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Flying Aces - September 1st 2013    RESULTS

18:15 Sunday, results subject to checking and modified 11:30 Monday. 6:55 Thursday. 08:30 9th Sep

Open Rubber Scale
Scale competition flown to Masefield rules
1st  P Smart 2nd  M Sanderson 3rd  Gordon Hannah
 Beriev Flying Boat  Piper Family Cruiser  Fokker 8
Open CO2/Electric Scale
“Stand off” scale against plan, plus flight profile of launch/flight/landing.
Any CO2 motor/tank permitted.
1st  P Ingham 2nd  Chris Strachan 3rd  P Smart
 Decathalon  M0onocoupe 70  Lancaster
Kit Scale
ANY kit model, rubber powered, span 30” or less. Model judged against kit plan only.
1st  Chris Strachan 2nd  Jonathan Whitmore 3rd  Mike Stuart
Fokke Wolf 190D  Chipmonk Curtis Shrike
Jetex/Rapier Authentic Scale
Judged against model plan and flight profile
1st  Mike Stuart 2nd  Andy Blackwell 3rd  Roger Simmonds
 Thunderstreak  Bell X1E  MIG 15
Jetex/Rapier Profile Scale
Judged against model plan and flight profile
1st & 2nd  Chris Richards   3rd  Roger Simmonds
 MIG 29    F-100 Super Sabre
20” span and length. Maximum 8” dia. plastic prop, 6 gram motors ( may be external)
1st  Bert Whitehead 2nd  Tony Rushby 3rd  Andy Sephton
"Junior Miss"
Rubber Duration comp. for Vic Smeed’s classic design. 6 gram motor. Folding prop not
essential. Note! If fitted with an 8”dia (max.) plastic prop model can also be flown in P20 event.
If you cannot find a copy of the plan contact Brian Waterland on 01778 343722.
1st  Geoff Cutting 2nd  P Arnold 3rd  Tony Brookes
Open Rubber Rise Off Water
Rubber Duration event for floatplanes and flying boats on our 100 sq ft pond
1st  Jonathan Whitmore 2nd  Tony Johnson 3rd  Tony Johnson
Cloud Tramp
5 flights to Max agreed on day. Precision Fly Off if required
1st  Mariana Isidro (J) 2nd  Francisca Isidro (J) 3rd  Bert Whitehead
Jetex/Rapier Duration
1st  Mike Stuart 2nd  Simon Firth 3rd  G Kent
  KK - SpaceJet   KK - SpaceJet   Scorpio
Frog Senior Rubber Power Duration
For plan send A4 sae with 1st class stamp to Marc Ashby, Thatched Cottage, Church Road,
Leverington, Wisbech PE13 5DE
1st  Tony Rushby 2nd  Mike Sanderson 3rd  Tony Johnson
Catapult GliderCatapult max 6" (12" total) loop of 1/4" rubber
1st  James Day 2nd  Ken Bates 3rd  Jonathan Whitmore
Duration Rubber Ratio
Any rubber powered model with wing span between 16”-25” span (wing tip to wing tip).
Flight score is total time in seconds (from three flights) divided by wing span (tip to tip )
in inches.
1st  Chris Blanche 2nd  Ian Lever 3rd  Mike Stuart
Table Top Precision
Precision flight time event. Model must Rise Off Table of 1 metre diameter.
1st  Mick Staples 2nd  Ian Lever 3rd  Tony Johnson
Electric Precision
Precision flight time contest for any electric powered model
1st  Ian Middlemiss 2nd  Ian Hibbert 3rd  Robert Simmonds
Silent Ebeneezer
Cartoon profile models of semi-scale appearance. Flat plate wing section.
Power to be electric, CO2 or rubber.
1st  Ray Milland 2nd   3rd  
Glider Any glider up to 36" (tip to tip) span launched from the same,
supplied, low power "Hi-Start" (Bungee)
1st  Geoff Stubbs 2nd  John Coleman 3rd  Chris Strachan
Young Flying Ace was Joe Rabicano
Concours winner was Monique Lyons - Slingsby Prefect
Flying Swarm was won by Bert Whitehead