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Small Glass and Carbon Reinforcements

Cutting neat patches in glass and carbon weave is not easy as the material tends to move about and unravel itself. There is, however, a long winded way of getting a neater result….used on my 1.8m 2F soarer with Moley's wings.

  1. Rough cut a lump of carbon weave as carefully as you can with a new scalpel blade. Stick it down to some light tissue paper with 50/50 dope.
  2. You can now cut pretty shapes without the material distorting and falling apart…..is lightly stuck to the tissue!
  3. Mask off the area on the model with tape to the exact shape of the patch. Get a can of spray mount and spray a dob onto a piece of card. With a piece of scrap sponge dab the adhesive onto the area of the model where you are to apply the patch. Let it cure for a minute or two , the press the patch backed up with the tissue onto the model. The tissue goes outwards.
  4. Get a brush and apply cellulose thinners to the tissue repeatedly until its well soaked. It should then peel off leaving the carbon patch intact.
  5. Get some epoxy, dilute it with meths until it runs like water and dab it on the patch until the carbon is wetted out. Get kitchen towel and dab it all off until it looks dry.
  6. Remove the masking tape and let dry.

You can do the same with this technique to make dihedral braces for HLG/CLG.

See my latest FF HLG. You can use Kevlar, glass and any woven composite cloth you have. There is probably a much better method known to the top wallahs but this works for me.

Ian M
July 2014