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Miniature Connectors

Pair of plugs.In July 2010 Ian wrote good piece about Connectors for lightweight electric power systems (this is a .pdf file), he mentioned four types. I was particularly interested in the smallest type and since then have come up with a different method of producing them.


They arrive from Rapid Electronics as long strips called 32 Way Turned Pin Sil Socket and
32 Way Turned Pin Sil header.



With care the two strips can be stuck on top of each other. If you already have a stock of the plugs then spare ones can be used to align the two strips. The strips have "nicks" in them, both top and bottom, which helps the lining up process.

Clamped   Joined

If in a hurry cyno can be used. Be careful though as it can run into the sockets without you noticing and when dry provide a film just thick enough to stop a plug going easily into that cynoed socket. Epoxy resin is a little messier but seems to provide a better grip.

Once the two strips are firmly stuck then they have to be cut to provide the individual plugs. Easily done with a circular saw blade on a Dremel type tool, or with a modellers very fine tooth saw.

If you used cyno then the circular saw is the best option as the cyno doesn't seem to stand up to "hand sawing" very well. Any plugs which break apart in the sawing process can be used as individual plugs or sockets. I have taken to fitting my motors with plugs and the leads from the battery/timer with sockets to make motor changing easy.

A point to watch is that the two "arms" on the plug strip are slightly different diameters. Make sure you have the strip the right way round before sticking it to the socket portion. The sizes are so close it doesn't seem to matter too much. The wrong way round and the plug can be a little loose when joined. The correct way round it can be tight - take your choice!

Rapid Electronics have high postal costs but provide an excellent service.

I last bought some in December 2011 when individual strips were listed as:-

32 Way Turned Pin Sil Socket. - 22-1751 - £0.54
32 Way Turned Pin Sil header. - 22-1705 - £1.65

Tony Beckett
February 2012

A good link for descriptions of commercial miniature connectors is

Added January 2016