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PBMFC is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association

Free Flight Technical Committee
Now links directly to the BMFA web site
(July 2016)

BMFA Scale Technical Committee
the BMFA Scale Judges' Guide (essential reading if you want to get into BMFA Scale competition) is linked on the first page of the site.

Events at BMFA National Centre, Buckminster

Direct Link to the BMFA Rule Books

BMFA Competition Results Archive

CIAM, the Home Page of the International Aeromodelling Commission of FAI.
FAI Rules plus CIAM Flyer


UK Based web sites with an interest in Free Flight, Indoor and Control Line

Aeromodelling Magazines David Lloyd-Jones
Andrews John John Andrews - Aeromodeller.
Baker David David Baker Heritage Vintage Library
Barton MFC Control Line forum
BMFA East Anglia BMFA East Anglia
CADMAC Crawley and District Model Aircraft Club
CCMAC Instructions Chuck Glider's Model Aircraft Jotter - blog
this link to a "Silly Putty Timer DT" Pictorial instructions from Tony Mathews
CLAPA Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association
Clayton Green Indoor Flyers Indoor free flight - near Chorley in Lancashire
Control Line Flying Ronny Tribe
Cox Engines The Cox Museum from the Martin Hepperle set of web pages.
CTH The Cloud Tramp homepage
Dave Day Dave Day - Aeromodeller
F4B Scale Magic F4B - Control Line Scale
House of Frog Frog kits from the 1940's and 50's
Hutchinson Colin Hutchinson, scroll down for the free flight items
Indoor Duration UK Indoor Duration Flyers
IVCMAC Impington Village College MAC, Cambridgeshire.
Hosts indoor fun fly sessions.
Also holds the Ray Malmström archive
Jetex.org archivesite.jetex.org Roger Simmonds now owns "jetex.org" where there is a forum and up to date information but there is also an international archive of the original Jetex.org
MADMAC Morley And District Model Aircraft Club
Mike's flying scale model pages Mike Stuart
Modelair Organises the model flying meetings at the Shuttleworth Collection airfield, Old Warden.

Links from Modelflight
Wide ranging on-line magazine - Reg Heath who sadly died in December 2010
Direct to the Modelflight links page
Nelson, Mike Mike Nelson's Aeromodelling page
Norcim Try reading the name backwards - wide range of interesting items.
Northern Model Flyer Web site
NMAC Nottingham Model Aero Club
Indoor Flying
RPMFC Raynes Park Model Aircraft Club, SW London
Has an excellent regular feature ""Sticks and Tissue"
With an archive stored in New Zealand
SAM 35
SAM 1066
How SAM 35 Started
The Society of Antique Modelers Chapters 35 and 1066

Ramon Alban
Single Channel and Vintage R/C Phil and Shaun's R/C page
Stuart M Mike Stuarts flying scale model pages
RC Library, vintage books, catalogues and magazines Read what Bryan Lea has to say about the library.
RC Library Books, vintage, catalogues and magazines
Freeflight Modeller
Russ Lister Aeromodelling
Mike Stewart Mike's flying scale model pages
Stuka Stunt Works Matthew and Leonard Neumann
UCLP Ukies Control Line Page - from Germany but in excellent English
VMA Vintage Model Aeroplane - Ramon Alban
The Wakefield Cup The Wakefield International Cup A history from 1911
by Charles Dennis Rushing
Ernie Webster of Keil Kraft A page from the Derick Scott site Model-plans.co.uk
Wessex Aeromodellers League The Wessex Aeromodellers League is designed to provide LOW-COST local competition for club modellers and to dovetail with normal club sport flying at club flying fields.
Alex Whittaker RCM&E columist and photographer, mainly R/C but a lot of general interest info - also plans to blog from flying field.
Martin Wilkinson Vintage aircraft photo sets and scale drawings

Zoe's Control Line Aeromodelling Site
A personal view of Aeromodelling since the 1950's
Together with the pages above Zoe has also produced:-
Scanned Images of Vintage Model Aircraft Magazines
stored on Colin Ushers web site. Excellent effort.

Plan Suppliers
AeroFred Nearly 20,000 "model airplane plans available"
Baker David David Baker Heritage Vintage Library
Barry Baxters Control Liner Plans Service - USA. "dedicated to the preservation and dispensation of over 300 Model Airplane Combat and Stunt Plans from the experimental years of the 1950s and early 1960s."
Co-op Plans A list of available plans is free for the asking
Andy Crisp "Andy Crisp's World of Free Flight Model Aircraft"
Free Flight Models Colin Hutchinson
FF Hand Launched Gliders From the F4B Scale Magic web pages
House of Frog Mike Stuart
Ivan's Plans Electric powered scale models. Ivan Pettigrew, Canada
Model-plans.co.uk Derick Scott
Model Aeroplane Plans Rowland Carson
Mooney, Walt 124 plans, majority of the Peanut Scale.
MSP Plans Vintage, Classic, Sport and Duration Designs Recreated and Drawn by Martyn Pressnell
No-Cal Rules Models Plans from "Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page"
Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download.
Potty Productions Fred Steer:- kits, vintage plans, magazine plans
RC Micro World Subscription based, on-line magazine. Sample available. - USA. Publishes a great many plans.
Small Flying Arts Plans section of Small Flying Arts "for Builders of Small Flying Models", USA
The Aeromodellers Forum The Aeromodellers Forum, sponsored by LaserCraft Services with an active free flight section.
FFTC-Chatroom The Free Flight Technical Committee group 'chatroom'
Hip Pocket Aeronautics Hip Pocket Aeronautics: A place that takes a serious look at the art of miniature aviation.
FAI Freeflight US based FAI freeflight. - You can subscribe to a regular e-mail newsletter.
SFA Small Flying Arts - USA
Commercial sites with an interest in Free Flight, Control Line and indoor flying
Aeromodeller Magazine.......
A&DB ModelAircraft "Classic models from the golden age of aero modelling"
Atomic Workshop Micro Avionics......
Balsa Cabin "Delivering the best in balsa for over 25 years!"
Belair Laser kit cutting and kit supplier
Bodnar Leo, Electronics Free Flight Tracker
Deluxe Materials Wide range of adhesives, many specifically for aeromodelling
Dens Model Supplies The model shop for the 'sport' modeller. Lots of C/L items. Plus E-Zee Timers, a range of electronic timers for Electric Control Line and Free Flight.
Glendale Junction Railway modelling but in 2014 the nearest supplier of modelling goods to Peterborough. Click for Bernies 'how to get there'
Hobby Free Flight European based competition free flight supplies.
Freeflight Supplies Mike Woodhouse
Flitehook.net John and Pauline Hook
FMK Models "The Largest Small Model Manufacturer In The World".
www.gasparin.cz Gasparin CO2 motors - Czech Republic
Harleyford Art Historic Aviation and Model Making in Art and Books
www.indoorflyer.co.uk As the name suggests - Indoor.....
Micro Receivers Electric Flight David Theunissen - Deltang
Micron Wide variety of "useful things" well worth a browse.
Micromodeldrome Micromodeldrome - Julian Downham
Model Aeroplane Plans Rowland Carson
www.modelfixings.co.uk Both metal and nylon nuts and bolts
Photo Paper Direct Supplier of paper for home printed decals
OSMAF Old School Model Aeroplane Factory
http://openaltimeter.org/ Small, lightweight, low-power logging altimeter.
Perfect-pilots Full body pilots in ¼ and 1/3 scale
Profili 2 Rib Profile Plotting - Brief Review
RBC Kits Wide variety of "useful things" well worth a browse.
Replikit Laser cut vintage and modern kits - Has been aquired by 'Vintage Model Co'
Robotbirds Wide variety of "useful things" well worth a browse.
Micro Receivers Electric Flight David Theunissen - Deltang
Sams Models Sams Models - Indoor Wide variety of "useful things" well worth a browse.
Sarik Hobbies Plans + vacum forming + part kits
RTP Hut Specialists in electric round the pole model flying
Thiele - Claus Modellbau Claus Thiele - Freeflight models
Topco Kits A laser cutting service from your own drawings rather than a computer CAD file
U-Build Models "Golden Age - Great Flyers". Mail order from Hertfordshire
Vintage Model Company Laser cut vintage and modern kits.
Have produced a Flying Aces/Peterborough version of the Elf ready for the KK Elf Precision competition on 3rd September 2017 for which they have offered excellent cash prizes.
    Click for the Elf - - - - - - Click for Flying Aces info
West Wings "We are probably the largest manufacturer of small, balsa model aircraft kits in the UK. We manufacture all of the West Wings kits in our factory in West Cornwall."
Outside of UK sites with a Free Flight Bias
Australia and New Zealand
CMAC Christchurch Model Aero Club, New Zealand - Also holds an archive of several publications.
Free Flight Quarterly A quality production from Australia
Hargreve Aeromodellers This website will examine the role of the model aeroplane in aviation history.
Model Engine News List of "Engine People" from above. From Ron Chernich in Australia. 2002 until 2013
VFFS Victorian Free Flight Society - Australia
American and Canadian sites with a Free Flight or Control Line Bias
Adrians Model Aero Engines Very comprehensive site from Adrian C. Duncan in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.
Ray Arden "Father of the glow plug" - on the Internet Craftsmanship site
Bradley's Model Airplane Page Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page from Jackson, Mississippi and Independence, Kentucky
Brodak Brodak Control Line Flying - USA
BSD Micro Indoor micro R/c - Bob Selman
Cox International Cox engines - they have a quarterly newsletter.
Paul Daniels Working with Balsa Wood
DC Maxecuters A club with roots in rubber-powered Free Flight.
Dr. Diesel Eric Clutton, from Tullahoma, Tennessee.
DJ Aerotech Makers of the Finest, High Performance Electrics & Sailplanes!
Easy Built Models Balsa model aeroplane kits, established 1932
FAI Free Flight International FAI free flight
Flying Aces It is our intent to preserve and promote the traditional building and flying of free flight stick and tissue model aircraft.
Gizmogeezer Gizmogeezer from Saskatoon, Canada, - "On-Line Catalog and Information Source".
Internet Craftsmanship Aircraft only a small part but certainly worth a look.
jetex.org International archive of the original Jetex.org
Free Flight Fantasies Thayer Syme - USA
Model Aeroplane Page
Free Flight
Micro Indoor
Paul and Ralph Bradley - USA
Jackson, Mississippi and Independence, Kentucky
NFFS National Free Flight Society - USA
Flying Lines News of Northwest Control-line Model Aviation
RC Micro World Subscription based, on-line magazine. Sample available. - USA
SAM The Society of Antique Modelers - USA
SFA Small Flying Arts "for Builders of Small Flying Models", USA
Soo Modellers Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Stevens Aeromodel Stevens Aeromodel, also "Balsa Builder" magazine.
Thayer Symes Wide ranging site from the USA - lots of freeflight items
Volare Products Free flight scale model aircraft plans and more since 1994
Regular Publications
A number of web sites have regular newsletters or publications that can be down loaded.
Cox Engines You can subscribe to their quarterly magazine.
See bottom left of their main web page.
CMAC Christchurch Model Aero Club, New Zealand - Holds an archive of "Association of Vintage Aeromodellers of New Zealand" magazine. As well as "Sticks & Tissue" from James Parry in the Raynes Park MAC.
Free Flight News A subscription publication, also National Free Flight Society Symposium Reports
Free Flight Quarterly A quality production from Australia
IMPMAC Impington College MAC, Cambridgeshire. (The club that Ray Malmström set up.)
National Free Flight Society US based, with a list of club newsletters.
New Clarion Magazine of SAM 1066
PMFC Magazine Our own club magazine.
Radio Controlled Soaring Digest Worth a look even if you don't fly R/C gliders, for the quality of the photographs and articles of general interest.
SEN SEN an email/online newsletter about FAI Free Flight.
Slipstream Bulletin of the Auckland Model Aero Club
Sticks and Tissue James Parry on the Raynes Park Club site.
Click the "Sticks and Tissue" button on the left of the screen.
Thanks to Mark Venter you can click for the Sticks and Tissue archive.
Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
It is possible to have an effect on the content of Wikipedia articles, so if you disagree with their aeromodelling items or wish to produce a new article get involved!
Control Line Control line (also called U-Control ) is a simple and light way of controlling a flying model aircraft.
Cox Engines A history of their production over more than 50 years.
Discus Launch Gliders A Discus Launch Glider (DLG) is a radio controlled model sailplane launched using a 'discus launch' in which the glider is held by a wingtip and rotated around the flyer by hand before release.
Early Flying Machines Early flying machines include all forms of aircraft studied or constructed before the development of the modern aeroplane by 1910
Flight Simulator GEFS GEFS-Online is a free, online flight simulator based on the Google Earth plug-in
Free Flight Model aircraft The segment of model aviation known as free flight is the original form of the aeromodeling hobby, extending back centuries.
Frog Models was a well-known British brand of flying model aircraft and scale model construction kits from the 1930s to the 1970s.
Model Aircraft A model aircraft is a small sized unmanned aircraft or, in the case of a scale model, a replica of an existing or imaginary aircraft.
No-Cal is a competition class of rubber-powered free flight model airplanes.
Radio Controlled Glider They are able to sustain continuous flight by exploiting the lift produced by slopes and thermals, controlled remotely from the ground with a transmitter.
Stringfellow John is known for his work on the Aerial Steam Carriage with William Samuel Henson.
Walkalong Glider is a lightweight, slow flying model aircraft designed to be kept aloft by controllable slope soaring

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