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Another electronic DT timer

There are more than a few electronic DT timers on the market and here is another one. Marketed by Dens Model Supplies it is nicely packaged and simple to use and re-program. My test setup was as below:-

Dens DT timer 2.6gm
70mah 1s Eflite LiPo
2.7gm Genings 541 servo 4.5 gm

Total weight ready to fly would be 9.8gm. The LiPo is overlarge and a 35mah (1.4gm) would probably be OK. Similarly the servo was what was hanging about in the spares box and a 2gm lightweight would work. Potentially a DT flying weight of around 6gm would be possible.

Flight Mode : Plug the battery and the DT goes into boot mode, a blue LED gives a fast pulse in 'glimmer' mode with a reduced intensity. Nothing at all happens until you hit the push button PB (top right). The DT timer starts, the LED pulses at 1 sec intervals and runs for the time you have set. The servo moves to full travel. On retrieval, hit the button again and the servo reinitalises to its original position with LED in 'glimmer'.

Re-programming : Plug the battery as above and get to 'glimmer'. Hold the PB down for 3-4 sec until the LED extinguishes. Release the PB and press once for 10s, twice for 20s , three times for 30s DT and so on to a maximum of 30 presses or 300s. When you have finished this, the chip will return you to 'glimmer'.

I have been running chip based electronic systems for 18 months using cheap servos in HLG's. There have been many lawn dart arrivals and I have not suffered any servo failures.

In conclusion, Dens Timer is a light, compact, inexpensive alternative to the classic clockwork timer. It should find favour for both sport and competition disciplines.

Ian Middlemiss    May 2016    [email protected]