffers in 'thermal mode'. Being light, I think it will manage with decent lift about, and being fast it should be fun on a slope in light winds.

Ian managed a video for me at Mill Lane:

I'll probably do a 40"/1m version if I can get hold of some more pound shop booms. Using larger and cheaper servos I reckon I can get the cost below twenty quid :), meanwhile click for a .pdf download of the current models plan.

Jonathan Whitmore
February 2016

Jonathan has started a build thread on R/C Groups, click to read. One of the posts on the thread suggests the Candy should be "Cheap And New Dlg" rather than Jonathans suggestion.