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Flying Aces - September 4th 2016    RESULTS

As at 18:50 Sunday - revised Wednesday 7th September.

Open Rubber Scale
Masefield Rules ie NO FLIGHT JUDGING, just duration plus bonuses.
Take model to control for bonus allocation.
1st  Ken Bates 2nd  Peter Fardel 3rd  Ian Lever
  KK Cessna   Auster Agricola   Veron Tiger Moth
Open CO2/Electric Scale
“Stand off” scale judged against plan/ three view plus judged flight profile of launch/flight/landing.
Any C02 motor/tank permitted.
1st  Tony Rushby 2nd  Chris Strachan 3rd  Andy Sephton
  Piper Family Cruiser   Evans VP-1 Volksplane   BE2c
Kit Scale
ANY rubber powered kit model up to 36”span. Model judged against kit plan plus judged flight profile.
1st  Mike Stuart 2nd  Derek Knight 3rd  Chris Strachan
  Mr Mulligan   Argus    Aeronca Champ
Jetex/Rapier Authentic Scale
Judged against model plan/three view and judged flight profile.
1st  Roger Simmonds 2nd  Chris Richards 3rd  Howard Metcalf
  Mig 15   Mig 15   Swift
Jetex/Rapier Profile Scale
Judged against model plan/three view and judged flight.
1st   Roger Simmonds 2nd  Howard Metcalf 3rd  Chris Richards
  Skyray   Vickers Valiant   Mig 29
Ducted Fan Authentic Scale
Judged against model plan/3 view and judged flight profile. Max fan 32mm dia
1st   Ian Lever 2nd   Phil Worth 3rd   Derek Knight
  KK Mig 15   Komet   DH Swallow
Ducted Fan Profile Scale
Judged against model plan/3 view and judged flight profile. Max fan 32mm dia
1st   Phil Worth 2nd    3rd   
20” span and length. Max 8” plastic prop, 6 gram motors (may be external)
1st  Andy Sephton 2nd  Chris Blanch 3rd  Tony Rushby
  Long John 2   Tubby 2   KK Playboy
Cloud Tramp
5 flights NO MAX. (best and worst times discarded, and the remaining 3 times totalled.
Note! If fewer than 5 flights logged the best and worst are still discarded.
1st  Naomi Day (J) 2nd  George Day (J) 3rd  Chris Sanders
Tailless Rubber Duration
Max span 30” (tip to tip). Max rubber 10gm, Prop 9.5” max dia. commercial plastic. (May be modified.)
No inflight movable surfaces except DT)
1st  Chris Blanch 2nd   3rd  
Frog Senior Rubber Power Duration
for plan go to http://www.houseoffrog.co.uk/ or contact PMFC
1st  Chris Strachen 2nd  Tony Rushby 3rd  James Day (J)
  Redwing   Redwing   Redwing
Catapult Glider
Catapult, max 2 grams rubber on a 6" max handle.( This equates to 140mm of 3/16" in a single loop.)
Any model permitted
1st  Graham Percival 2nd  Toby Collis 3rd  Andy Sephton
     Yellow Bird 3   
Duration Rubber Ratio
NO MAX. Any rubber powered model with wing span 16”-25” (tip to tip).
Flight score is total time in secs (from 3 flights) divided by span in inches.
1st  Chris Blanch 2nd  Chris Strachen 3rd  Peter Fardell
  o/d   Bean Box   KK Elf
Table Top Precision
Precision flight time event for Rubber models. Models must Rise off Table.
1st  Ian Hibbert 2nd  Chris Blanch 3rd  
Electric Precision
Precision flight time contest for any electric powered model. (Target times posted on the day at control.)
1st  Tony Beckett 2nd   3rd  
High Start Glider Any glider up to 36”span launched by the supplied “Hi start” bungee.
Also includes prize for the best performance of a SCALE glider (proof of scale required)
1st  Ian Lever 2nd  John Brown 3rd  Andy Sephton
  Frog Diana   Cirrosonic   Mini Caprice
Rubber Scramble 20 minutes, use any rubber powered model that qualifies for one of the above events.
Competitor must wind, launch and retrieve.
1st  Toby Collis 2nd  John Brown 3rd  Dave Banks
  Buzzard   Cloud Tramp o/d
Best Unorthodox was won by Graham Gostick
Flying Swarm was won by Andy Sephton
Young Flying Ace was won by Naomi Day
Best WW1 Model - BE2c by Andy Sephton