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Hanger Rat Gyminie Cricket Bostonian

Hanger Rat - December 2014

The competition is for the ever popular and superb flying Hangar Rat.

This came about when BML was talking to the Chairman of the Nottingham club, Richard Granger and Richard mentioned that they run a Hangar Rat competition at their Indoor meetings. Brian thought this a splendid idea and put it forward. I too thought it a splendid idea and agreed.

So.......The Rules.......as Andy Sephton reminds us...First. READ THE RULES...... here they are. (Richard, forgive me for pinching your rules, but they are so good, it seemed unchivalrous not to use them.) If I have got any wrong, I apologise beforehand and I promise I will fix and announce the corrected versions immediately.

THE RULES It is a standard size Hangar Rat, built to the plan.
It will be paper (tissue) covered, no films allowed. (I assume this can include condenser tissue?)
It will use a commercially available plastic propeller. (further clarification below.)
It will be rubber powered. (just in case you thought you'd get away with it Ian)

All scoring flights will R.O.G. (This is a must...hand launched models will score ZERO) The undercarriage will be exactly as per plan...this includes the wheels (no exceptions, there will be a height gauged check on the high scoring models.)

There is no weight limit on the rubber.

a/ It may be balanced by adding weight to the light blade

b/ It may have the hole for the propeller bushed with suitable tube with a view to re-aligning the shaft hole. (so it's straight)

c/ Flashing on the blade edges may be removed, but no sanding of the blades allowed. balance is by adding weight. Now, you will notice that there is no weight or size limit to the propeller. This allows the flyer to make the best choice for his or her model, and the diameter will be governed by the need for the model to ROG. (this also excludes thin floppy lightweight guitar string U/C's, they will have to be strong enough to support the model as it ROG's) No Bamboo u/c's either.. as ...per...plan.

No limit to the number of flights.

They are all .pdfs, click on the appropriate heading to download.

2 Hangar rat plans.
A Rat      ONE - - - TWO
B Rat      ONE - - - Two
they both print out full size, 2 pages for each, join with clear tape. Choose one, or both.
Instructions on how to build them. - - - A page of tips

A plan for a 50% version called 'Minnie Mouse' which may be worth having a competition for.


Bernie’s Gyminie Cricket Rules: Regular and Unlimited.

Models to be built as per plan including the use of the propellor/nose bearing assembly: tissue covered with a minimum weight of 9 grams excluding rubber motor. Models will be weighed , and ballast may be used. The prop must be the one supplied with the kit & can be balanced by adding weight to the lighter blade. (I will get a supply of prop assemblies, at 40p. Each.) The rubber motor is at the flyer’s discretion, using as much or as little as you wish. The only exceptions I will allow are: A piano wire prop shaft, as the original bends too easily. You may choose to bush the nose bearing Also, a better rear hook may be substituted.

The model must conform to the plan outline (ie. No big tailplanes.) And that’s it! Everything else is allowable. Wing posts instead of a sheet pylon. The best indoor prop assembly that you can make, curved ribs, film covering, condenser tissue if you prefer & the best wood you can find. No weight limit. As an example, I made one that weighed a fraction under 3 gm. Which did !M57Sec under the eight foot ceiling at Peakirk, and nearly four minutes at Oundle. Should folk be interested in trying this class I will do a building demo at Peakirk to give some ideas to use as a starting point. My best one used a prop based on a plastic yoghurt carton and guitar string shaft It’s much easier to do than it might seem. Easier that an EZB, for instance. Contests to take place at Bushfield, dates to be announced.

From the PMFC Magazine, "Between the Showers", September 2012.


Best place for these rules is the IVCMAC web site.

Click for the page, where you can also download a plan.