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Message from Chairman Bernie after the 2011 Flying Aces

Thank you to all for your support and help with this years Flying Aces. No need to mention the weather that this year was less (and more) than it has been in previous years. It meant a somewhat quick end to proceedings, but that was inevitable in the heaviest rain we've seen for some weeks. The irony of course, was that for those who stuck around until 4.30, 5 o'clock, it turned into a beautiful calm balmy evening, perfect for sport flying. Such are the vagaries of the weather god. (Dyeus according to Wikipedia!). 

We nevertheless  managed to get results in almost every class (rapier duration being the exception I believe) and 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the great majority, which shows great determination by the assembled throng. Brilliant stuff. 

My personal highlights included the 3 fantastic flights put in by Bert Whitehead in the deluge.  His determination to finish the entries on his score card were rewarded by the most well deserved first place I have ever seen. Also some of the astonishing flights put up by the rapier boys.

All in all, a successful day, despite the torrential downpour. One or two grumbles, one or two lessons learned for next year, but all in all another great day out.

Well done Peterborough, and Thank you all again.

Chairman b