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FET Timer

You need to make the circuit as shown with a "bullet " connected lipo battery. Turn the servo tester to zero and then touch the fet timer with a 9volt battery,positive 9volt battery plus to red end of fet and black negative of 9volt battery minus to black pin end of fet. The esc will now sing a song. When song ends you can turn the servo tester control to the rev speed you want and then launch your model. If wind direction changes,abort the flight by shorting out the two fet pins and it will stop. When wind is ok again,re zero the servo tester, repeat the above procedure and launch model. Time of flight duration is adjusted by turning the fet timer potentiometer with a screwdriver from nil up to a max of 90seconds depending on what spec I have built into the particular timer. Most flights will only need 30secs duration or else you will lose your model!

Click for an easy to print .pdf version.

Ted Szklaruk
August 2011

Added May 2013

Pboro Fet timer for brushed motors wiring circuit.

Click for an easy to print .pdf version.