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Turnigy Test Stand from HobbyKing

I had always thought of HobbyKing as an internet rtf box shifter but that is not the case.

With the test stand you get a couple of engine mounts for different size electric motors. The plate at the top of the rig is constrained by a pair of linear bearings to allow horizontal motion, with the vertical member at the rear being a mount for a strain gauge. The conditioning amplifier is housed in the box on the right and I assume that the readout will be thrust. Allegedly, the device reads to 5kg , which is way more than we would sensibly use. 400-450gm would be a hot FF E36 motor and 1.5kg would be a monster 180gm motor for a 100" span 6lb vintage RC RE model. Seems affordable at £35. To complete the rig, all you would need would be a Watt meter and a laser rev counter.

Its the sort of kit that the club might to purchase to keep under the stage at Peakirk to test motors/props/batteries. The price in December 2014 was £33.15

Click for full details from the HobbyKing web site