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You will all recall Bernie running a spring winding show and tell at the last winter Peakirk clubhouse Friday. Tiny springs are invaluable for providing the hold tension for the DT on a tilt stab system. Rubber bands degrade badly in UV and I get fed up of continually changing them. Bernie used the top two guitar strings B (.013") and E (.009"). This is OK for Bernie, being a pro rock guitarist of repute, but buying a set of strings and dumping the lower 4 is not cheap. Finding a UK source of music wire was not easy but at last I came across a maker of harpsichords who was willing to sell Roslou music wire in small quantities.

His contact details are ............ Hugh Craig, Redhill Cottage, Bromsberrow Road, Redmarley , Glos, GL19 3JU. Tel 01531 650001

He is offering 6m of wire in the following sizes......I do not have an email address.

  Gauge Diameter
  00 .008
  0 .009
  1 .010
  3 .012
  5 .014
  7 .018

The list goes up to 21 gauge at .046" but the list above covers the sizes for  DT springs . About £3.75 + post.

Ian Middlemiss
July 2011