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A brief review of Profili 2.24c , shareware software to generate rib profiles

I used to plot rib profiles in Excel, but this was time consuming and awkward to print at exactly the scale required. I treated myself to Profili 2.24c from the link below and am very pleased with the purchase, only 15 euro's.


The graphic shows a test plot of a notional Open Electric wing with a BE8405 root transitioning to a BE9304 tip over 10 ribs for an elliptical plan form. Spars are 3 x 3mm with 5mm LE and 15mm TE. The rib design incorporates lightening holes and build tabs. The exercise took 5 mins from start to finish and was run intuitively from the task bar without recourse to the help index.

The software is a must for the scratch builder, being excellent value for money, easy to understand, great value for money and provides a vast range of airfoil profiles. At the price an absolute steal!

Profili plot