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Vintage RTP model
Christian Moes, Far Valley MFC, Ontario, Canada - November 2018

Notes below from video of model flying, which can be seen at the bottom of this page.
This model was designed and built by the late Andrew Reynaert, an expert craftsman and aeromodeller extraordinaire, in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario during the late 1950s. Since then, it has been safely stored away by another legendary aeromodeller - Dr. Nino Campana. With some minor repairs, the model flew for the first time in many decades on November 16, 2018 during the Soo Modellers regular weekly indoor flying session at Grandview Public School. The model flew with no changes, a tribute to the designer - other than a new propshaft and bearing (the original was well used!) and a new rubber motor. The model still had its original 12 strands of corded 1/4" x .030" black rubber. For this first test, we used a somewhat newer 24" loop of 6 strands x 1/4" x .040" tan "super-sport". I didn't bother to cord it, which is why it pukes the prop at the end of each flight. For the next trial, we will try 8 strands (corded). RTP (round-the-pole) tether length is 22 feet, lap time 5.5 seconds = 17 mph (27 kph). These flights are with 500 turns on the motor.

The tether connection is very sturdy, and mounted quite far forward as seen here. The wing is held with rubber bands, so not suitable for wing tip connection.

It was originally intended to fly freeflight, but not surprising, it had torque issues, and was converted to RTP.

Here is the motor.... due for replacement me thinks?

The elevators were replaced at one point (note different colour tissue) as the originals were lost. We believe the slot in the rudder was for an equalizer rod between the elevators. The piece of wire may have been a friction lock. New elevators have soft wire hinges, so the slot is redundant.

There is no rear motor peg. The motor is retained by the wire tailskid, which bends forward as tension is applied. A real pain to install, but seems to work ok.

A reaction from Richard Barlow from Prescott, Ontario, having seen the video.
"Lovely. I well remember RTP, not only with rubber, but also Jetex. Aeromodeller had an article on the latter called "Farnborough In Your Clubroom". I recall that the fumes were awful!!