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Peterborough Flying Aces - RESULTS August 31st 2019
There might be corrections......

As at 18:35 Saturday - with corrections 3rd Sep

VMC “PILOT” Rubber Duration
Model must use kit prop
1st  Archie Waterland (Junior) 2nd  Bert Whitehead 3rd  Stuart Marsden
Open E20 Electric Duration
Max length and span, 20 inches. Any motor, battery and timer. Max motor run 8 secs. DT and RDT permitted.
1st  Jon Whitmore 2nd  Bert Whitehead 3rd  David Clark
Open Rubber Scale
At last! a flight profile judged class for scale rubber models that are not necessarily “Kit” models
1st   Mike Stuart 2nd  Gordon Hannah 3rd  Chris Strachan
  Short Seamew   Bird Dog   Ercoupe
Masefield Rubber Scale
Any scale rubber model, to which Masefield type bonuses will be applied. No flight judging, just duration plus bonuses.
1st  Mike Stuart 2nd  Mike Sanderson 3rd  Peter Fardell
   Blackburn Rippon   Cessna   Auster Agricola
Open CO2/Electric Scale
Judged for flight profile and realism. Any C02 motor/tank permitted.
1st  Chris Strachan 2nd   3rd  
  Piper Family Cruiser      
Kit Scale
ANY rubber powered kit model up to 36”span. Judged for flight profile and realism.
1st  Mike Sanderson 2nd   Derek Knight 2nd  Gordon Hanna
   Guillow Beaver   Piper Family Cruiser   Bird Dog
Jetex/Rapier Authentic Scale
Judged for flight profile and realism.
1st   Roger Simmonds 2nd  A Blackwell 3rd  
   Mig 15   DH 108   
EDF Authentic Scale
Judged for flight profile and realism.
1st   Derek Knight 2nd   3rd  
  Fouga Cyclone      
Jetex/Rapier Profile Scale
20” span and length. Max 8” plastic prop, 6 gram motors (may be external).
1st  Roger Simmonds 2nd   Derek Knight 3rd  Roger Simmonds
  F100   DH110   T38
P 20
20”span and length. Max 8” plastic prop, 6 gram motors (may be external)
1st  Tony Rushby 2nd  Ken Bates 3rd   Tony Johnson
   KK Playboy   Skat   a Bob White
Cloud Tramp
5 flights NO MAX. (best and worst times discarded, and the remaining 3 times totalled.
Note! If fewer than 5 flights logged the best and worst are still discarded.
1st  Bert Whitehead 2nd   Archie Waterland (Junior) 3rd  Naomi Day (Junior)
Frog “Senior” Rubber Duration
For plan see http://www.houseoffrog.co.uk
1st  Mike Stuart 2nd  Mike Sanderson 3rd  Ken Bates
  Linnett   Redwing   Redwing
Rubber Ratio
NO MAX. Any rubber powered model with wing span 15”- 25” (tip to tip). (KK“ Elf ”is eligible).
Flight score is total time in secs (for 3 flights) divided by span inches.
1st  Tony Rushby 2nd   Mike Sanderson 3rd  Chris Strachan
     Elf   Malmstrom Viking
Catapult Glider
Catapult, max 2 grams rubber on a 6" max handle.
This equates to a 280mm length of 3/16” rubber tied into a single (140mm) loop. Any model permitted.
1st  Graham Percival 2nd   3rd  
Table Top Precision
Precision flight time Rubber event - models must Rise off Table.
1st   Tony Johnson 1st   1st  
  Veron Goblin      
36 inch Hi-Start Glider
Any glider up to 36”span launched by the supplied “Hi start” bungee.
1st  Gary Law 1st  Ivan Brown 1st  David Clark
  Dab   KK Conquest   Gili Chopper
Rubber Scramble
20 minutes, use any rubber powered model that qualifies for one of the above events.
Competitor must both wind and launch, from box, but may use a retriever.
1st  Stuart Marsden 2nd  Ray Millard 3rd  Peter Adams
  Pilot   Cloud Tramp   P 20
Best Unorthodox was won by Joe Harper
Flying Swarm was won by Mike Stuart
Young Flying Ace was won by Archie Waterland 1st - Naomi Day 2nd