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Flying Aces - September 5th 2010    RESULTS

19:10 Sunday, results subject to checking...........

Open Rubber Scale
Scale competition flown to Masefield rules for all military and civil scale models (including vintage designs).
1st   Mike Stewart 2nd   Peter Smart 3rd   Chris Strachan
Open CO2/Electric Scale
Scale competition for military or civil scale models, judged for “stand off” scale against model plan, plus flight profile of launch, flight and landing. Any CO2 motor/tank permitted.
1st   Derek Knight 2nd   Chris Strachan/John Lawson
Jetex/Rapier Authentic Scale
Realism contest for any scale model powered by a Jetex or Rapier rocket motors. Please note no profile models permitted. Models judged for realism in both static (50%) and flight (50%).
1st   Peter Simmonds 2nd   Chris Strachan 3rd   Mike Stewart
Jetex/Rapier Profile Scale
Contest for profile scale models powered by a Jetex or Rapier rocket motors. Models judged for realism in both static (30%) and flight (70%).
1st   Roger Simmons 2nd   Roger Simmons 3rd   Andy Sephton
Kit Scale
ANY kit model, rubber powered, Wingspan 30” or less. Model judged against kit plan only.
1st Chris Strachan 2nd   Derek Knight 3rd   Andy Sephton
P-20 Contest to PMFC rules; Span & o/a length 20”max;8” plastic prop;6 gram motor (weighed on day); motor may be external.
1st   Peter Gibbons 2nd   G Cutting 3rd   Simon Rogers
Open Rubber Rise Off Water
Model must ROW
1st   Tony Johnson 2nd   Peter Martin 3rd   Tony Johnson
Cloud Tramp
Duration contest for standard Tramp models. 8” prop, any shaft bearing. 5 flights with best and worst discounted. 2 classes: Junior for under 15s and Open for anyone else. Builder of the model rule does not apply so anyone can have a go! Make your postal event flights at Flying Aces!
1st   Jack Cavender 2nd   Harry Perkins 3rd   Jamie Lumsdon
Jetex/Rapier Duration
Open contest for any model powered by a Jetex, Jet-X, or Rapier rocket motor.
1st   Simon Firth 2nd   Andy Sephton 3rd   Mike Stuart
Frog Senior Rubber Power Duration/Precision to PMFC Rules
6 designs kitted by Frog in 1953/4. Precision event of 3 flights with max decided on the day. Models with perfect scores then enter a precision fly-off to be decided on the day. Model with nearest time to the precision target is the winner with the other nearest times deciding 2nd and 3rd places. Send A4 sae with 1st class stamp to Marc Ashby, Thatched Cottage, Church Road, Leverington, Wisbech PE13 5DE for free plan. PMFC thank Mike Stuart for providing plans and drawings for this event.
1st   James Day 2nd   Geoff Stubbs 3rd   Simon Rogers
Catapult Glider
Catapult Glider competition to BMFA rules.
1st   Dave Truluck 2nd   Graham Percival 3rd   Ken Bates
Duration Rubber Ratio
Any rubber powered model with wing span between 16”-25” (span wing tip to wing tip). Flight score is time total in seconds divided by wing span in inches from three flights.
1st   Ray Dennis 2nd   G Cutting 3rd   Chris Strachan
Table Top Precision
Model must ROT from 1 metre diameter table top unassisted from a 3 point rest. All models rubber powered. Model to fly for 40 seconds to achieve perfect score of 100. Points deducted for every second under 40 seconds from a minimum of 20 seconds. Points deducted for every second over 40 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds. Flights under 20 seconds and over 60 seconds no score. 3 flights make up the competition with all to count, highest score determines winner. Winner receives the Peterborough Table Top Precision Cup .Certificates to be awarded to 2nd and 3rd places.
1st Harry Perkins 2nd   Tony Johnson 3rd   Charlie Newman
Silent Ebeneezer
Open to all cartoon profile models of semi-scale appearance in the spirit of the Ebeneezer design including flat plate wing section. Power to be electric, CO2 or rubber. This is a “Fun Event” where the most interesting models are selected andrequested to fly. Winner will be selected for model innovation and flight characteristics.
1st   Ken Bates 2nd   John Lawson 3rd
Electric Precision
Precision contest for any model with electric power, both propeller and ducted fan driven. Three flights of 15,25, 35 seconds with 1 point /second under or over fly. Models should be fitted with some method of limiting the motor run. A limit of 32”span and 200gms flying weight is recommended in the interests of site safety. Hand, table or ROG launch.
1st   Ian Middlemiss 2nd   Dave Clark 3rd   Tony Beckett
Flying Swarm
A mass launch for any model entered into any event during the day. Last model down is the winner.
1st   Dave Rumball
Young Flying Ace - Jack Cevender