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Peterborough Flying Aces - September 9th 2018    RESULTS

As at 18:55 Sunday - subject to correction.... Corrections and additions at 13:50 Monday

Open Rubber Scale
Any scale rubber model, to which Masefield type bonuses will be applied.
No flight judging, just duration plus bonuses. Please present model to control for processing
1st  M. Sanderson 2nd  P. Fardell 3rd  K. Bates
  Globe Swift   Agricola   Sort of Sopwith
Open CO2/Electric Scale
Judged for flight profile and realism. Any C02 motor/tank permitted.
1st  R Bould 2nd  C Strachan 3rd  
  Piper Cub   Piper Cub J-3   
Kit Scale
ANY rubber powered kit model up to 36”span. Judged flight profile and realism.
1st  G Hannah 2nd  C Strachan 3rd  R Bould
  Sig Monocoupe   KK Family Cruiser    Comper Swift
EDF Authentic Scale
Judged for flight profile and realism.
1st  I Lever 2nd  G Gostick 3rd  G Gostick
  Mig 15   Hunter   Saab J29
Ducted Fan Profile Scale
Judged for flight profile and realism
1st   P Worth 2nd   3rd  
20” span and length. Max 8” plastic prop, 6 gram motors (may be external) .
1st  D Banks 2nd  K Bates 3rd  T Rushby
Cloud Tramp
5 flights NO MAX. (best and worst times discarded, and the remaining 3 times totalled.
Note! If fewer than 5 flights logged the best and worst are still discarded.
1st  P Adams 2nd   J Isidro 3rd   R Law
Tailless Rubber Duration
Max span 30" (tip to tip). Max rubber 10gm, Prop 9.5" max dia. commercial plastic. (May be modified.)
No inflight movable surfaces except DT)
1st  D Clark
Frog Senior Rubber Power Duration
(for plan see http://www.houseoffrog.co.uk )
1st   T Rushby 2nd   M Sanderson 3rd  G Day
   Redwing   Redwing   Redwing
Rubber Ratio
NO MAX. Any rubber powered model with wing span 15”- 25” (tip to tip). Note KK“ Elf ”is eligible.
Flight score is total time in secs (for 3 flights) divided by span in inches.
1st   T Rushby 2nd  M Sanderson 3rd  I Lever
     Elf   Pussycat 150%
Catapult Glider
Catapult, max 2 grams rubber on a 6" max handle.
This equates to a 280mm length of 3/16” rubber tied into a single (140mm) loop. Any model permitted.
1st  G Percival 2nd   S Marsden 3rd   D Clark
Table Top Precision
Precision flight time event for Rubber models. Models must Rise off Table.
1st  J Isidro 2nd  C Strachan 3rd   P Adams
     KK Piper Cruiser   
High Start Glider
Any glider up to 36" span launched by the supplied "Hi start" bungee.
Also includes prize for the best performance of a SCALE glider (proof of scale required)
1st   C Costa 2nd  P Fardell 3rd  R Millard
  JR's Pride   Frog Petrel   Nomad
Best Unorthodox
1st  C Strachan 2nd  P Worth 3rd  T Beckett
  Tailless biplane   Alicornezer   Mercurian Mite
Rubber Scramble
20 minutes, use any rubber powered model that qualifies for one of the above events.
Competitor must both wind and launch, from box, but may use a retriever.
1st  B Whitehead 2nd  D Banks 3rd  P Adams
  Cloud Tramp   Bitsa   Cloud Tramp
Best Scale Glider was won by C Costa with a JR's Pride
          Run within with High Start Glider competition.
Flying Swarm was won by B Whitehead
Young Flying Ace was won by G Day 2nd A Waterland