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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

29th June
On Friday 17th June we were leaving the "Country Cafe" at Market Overton, which is alongside Cottesmore, when we heard a jet noise we recognised and spotted the Vulcan sweeping in from the North East to do a low run down the runway and then up in what seemed a vertical climb into a wing over. The Vulcan circled, did a low run in the reverse direction into another wingover and then away to the South West, off to Kemble.

We were very lucky to be in the right place at the right time to get a "personal" display of this sort. As always the project is short of money and they have some new graphics for use in web sites:-

Vulcan Banner

If you have not visited their site recently there is lots of up to date information, request for donations, as well as sales items. I now have a nicely framed and presented blown fuse from the "aux-rudder" .........

29th June
The Canadian use of the Peterborough FET timer (27th June) came from the bulletin board at "Small Flying Arts". This link is to the Electric Power Free Flight section but there are lots more subjects.

27th June
Further international use of the Peterborough FET timer - This time from Canada. See the end of the original article from January 2009.

Tony Dunster Tropy25th June
Tony Dunsterville Memorial Trophy.

Report and Results



23rd June
Thanks to Mick Page there is a different batch of front page photographs, continuing the Nats 2011 theme.

A reminder of Mike Smith's www.freeflightscale.com

Plans by Chiz19th June
The International Model Airplane Plans Co-operative








17th June
Thanks to Alex Whittaker we have some pictures of Bernie at the Freeflight Nationals

As well as an extra picture of Brian Waterlands P51





15th June
Thanks to John Ashmole for his "Inner Circle" piece in members models.
There is also an update, at the end of the text, in "The Sopwith Tabloid" from 2010.

14th June
I missed the link yesterday, have a look at the HPA Builders Forum.

13th June
Thanks to Mike Fantham I am passing on the following:-
"This from Lee Hines in California........
Stan has retaken the F1N World Record!!! He did a flight of 112 seconds(1 minute & 52 sec) yesterday, which breaks M. Ishii's flight of 109sec, set this March(FAI record pending). History again made in Tustin Hanger! I know you will all join me in a "Hip Hip, Hooray!" Congratulating cheer for Stan Buddenbohm!"

13th June
An oddity.... Seemingly the images are used mainly "as avatars, to populate your 3D multi-user environments"

Antoinette         Avroplane

11th June
Whilst aimed at R/C glider flyers these iPhone apps could useful when flying freeflight.
Wubbe's iPhone Apps - - - - F3 Apps Mobile applications for RC Aeromodelling

9th June
Some photographs from Ted, taken at Ferry Meadows and all to do with HL/catapult gliders.

7th June
Thanks to Mick Page for his take on the Nats, providing the front page photographs for the next few days.

5th June
Now the Free Flight Nationals are over the next big weekend out, 23rd/24th July, presents a choice. BMFA East Anglian Gala at Sculthorpe or the Scale Weekend at Old Warden.

Ferry Meadows this coming Friday, 3rd June. Pete Gibbons is organising a P20 Competition.

3rd June
Some more photographs from Ted of the Bowden at the 2011 Nats.

2nd June
Photographs of Brian Waterlands Open Scale rubber powered P51.

Some photographs from Ted of the PMFC members who returned a score in the Bowden contest.

1st June
Thanks to Brian Waterland who sent the Bowden results, he is to be congratulated for coming first in the FF Open Scale with his rubber powered P51.

Brian said about the Bowden:- "PMFC had 7 entries in a total of 28. Only 7 entrants returned a score and only two (Brian Waterland and the winner) had qualifying flights in both rounds. Brian Lever came 7th. Mick Taylor came 3rd and yours truly 2nd.

1st June
Nine pictures from Ted on the front page for the next few days. His view of the 2011 Bowden Contest.

31st May
Ian has provided some photographs for the 2011 Bowden at the Nats and said:-
"BTW It was a pleasure to witness  professional diesel starting from ALL the PMFC entrants. Even Ted did us proud. And '2 flick Waterland'......well just showing off !!

31st May
It wasn't quite so windy on the last day of the Nats, it rained instead....

Whilst with a group watching the Bowden on Sunday Model Engine Spares was recommended as a help with replacing crank shafts in the motors that had gone in under full power.

29th May
A blustery Saturday at the Nationals.....
6 front page pictures of the Bowden from myself - there were a number of other PMFC people at Barkston using cameras, so I hope to have lots of other photographs after the weekend.

There are also some Bowden photographs in the Gallery section.

At Old Warden29th May
Just checked Alex Whittakers blog to see if he had reported on Saturday at the Nats and what should I find but this photograph. See May the 14th on the blog for more details.

27th May
Free Flight Nats this weekend - the run of moderate/fresh/strong winds continues with seemingly no respite on any of the three days..... Good luck and no breakages for those flying.


25th May
Here are the winners of the 2011 FAI Young Artists Contest, whose theme was "50 Years of Human Space Flight". The theme of this year was tightly linked to the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's historic flight.

Japan1        Russia1        Russia2

Click on any of the paintings for more information.
The theme of the 2012 Contest will be "Silent flight". The rules and the interpretation of the theme will be published later this month on the CIEA web pages.

23rd May
Radio Controlled Soaring Digest are well ahead of themselves as their June issue is now available. The usual stunning photographs plus information of interest to flyers in any moddelling discipline, not just RC gliders.

21st May
Screwdrivers and soldering irons with built in illumination are fairly common but I had not heard of tweezers with a light before.

20th May
Just spotted "Wakefield Gold Challenge Cup 1911-2011 Centennial Postal Contest"
Not only the competition details but an excellent history of the Wakefield Cup with more links to explore.

18th May
A little late this month with a reminder of the "Sticks & Tissue" section from Raynes Park Club web site. As wide ranging and interesting as usual.

16th May
Thanks to Mick Page there is another set of nine "front page pictures", these were all taken at Ferry Meadows.

RCSD-back page15th May
Another mention for Radio Controlled Soaring Digest.

The May edition is available, worth a look even if you don't fly R/C gliders, for the quality of the photographs and articles of general interest.



6th May
E Bowden WinnerI have just spotted the GDMAS May newsletter with results from the Free Flight event on 30th April. You can get the whole newletter from their web site but click here for a .pdf version of the the free flight results. John Ashmole had a good day.....
Ted provided some photographs - see 2nd May.

No updates to the PMFC web site until after 14th May.

Thanks to Mick Page principally but also to Russ Lister, Ted Szklaruk and Dave Rumball for their front page photographs. The stock of these is almost exhausted so I would welcome some more, particularly from new "suppliers" - ideally in groups of nine photographs, landscape shape, with the long edge at least 1366 pixels, (I can reduce the size if you do send them larger than that.)

4th May
A change in the front page photographs. Mick Page has produced a group from when it was possible to fly in the Millenium Dome at Greenwich.

2nd May
Thanks to Ted, who sent "Some pictures from the Grantham club Barkston Heath competitions run on 30thApril 2011" - they all look very cheerful, even though it was windy.

1st May
NASA have made available:- FoilSim an interactive simulation software that determines the airflow around various shapes of airfoils. Not sure if it has any actual use in the sort of thing those at PMFC do but it might be of interest. If anyone does give it a try perhaps they might write a short review for the web site? - e-mail

29th April
International use of the Peterborough FET timer - Ian has been in contact with Dave Andreski in the USA who has made use of the timer and sent some photographs. See the end of the original article from January 2009.

27th April
Ted has been busy again. Here is his Sky Bug, almost ready for the Electric Bowden type events at Barkston.

25th April
Mention of the Bowden Trophy reminded me that Alex Whittaker, RCM&E columist and photographer has just started http://www.alexwhittaker.com He has a blog section and is planning to update from the flying field and as he has in interest in the Bowden it might be worth keeing an eye on his pages on 29th May.

23rd April
With the Bowden Trophy not much more than a month away and a "Cabin/Scale Target Precision" comp at Barkston next weekend it might be a good time to remind you of Brian Waterlands piece on "How to improve your chances of winning The Bowden Trophy"

21st April
I have mentioned Zoe's Control Line Site several times, particularly regarding her scanning and making available on-line model aircraft magazines. She also produces regular articles, the most recent of which concerns Motorvation Model Engines.

19th April
An excellent site devoted to control line flying - - - - with a section on electric control line.

Ian has spotted there is a very interesting article in Design/Electronic Timer. "It's not a timer at all but a device that measures centrifugal acceleration, think about it....a measure of line tension! As the stunt CL model goes thru the schedule, drag will reduce the model speed and a second processor increases (and decreases) the motor speed to keep the model velocity (and line tension) as constant as possible.....
commercially available and 50 Euros....... Clever."

17th April
Thanks to Mick Page there is another set of web site opening page photographs, which feature a "take-off".

16th April
An excellent site devoted to control line flying - - - - with a section on electric control line.

14th April
A trbute to Harry Coover the inventor of “superglue”

12th April
A reminder that the March Edition of "Sticks & Tissue" is available on the Raynes Park Club web site. (Click the "Sticks & Tissue" button on the left of the screen.)

10th April
Thanks to Bernie for the photograph A Jaguar from Kev. As a result of seeing this model at Ferry Meadows last Friday I did some web searching and have included some extra information.

Rob Smith has been busy with Ebenezers..........

7th April
One of the enjoyable things about the Impington Indoor Sessions is their Exhibition Area, where interesting models are put on display. Thanks to Dave Rumball, who took photographs of the March 2011 Exhibition, which are the PBMFC "front page" pictures for the next few days

5th April
Bernie and Ian put me on to Bob Beecroft from Fallbrook California:- "AeroSmith builds freeflight field support equipment, F1B support gear, custom engine work, occasional short-run work for the cottage industry, and services related to freeflight competition model airplanes."

Excellent web site, pages of interesting information with "Beginning Free Flight Power" a particularly good one.

The links section on our club web site have had a minor sort out, with American and Antipodean sites a section of their own as well as one for "On line publications". Please let me know of further links that could be added. e-mail

3rd April
Good home needed for three gliders plus words to suit. - John Ashmole

FLYING ACES 2011 - Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. Sunday 4th September 2011

1st April
I was taken by the back page article in the April BMFA News about "Preserving Model Aviation History" the American way. Now that Cottesmore is "surplus to requirements"........

30th March
www.faifreeflight.org is based in the USA. They regularly publish newsletters which are avilable from their web site or you can subscribe and have them sent to you directly.

28th March
Just received the schedule for FLYING ACES 2011. Brian wanted me to highlight the new Vic Smeed comp for "Junior Miss".

27th March
There was a good turnout of PMFC members at the Impington meeting last Sunday.
Thanks to Dave Rumball for new the set of opening page pictures.

25th March
Just Kits and Models from Southampton contacted me asking for a reciprocal web page link. They deal in non flying models but also have an interesting selection of paints and tools.

Altimeter23rd March
"The openaltimeter is a small, lightweight, low-power logging altimeter with an optional built-in LiPo regulator and a very loud beeper! It's aimed at radio-controlled glider pilots, particularly DLG fliers, but because the firmware is open-source it can be customised completely for other applications."

The above taken from http://openaltimeter.org
The device has been well received by the DLG community and could be of interest in a variety of different models.

21st March
I have mentioned Radio Controlled Soaring Digest before. The April edition has just been published, worth a look even if you don't fly R/C gliders, for the quality of the photographs and articles of general interest.

19th March
Radio Control Micro World a US based "Yahoo Group - an online magazine for modelers interested in building small Radio Controlled models weighing under 8 ounces."

Click for a sample in .pdf form. This edition includes a piece from John Stennard who writes the very useful "‘Watts Under The Roof" section in Quiet & Electric Flight International.

17th March
Don't forget the INDOOR FLYING at IVCMAC Sunday 20th March 2011

17th March
Thanks to Mick Page there is a new set of web site opening page photographs.
This set all feature a "take-off".

16th March
The international "Jetex.org" has been in the links section for sometime. They have a wide ranging "Micro Rocket Literature" page where you can download articles. "Smoke Trails - 34", the first one from 2011, is available.

14th March
A&DB ModelAircraft "Classic models from the golden age of aero modelling"

12th March
Victorian Free Flight Society - thought at first it pre-dated the SMAE but of course it is in Australia.

Patiodor10th March
Patiodor (a kind of Matador) from John Ashmole


10th March
Thanks to Richard Arnold for the link to the
"Ernie Webster of Keil Kraft" article on the
www.model-plans.co.uk web site.

8th March
Australian Control Line Nostalgia

5th March
The Wakefield International Cup A history from 1911 - by Charles Dennis Rushing

3rd March
Thanks to Mick Page there is a new set of front page pictures. From the Crawley indoor meeting.

28th February
Free Flight News Calendar - a comprehensive list. There is now a link on the Events Page.

26th February
A bit late with this but have only just come across the link to see the video of the Guiness Book of Records "Worlds Smallest R/C Plane".
You can then waste a great deal of time trying all the other "smallest/biggest" video clips offered on the same web page.

24th February
The February edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is now available at the Raynes Park Club website. (Click the "Sticks and Tissue" button on the left of the screen when on their web site.) A very wide ranging set of subjects including Vic Smeed’s last design as well as photographs from the Crawley Indoor event that is providing our current "front page photos".

22nd February
I have mentioned Zoe's Control Line Site several times previously, for the hard work Zoe has done in producing scans of old model aircraft magazines as well as a site where you can always have an excellent browse.

From last November is an interesting piece on plan copyright.

19th February
An interesting way of selling a book:-
Andy Crisp's World of Free Flight Model Aircraft

You may have to click on "Online Shop", then Andy Crisp's book is the second one down.

17th February
Thanks to Mick there is a new set of front page photographs, this time from the Crawley indoor session on 6th February.

15th February
A Members Model from Ian - an enlarged "Percy" by Bill Brown.

12th February
Ian has been busy......
Tests on brushless outrunner power units suitable for the 2011 E30 rules.
If you would prefer a .pdf version for easy printing, click here.

10th February
Something I have managed to miss up until now is the "CIAM-Flyer". Their latest production seems to be aimed at non-aeromodellers:- CIAM Flyer 01-2011 : Gliding Needs Altitude - Three ways of launching a model glider plane to gain altitude. A well produced article in .pdf format.

It turns out that there are editions dating from 2007, and those I have browsed so far have been of interest.

8th February
Mark and Mick did well in Crawley last Sunday with Mark winning both HLG and catapault with Mick second in HLG.
Photo by Gary Oulds

Mick said it was a pity to miss this event as the hall is very large and they take turns in comps and fun flying. He took some photos of the event, which we will see soon. - Thanks Mick.

6th February
Ken Comps for this season - Bernie passed on the schedule from Ian Hibbert of GDMAS.
Click for an easy to print .pdf version.

3rd February
A new name for the next batch of front page photographs. Thanks to Russ Lister for his PMFC selection.

1st February
The Raynes Park Club from SW London have a truly excellent regular feature "Sticks and Tissue" (Click the "Sticks and Tissue" button on the left of the screen when on their web site.)The January edition starts with a photograph taken at Old Warden on 27 June 2010 featuring Ron Moulton and Vic Smeed. Then goes on with a wide ranging series of articles and plans. All well worth a browse.

There is international co-operation working here as the Christchurch Model Aero Club from New Zealand have an archive of "Sticks and Tissue" in .pdf form, together with other newsletters of interest. Their web site is good as well!

Whilst on the subject of "Sticks and Tissue" there is also an American based web site and forum called Stick and Tissue.

29th January
East or West for bargains on March 20th as there is a Swapmeet at both Fenland MFC, Sutton St Edmunds and at the Russell Hall, Old Warden. - See page 52 of the February BMFA News for full details. - Although if you want to go flying there is INDOOR FLYING at IVCMAC.

27th January
It is now a month since Ted provided the snowy heading photo from the post Christmas session at Ferry Meadows, so back to the normal heading. There is no snow in the forecast for the week ahead, so might the snow in Teds picture be the last we see this Winter?

25th January
Another for the "Members Models" section. Super Scorpion from John Ashmole.

24th January
Thank you to BMFA News and Andy Bough for the Vic Smeed Obituary

24th January
INDOOR FLYING at IVCMAC Sunday 20th March 2011 Impington Village College, Cambridge. 9.00am to 5.00pm

For those with close connections to this Cambridge club they have IVCMAC 1946 - 2011 65th Anniversary Friday 18th February 2011

John Ashmole has sent a flying photo of the Sopworth Tabloid that Bernie "took over" from him. It is at the bottom of the article.

23rd January
This review for a cordless glue gun was in the January QEFI. Seems very handy, particularly for foam repairs. I have yet to try one and would be pleased to hear if anyone has used the device. - e-mail

20th January
Time for a new batch of front page pictures, so thanks again to Mick Page for the current set, taken in "The Dome" during 2003.

18th January
Russ Listers site got a mention on 9th January (see below), it turns out he also looks after

18th January
Both the "Events" and the "Meetings" pages have been tidied up.

16th January
An unlikely heading for you:- "Queen Mother inspects a Pulse Jet"
Another clip from the British Pathe Archive, click the picture to set it going.

RedwingRedwing15th January
There was a query about the "Free Flight Forum Reports" produced by The BMFA Free Flight Technical Committee. Their contents is listed on the www.freeflightuk.org web site.

Just heard from Jonathan Whitmore, who has recently moved back to Peterborough and is a potential PMFC member. Jonathan has an interesting build thread on RCGroups for a Frog Redwing.

14th January
Further to yesterdays link to "Free Flight Quarterly", they have also offered for download "Slick Willie E-36" which will be of interest to E30 enthusiasts, as an American take on this type of model.

13th January
I have just been introduced to "Free Flight Quarterly", the quality production from Australia. They also have a blog where sample articles from the magazine are offered for download and where "Breaking a 36 year Old Record" caught my eye. It was good to see Mark Benns and Mick Page given a credit in the first paragraph. Click for the article.

12th January
More browsing, whilst we wait for Spring to arrive. This time from Colin Hutchinson's model aircraft pages, lots of different items, scroll down for the free flight links. There is a page on Ebenezers as well as two pages on Ray Malmstrom's designs, One - Two

9th January
Bright and sunny today but rather windy for freeflight....
Good for browsing in Russ Listers site - Russ also includes a short video of the "Swarm" at Peterborough Flying Aces 5th September 2004 - shirt sleeves and fluffy clouds, something to look forward to.

7th January
It is now a little over two weeks since we celebrated the Winter Solstice with a batch of Mick Page photographs, some of which had a "weather" theme. From today there is another, similar set. Thanks Mick.

5th January
Another link to the "The UK-built solar-powered Zephyr aeroplane" that I mentioned on 30th December, this time it is the BBC.

4th January
Bernie e-mailed with the following:-
"Click the link below to get to the forum where Kev has done a photo build of his Jaguar, including the prop carving. Talking of which, Kev is doing a prop carving demo at Peakirk this Friday. 

If anyone else wants to join in and show how they do it, or bring along attempts they've done, or even failures that didn't quite get there, please do. (I have one or two in the latter category that I'll show!)

www.hippocketaeronautics.com you don't need to be a forum member to view, but some of you may like to join the forum and keep up with the various goings on. it's a very good aeromodellers resource. 

Just heard there will be a a "Club Auction" before the talk.

3rd January
Update on Teds Blitzjager.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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