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F3k - the FAI class for r/c discus launched gliders.

The Fizir Cup was the preliminary event to the 2015 F3K World Championships held in Croatia on 17th and 18th July, in which 122 pilots competed.

Michael Stern, a member of the British team, reported after each of his competition flights on FlyQuiet (click for the whole series of postings). Because of the way Michael talked about spotting the lift and working it I put all the reports together so that a free flight competition flyer would get a feel for what goes on with these r/c gliders.

Michaels reports:-

Round 1 of pre-contest flown. I was in group C, task was Ladder. No dramas, had to work a little for 1:45, but 1000pts scored. It is pretty darn hot and getting hotter. There is a gentle breeze which is quite welcome, but still calm by UK standards!

Round 2 group E, 1,2,3,4 done. I did it 4,1,3,2. It nearly went perfectly. The was was fairly easy, required a run downwind after launch, there were two circling already, so was not to hard to locate the lift. It wasn't massive and required some moving about to be safe, but a came back at about launch height. There were no obvious signs of lift for the next one that were close enough to be safe and after pretty good re-launch I was a bit indecisive about where to go and it was not looking great, so came back for the 1min. As I was coming in there was a pull coming through, so after my perfect turnaround, I followed my streamer pointing to the right of the back of the field and contacted good lift about 100m past the back of the box. And I was on my own in the lift which feels good when there are 16-20 pilots a slot. On return from the 3min, there was a bunch of gliders theramlling near the box, so I was confident of the 2min. I lined up the turnaround and as I went grab it I knocked away and the fumbled picking it up so lost about 3secs. But I still only dropped 7 secs, so was on for dropping only 4secs, which would have been a personal best. It will be a 995ish. I hear that after round1, there were 70 tied for 1st!

Round 3, slot D, all up last down. Pretty easy, got the max, as most in the slot and round really. 3 launches, 3 maxes. Tried to stay away from the main flock to avoid mid airs.

Round 4 done, heat G, last flight 5min in 7min window. Again, no dramas. I waited a bit after the buzzer, till someone had marked some lift down wind and I launched and ran to it and climbed out no trouble. At about 2:45, high up, I widened up the circle a bit much and fell out of the lift. Had to search around a bit to stay up, but was never in danger. Richard maxed too. He is in 5th currently, I'm in 11th.

Round 5, heat E, 5x2mins. It has gotten really still with very light lift. First two flights went fairly easily with a good turnaround, both 1:59's, but I had to work a little for the second. I had no read for the third flight and after a decent turnaround but not great launch height, I cruised around but couldn't located anything going up and was too far away from others doing ok. I ended up with a 1:41, which is going to hurt. The next flight was tough as well, but after abandoning the idea of heading across the field to where guys where going up because I felt I was too low to make it, I managed to work something from low down to make the time. The last was fine. Turnarounds were all fine, but launch heights were poor, which hurts when the lift is week and sparse. Richard just completed his round and dropped 7secs.

I ended the day 17th, after dropping 4pts in R2 and 26pts in the 5x2's. Richard got 998 in his 5x2's so is effectively still tie first as there is a drop in effect now. 99% score extends all the way to 53rd place. It is that sort of weather really.

R6 , heat G, last two flights, 4min max. I was flying my Bonus for the first time this event , so needed to trim, so didn't get a chance to look for air in the testing time. Mike F noticed the flags over the tents were converging, so launched on the buzzer and picked air up in front easily, as did most. It drifted down the Lh side and I noticed one guy higher and further downwind, so went a bit deeper and it better and I made the time easily. A bunch didn't follow downwind far enough and some didn't make the 4mins. On my return, I watched the high guy push forward to the Rh side and appear to contact lift before heading back to the field. I had enough height and time to check it out myself and there was indeed decent air. Second launch I peeled off to the right and found my air in between two gaggles and quickly climbed to a safe hright and made the time comfortably. Next up is poker! Joe Wurts, Rolland Sommer and may be a couple of others made the 9:58 in the first heat.

R7 heat H, poker. It was a 9:98 fest. A lot called it and most made it. Located good air on my test flight, this time with the stream and got back to the lift easily at the start. Climbed pretty high with in 4mins. Got a bit bored then and managed to find my way out of the lift and had to do a bit of work over the town (which is 200m away) but made the time easily in the end. R8 heat E, last 3. First was easy as I spottwd a guy going up just after I launched, cruised over in that direction and went up nicely. The 2nd flight was different though. I searched around at the end of the 1st flight and felt something over the far end of the tents. I launched and headed that direction, but was the only one going that way, which should have been a sign. Mike F did say he felt a pull the opposite direction, but I was commited. I could not make it work and only managed a 1:35, which was quite disappointing. At least some of guys who went the other way made the 2nd flight. The third was easy.

So, Ja gives with one hand and take with another. After the last slot of R8, they called a reflight. Now since it was the last slot, they had to make a new group by random selection, so a chance to re-fly my last round. The names were being calle out and my fingers were crossed... I was last name called out and I let out a rather loud cheer! This time I maxed it, making some good calls and low saves over the town, phew. I was up immediately in slot A of R9, 3x3:20. There was no definite read before the start and I launched and searched around without much luck. I peeled to the right and eventually found a small, strong 'whirlwind' bit of lift that taking me up nicely. After about 5 turns, it spat me out right into sink and I had no choice but to head back to field. I had full aileron into the lift and it just pushed me away. Denied! I lost about 1:40 there and flew out the rest of the time. Gonna be down in about 26th. Must do better. Flew the Stream in R8, re-flight and R9. And that is that for the warmup contest. I think Richard is tie for third currently with a 996 drop. Second has a 998 and I think three guys are tie with all 1000's.

Richard dropped 3secs in his last round, so should have the 1000. He is in good form. Simon had trouble On his second flight, so dropped just over a minute.

Ended up 18th. A bunch of guys must have lost more points than me! Congrats to Richard, he flew flawlessly, just a small oversight on one turnaround kept him from the tie break for first. Simon put in a solid performance today, hopefully this means we will do reasonably well in the team score.

Michael Stern

Taken, with thanks, from FlyQuiet