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Cigarette Cards

At junior school in the 1940's there were still enough cigarette cards in circulation for us to play games with them. Also to collect and exchange the cards where the subjects interested us. I still have several incomplete sets from those days. Recently, whilst browsing in Leicester market, I came across a tatty but complete Players "An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil)". Nostalgia clicked in and I paid the £8.

I think my early collection of the aircraft cigarette cards had a hand getting me interested in aeromodelling. I still enjoy browsing through these pictures of 1930's aircraft.

The use of the DH88 Comet cigarette card in Wikipedia started this off but I will add other cards when there are no modelling items to report on the web site.

Tony Beckett - March 2012

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Card 01

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No 7

No 8

DH Comet


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