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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Indoor Flying, Bushfield - directions and details see Meetings/Events on left.
Saturday, 6th January
Saturday, 10th February - Sunday, 11th March
Saturday, 10th March BMFA booking 10am-5pm

31st December
Earlier in the week I received an e-mail from a modeller in India with a query about the Peterborough FET timer. I like this international aspect and as an end of the year round up I made use of the stats offered by Maploco.com (see bottom of this page).
Click for a listing of places from which visitors have viewed the PMFC web site.

29th December
Mighty Atom, 1934 - although is it?

Some interesting comments about this video.



27th December
I had hoped to go the the 'Frostbite Fly In' at Ferry this morning but with a Met Office yellow warning of rain/snow for Peterborough until 11:00 plus winds of 15mph gusting to 30mph....

Click for an interesting piece about Supermarine from the Vulcan to the Sky web site.

Then there is the a rather flash trailer from PlanesTV for their video of RIAT 2017.

25th December
Micks latest batch of front page photographs are all of winners in the 2017 series of club free flight competitions.

Don't forget 'Frostbite Fly In' at Ferry 10 - 1 on Wed 27th Dec.
Indoor at Bushfield on Saturday 6th January.
Then at Buckminster on January 7th there is Retro Control Line Combat.

Keep up to date with the club evenings at Peakirk via the Meetins/Events on the left.

23rd December
Jon spotted this video of scale freeflight from 2017 Nats, some faces you will recognise in this.

Click the picture to start the video.

The January edition of RCSD is available with the usual quality photos and articles about r/c gliding together with general interest of a further article on thermals.

21st December
Thanks to Mick for an excellent photograph on the front page, with seasons greetings to all.

19th December
Chris at Soo Modellers continues to find a wide variety of videos. Click for the latest selection.

My favourite was from the late 1940's at Conningsby. Click the picture for that one.



17th December
BMFA FFTC Free Flight Gala at Buckminster. Click the "sun rise" for some snaps.

Manny Williamson and Mark Benns were there bright and early to welcome people and get things going.

Manny told me that snow had affected last weekends Swapmeet but enough people braved the conditions to make it worthwhile. Good quality goods were on offer, with everyone feeling positive about the event. The next one will be in April.

15th December
Weather forecast for the Free Flight Gala at Buckminster on Sunday seems "possible". Weather unlikely to affect the Club Christmas Party this evening. - Details for both in "Meetings and Events" on the left.

Might be travel problems for us getting to the Scale Day though, as this is in New Zealand....





13th December
I continue to get caught out with the different miniature connectors available and have come across the American based www.rc-connectors.com who have a very comprensive list. (Make sure you click in the categories listing on the left.) Their address is now on the page of miniature connectors I put together in October this year.

11th December
Thanks to Mick for his front page photographs taken at this years club agm.

Thanks also to John who has finished "Autumn Leaves" the December edition of the club magazine. That was printed by Brian W and posted on Friday.
I have just e-mailed details of the .pdf download for those members who get their magazine via this low cost method.
Non club members will have access to the magazine in the New Year.

Snow stopped me going to the Swapmeet at Buckminster, not sure yet what actually happened at Buckminster.

9th December
Swapmeet at Buckminster tomorrow from 10am onwards. See Meetings/Events on the left for more details.

From the Buckminster web site:- "Please note that all indoor space has now been reserved (over 60 tables) however we have a large space outdoors for an aero-modellers car boot sale. No need to book for this, just turn up, bring your own tables though."

Click the Lysander for a comprehensive piece by Dave Hadfield, with excellent photographs from "Vintage Wings of Canada".

4th December
Another enjoyable session at Bushfield on Saturday.

PMFC have an account with Vimeo. Click their logo to see what is stored.
Should anyone have suitable videos that could be included let me know and I can pass on access details.

No "Latest Updates" until Saturday, 9th December

2nd December
Off in a few minutes for indoor flying at Bushfield.

Click on the thumbnail for details of the event at North Luffenham on Sunday 3rd.

Then two dates for BMFA Buckminster, Sunday December 10th the Swapmeet and Sunday 17th December the BMFA Freeflight Gala.
See "Meetings/Events" on the left for further details.

30th November
Bushfield Saturday, 10:00 until 13:00 - see Meetings/Events for further details.

Last February I put in this "Magnus" link that I picked up from Chris at the Soo Modellers web site. Lots of in information about the effect on the web.
If you want to make and bring your "Blue Peter" version to Bushfield, try this link.

28th November
Click the "Slipstream" logo for the December/January edition.
Thanks to Stan for that.


26th November
Thanks to Mick and Bryan for the latest batch of front page photographs, these from this years August BMFA Nationals.

24th November
There will be a prompt, 7:30pm, start to this evenings club AGM and Prizegiving at Peakirk.
Details in Meetings/Events on the left.

22nd November
I give RCSD a mention occasionally as one of the best on-line aeromodelling magazines. Although RC Soaring based its articles often offer a wider range. Click their logo for the November edition, with amongst other things, an article on thermals, which starts at page 41.

20th November
Received my December edition of Aeromodeller this morning which contains a two page spread from Andrew Boddington of the PMFC Flying Aces event on 3rd September.

Andrew mentions the results can be seen on the web site, they are tucked away in the "History" link on the left together with those from previous years but for instant access click here. Mick put together several front page sets of photographs from Flying Aces, click for the list.

19th November
Brian W passed on this Shockie Demo from friend Phil saying "Even if shockies are not your thing, this is clever flying and I was staggered by the speed of response on the variable pitch prop.

17th November
Picked up "The Szentes Spider" from SEN an email/online newsletter about FAI Free Flight.

Click the spider for more information.

Is there room in a P30 for an iCare GPS?


15th November
Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of "A free flight Indoor Ugami electric inspired by Bill Brown's rubber version", this photograph is in the Indoor part of Flying Classes from the menu on the left.

An aeromodeller from Houston in Texas has spotted this and enquired about the original rubber powered version. I have done some searching and although I think I have found the correct Bill Brown I haven't found a mention of Ugami. Can anyone help?

Just in case you haven't seen the message from John:-
"It's Scale evening at Peakirk, 7.30 pm to 10.00 this Friday. This is becoming a regular annual event, and it will be led on this occasion by David Clark who says he will be putting on a short presentation. (He underlined "short" so you need not bring sandwiches, although tea and coffee will be provided, thanks to BML.) Please also bring a scale model for the tables...Dave even mentioned any balsa solids that we may have stored in the loft."

13th November
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, also to Bryan who contributed.

Excellent session at Bushfield yesterday.

11th November
Continuing from the engine theme of 2nd and 9th of November have a look at "Model Engine News" from Ron Chernich in Australia, produced from 2002 until 2013, an amazing amount of quality information.

Or go direct to the "People" list.

Bushfield on Sunday.
The Inaugural BMFA Free Flight Gala at Buckminster, also planned for Sunday has been postponed until 17th December because of the poor weather forecast.
More details on either in "Meetings/Events" on the left.

9th November
Thanks to Bryan who spotted that sale details of the "Annual Aeromodel Engine Auction, Gildings Auctioneers" are available. They can be read in lot order but for those who are just curious can be displayed most expensive first, or lowest first......

4th November
Thanks to Stan you can click on the magazine header for the November edition of Slipstream.

No "Latest Updates" until 9th November.

2nd November
Something to get you into the mood for Brian Lever talking about his engine collection on Friday evening at Peakirk and also the Engine Auction in Market Harborough the next day.

Roger Ramjet from Soo Modellers in Canada said:- ""Wen-Mac" was a competitor with "Cox" back in the 60s and both offered similar "pre-built" models. Cox models were much more popular, perhaps because their engines were easier to handle and much better in every respect." He offered this link to a 1966 TV advert.

31st October
Great fortitude shown by PMFC members at North Luffenham on Saturday when the wind was too strong for comfort. I believe a 1, 2 and 3 were scored in P30, with other results as well. Full details in the next magazine.

Click the club flag for general snaps to give a flavour of the event.

We had a much more comfortable time indoors at Bushfield the following day. A good mixture of models, with everyone enjoying themselves.

29th October
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, these from the BMFA Radio Control and Control Line Nationals, in August.

27th October
A busy weekend with Indoor at Bushfield on Sunday and outdoor freeflight, the Midland Gala, at North Luffenham on Saturday.

A new date for BMFA Buckminster - click the thumb nail for details.



25th October
Click the "Field of Dreams" header for the latest edition of the PMFC club magazine, which is now available to non-members.
Thanks to John.


23rd October
Indoor flying on Sunday and as a help for those using electric power click for a link to some information about the various commercial connectors available.

MicronWings from Australia, who get a mention in the above, also have a very useful set of tutorials showing skills and techniques for micro RC building.

Just put the above on the web when I received the latest FAI bulletin and discovered there is an "Indoor Skydiving Championship". Can we adapt this for Bushfield?

21st October
Thanks to Bryan for a reminder of the Gildings sale. Click the logo for the catalogue and details of over 500 motors....
(There are some non motor items mixed in, starting at page 5.)

The latest Aeromodeller mentions the sale and adds:- "including around 200 lots from the collection of the late Arni Ohlsson of Sweden plus a similar quantity from UK collector David Price and some from Dick Roberts, the curator of recent sales."

The club meeting at Peakirk on the previous evening (November 3rd) has Brian Lever talking about his engine collection, with many stories and technical information.

19th October
Indoor flying dates at Bushfield are now at the top of this page. For further information and location try Meetings/Events on the left.

John reminded us yesterday that:-
"This Friday is the first Peakirk clubnight of the year (Peakirk Village Hall, 7.30pm.) And it will get us off to a good start with the Stan Spencer auction. I understand that there will be a lot of models and materials to auction and, knowing our late friend Stan, they will be of very good quality. (These evenings are roughly fortnightly, remember, so that each one should be well worth attending.)"

17th October
Still plenty going on outdoors this Autumn.
Mon 23rd. October Final C/L meet of the year.
Sat 28th. October Midland Gala, Luffenham.
Sun 12th. November, Buckminster Free Flight Gala.
Sun 3rd. December, Coupe De Birmingham.

Click above for details of BFFG

More details in Meetings/Events on the left, with indoor news to come on Thursday.

15th October
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, this is the third from Flying Aces 2017. Mick has made sure that every 2017 Flying Aces 1st place winner appears in these 27 photographs, either accepting his prize or flying his model.

Click for the full list of front page photographs.

A windy forecast but there is freeflight at North Luffenham today.
See Meetings/Events on the left.

7th October
No "latest updates" until 15th October.

I was quite taken with and amused by these diy "tips"

Click the Red Arrows for 2 minutes of their last display in the UK of the year.

5th October
During the Winter Peakirk Club Nights will be from 7:30 until 9:30 and will be fortnightly in most cases. There are some "specials" that are listed in Meetings/Events on the left.

3rd October
Click the logo for some snaps to give an idea of what was happening at the rather windy Octoberfest.



1st October
Thanks to Mick and Bryan for the new set of front page photographs.

29th October
Click the icon for the October issue of "Slipstream".

Thanks to Stan for another quality read.

Don't forget that on Sunday it is the SAM35 Octoberfest.

27th September
Single Channel & Retro fly-in at BMFA Buckminster today.

Click the "Wind Bag" model for a variety of snaps.



25th September
Autumn sunshine at Old Warden yesterday, rather windy, although this didn't discourage the 28 entries in the "Rubber Bowden".

From the other side of the world "Oily Hands Diesel Day 2017, certainly the same sounds, with similar models to some of those at the "Festival of Flight". Click the picture for the video and thanks to Chris at Soo Modellers for the link.

23rd September
Click the logo for a .pdf download of the September
edition of New Clarion.

21st September
A last reminder for 23rd and 24th at Old Warden, a "Festival of Flight", which includes a "rubber Bowden" on the Sunday.

Then a mid-week meeting at BMFA Buckminster on Wednesday 27th when there is a "Single Channel & Retro fly-in", and the following weekend, Sunday 1st October is the SAM35 Octoberfest.

October 28th, Midland Gala, North Luffenham.

Rather later is Coupe de Birmingham on December 3rd at North Luffenham, click the logo for full details.

19th September
Another American supplier with interesting models is "Stevens Aeromodel" - click their logo for more details.

Watch out though if buying from outside the UK. A couple of club members have have recently had substantial extra fees applied when importing model kits or equipment.

Dave R has just let me know that the Stevens kits are available direct from Micron, so saving on import duty. "Bit expensive so think they have added duty, nice looking models though."

17th September
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs taken at Peterborough Flying Aces 2017.

15th September
Meetings and Events on the left list further details for the BMFA 7th Area Comp at North Luffenham on Sunday, where SAM 35 have events as well.

Following weekend, 23rd and 24th at Old Warden, a "Festival of Flight", which includes a "rubber Bowden" on the Sunday.

Thanks to John, "Field of Dreams", the latest edition of the club magazine is now available. The printed version was posted yesterday whilst the e-mail link should have just arrived. The magazine will be available to non PMFC members in a month or so.

13th September
Click for the final results from the Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competions for 2017,
which John has just sent.

He said:-
"A smaller turnout than usual, but it was not as windy as expected, a very busy three hours. Some surprises, sadly two P20's left in lake.
Thanks to all who have made the 2017 series a most enjoyable one.

11th September
Brian W has passed on the dates for this Winters Bushfield meetings.

They are :-
Sunday 29th October - - Sunday 12th November - - Saturday 2nd December
Saturday 6th January 2018 - - Saturday 10th February 2018 - - Sunday 11th March 2018.

A mix of Saturdays and Sundays. All sessions 10.00 to 13.00 hrs .
Usual restrictions- no Shockies, Helis, Drones.

The dates, plus full details are in Meetings/Events on the left.

The last of the PMFC Ferry Meadows free flight competitions is tomorrow.
See 7th September for more details.

9th September
Gordon Bennett gets the occasional mention, for one reason or another, on these web pages......
The 61st Coup Aeronautique has started. - - - "Tracking Race Viewer"

To more mundane matters.
The links page has had a sort out with some items removed which were no longer working. Let me know if there are any links you would like added.

7th September
The last of the PMFC Ferry Meadows free flight competitions for 2017 is next Tuesday, the time is from 15:00 until 18:00 to take account of the darker evenings.

Click to view the Championship Table rounds one to four.

5th September
Click the icon for the September issue of "Slipstream".

Thanks to Stan for another excellent read.


3rd September
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs
which he has produced in memory of Ian Middlemiss.

1st September
Click the photo for a build review by Ian Middlemiss of "MADRES" a 2m glider that fits the "F3-RES" class.

Ian was a prolific writer of top quality technical articles and reviews that have appeared on the PMFC web site.

This is his last article.

29th August
Excellent article in August RCM&E by David Ashby on his visit to SLEC, with a section on the balsa that SLEC supply. Article heading "Sand and Deliver".

I was taken by the caption and didn't think RCM&E would mind me using just the one photograph from the article.

27th August
Power Nationals off to a good start, sensible wind speed and temperature.
A good gathering of free flight scale from 6pm onwards plus a large crowd at the slightly anarchic sports freeflight session.

Click for some snapshots

24th August
Ted has just sent a follow on from "The Bee Goes Down Under", August 2016.

Click for the latest update.



22nd August
I give Radio Control Soaring Digest a plug occasionally, usually for specific articles, this time for where Microsoft gets into the act and "Science mimics nature; researchers test AI-controlled soaring machine", on page 103 of the September edition.

The latest Aeromodeller arrived yesterday with an excellent full page plug for Flying Aces and the KK Elf Precision competition, also an article from John on the "Cloud Tramp Challenge".

20th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs which act as an advert for PMFC Flying Aces on Sunday 3rd September - schedule available from top of this page.
The photos also include a mention of Mike Stuarts excellent flying scale model pages.

Next weekend is the R/C Nationals, back at Barkston; traders stands together with control line, as well as the main r/c disciplines plus free flight in the evenings.

For the first time the BMFA Silent Flight Nationals will be held at Buckminster Lodge, an easy journey either from Barkstone or Peterborough if you are curious to see what the competitive flat field glider flyers are up to.

No "Latest Updates" until Sunday.

15th August
I mentioned Meteoblue.com at the end of July and have now added a link to them on the PMFC Weather Page. A large quantity of options with this wind chart particularly useful.

No "Latest Updates" until Sunday.

Just received a note from John:-
"Plans are now well advanced for the forthcoming Flying Aces event at Ferry Meadows, on September 3rd. This is our big day, and once again we can expect a large entry...especially since the "K.K.Elf" contest, with its large cash prizes from the Vintage Model Company will be taking place.

On the subject of K.K.Elves, Brian Lever and I have just a few of the remaining Special Edition Flying Aces Elf kits (with specially selected balsa) still available at £20 each. A quick reply secures yours."

13th August
I have given www.vintagewings.ca several mentions but worth another one for their latest item.

Not that many PMFC members have tattoos but click on the engine cutaway for the article. Lots of text, worth a read if you have the time, otherwise scroll down to the examples.


11th August
Click the t/n for some photos of Wendy and Ray putting in their flights for the 2017 Grant MIMLOCT.

Scores from the FF World Champs continue to be reported on the BARCS forum with a full list from the Championship web site.


9th August
After being encouraged to go to the Monday free flight sessions at BMFA Buckminster I decided to give it a go this week. Forecast was for the wind to drop in the afternoon so I was there at 4pm, a touch windy but OK, with the direction straight down the main runway.

An enjoyable 90 minutes flying, with recovery very easy as the models were landing on or close to the runway. What I failed to spot was a direction change on what became my last flight when the model landed in the "Cloud Tramp lily pond". This is a very small pond in a large field.......

Not sure if anyone else turned up to fly later but I had the place to myself until 5:30pm when I had a chat to Manny Williamson then went home to dry my socks.

Just heard from Ray Millard:-
"Work got in the way, so we couldn't make it to Ferry. But bang on the dot of 5, in a meadow near Blakeney, Wendy and I put in our CT flights. Mission accomplished!!

Another late entry....
There are reports on the BARCS Forum of the current World Free Flight Championships.

7th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, from this years Brum Fly 2017 at North Luffenham.

5th August
At 5pm today is the "CHARLES HAMPSON GRANT MIMLOCT" at Ferry Meadows.
If you find this time inconvenient don't forget our friends in New Zealand will be flying it at 4am.

3rd August
Click the pond for some snaps taken at the SAM35 event.

Click here for snaps taken on day two of the event, when it was even windier but it was sunshine and showers as opposed to the grey drizzle of Wednesday.

I did hear that Tuesday evening was idylic, no wind and a glorious sunset.....

2nd August
Something to read whilst waiting for the wind to drop at the SAM 35 event, BMFA Buckminster.

Thanks to Stan for the August "Slipstream"


31st July
I have the feeling we are suffering from higher winds speeds this year than previously and have just come across Meteoblue.com, another forecast web site but with some extras you can try.

Click on the wind rose for Peterborough to investigate.



29th July
Another busy week coming.
John has covered the SAM35 event at BMFA Buckminster on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd in his e-mail message, with news of competitions on the 3rd.
Click the thumbnail for the SAM35 information sheet.

Then on Monday there is control line flying at Ferry Meadows, whilst Saturday is the "Grant Mimloct", also at Ferry Meadows.

See Meetings and Events on the left for further information.

Click for Grant Mimloct home page.


27th July
Thanks to Mick there is further set of photographs from the BMFA Free Flight Nationals on the front page.

25th July
F3K World Championships now underway; as I said on Sunday the British team is reporting via posts in the BARCS Forum. The actual official web page needs updating but there is plenty going on in the "social media".

Further to the free flight connection, click for the UK team photograph, on the left is Mike Fantham, the team manager, well known a few years ago as an F1A flyer.

23rd July
This coming week there is the F3K World Championship in Lviv, Ukraine. F3K is the discus launch, 1.5m r/c glider class, which I believe is the closest r/c glider class to the free flight F classes in that lift spotting and using is paramount and there is a physical element in the launch.

Over 30 national teams have entered and last Friday and Saturday was "Vladimir’s Model Cup", the pre-World Champs event. The British team have been reporting via posts in the BARCS Forum, I couldn't resist passing on the following one from Michael Stern. In the Poker round you have to predict the length of flight you will make in a 10 minute slot. You have to achieve your prediction to get the points but you can have as many flights as will fit the 10 minutes, hence a single flight prediction of 9:58 being the ultimate.

"Round8 ....Poker!
MikeS HeatC
Cool breeze blowing running up to the start, so was planning a 1:30. One of the guys in the test flying did show something off the NW corner and in the seconds before the start I saw a flag in the NW direction give a good indication so I decided, 9:58?? I then started my launch slightly early and was worried I'd release before the buzzer which would mean it was over before it began. So I did an awkward double spin and didn't get a good launch. I headed over to my read, somewhat lower than I wanted to be and struggled to hook up. Others had the same read so there were others judge against, but it was not looking great. I decided it was a bit further away to the N and after a few seconds began to rise. Soon after I was booming up and went to about 1500ft, I'd guess. Boom, 1000pts!"

21st July
A busy weekend to come with the BMFA East Anglian Gala at Sculthorpe and the scale weekend at Shuttleworth. - Further details in Meetings/Events on the left.

Latest aeromodeller arrived yesterday, encouraging to see a number of photos of PMFC members as well as a report.

19th July
Last reminder for the KK Elf kit you will need to build before Flying Aces on September 3rd.

Should you want to use cyno for the construction then Pound Shops have a bargain of ten small "tubes" of cyno on a single card for a £1. Big advantage here is that for ten pence you can have a brand new un-clogged tube that hasn't gone off since you last used it.

Whilst taking of bargains, Vulcan to the Sky have cut the prices in their Summer Sale on a number of items including books.

17th July
Heard from Mick via John that the BMFA F/F Nationals results are available at:-

Or a direct download, with thanks to the BMFA.

2017 Free Flight Nationals - - - - - - 2017 Free Flight Nationals Champions
2017 Scale Free Flight Nationals

15th July
It is the July Area Free Flight Meeting at North Luffenham, tomorrow, Sunday, 16th. See Meetings and Events on the left.
SAM 35 will be there as well, with a reminder from John that "if any member wishes to take part in the SAM 35 Vintage/Classic glider event at Luffenham on Sunday, 16th July please be sure to contact me in advance."

13th July
Click for the June edition "Sky Larks" of the PMFC magazine, which is now available to non-club members.

You will then be able to find out where the Cloud Tramp photograph came from. (Click it for a larger version).


11th July
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs. More from the BMFA freeflight Nationals

9th July
Following on from the 7th July:-
"Just for fun I thought I'd try introducing the idea of the Overall Winner of our club event. My method is simply to give flyers one point for every competitor they beat. A glance at the recent club results from last week (Round Four) will show that this is an easy calculation. To qualify, flyers must compete in more than one event.

If my figures are right, it goes like this:

1) Bert Whitehead 13
2) John Ashmole 8
3) = Terry Page, Brian Lever 6
5) = Dave Clark Peter Adams 5

Knowing Bert's liking for the ocasional Latin tag, he can now style himself “Victor Ludorum” at least until the next event!

7th July
John said
"Following the most eventful and busy club f/f comp that I can remember, I have now extracted the points so far. Please remember that the best four events count out of five: the final round will take place on the 12th September at 3pm, running until 6pm. When eventually that date arrives, it should be a close fought contest, as almost all classes remain undecided.

I also have the results of the Bernie Nichols Trophy for this year. Peter Adams won the third round (second one was washed out, as per last year,) but as you will see, the award goes to Brian Lever. There's a story behind that victory which you will all find in the September issue of our magazine...sufficient to say you won't believe what model he used to win with! (I should mention that there were ties for second and 4th in the second round which explains apparent anomalies in the points: none of which affects the final outcome. Well done, Brian, Bernie would have been proud!

Oh, and, if any member wishes to take part in the SAM 35 Vintage/Classic glider event at Luffenham on Sunday, 16th July please be sure to contact me in advance."

4th July
Christian from Soo Modellers in Canada mentioned they have been experimenting with foamboard models in r/c combat. - Click for a video. Next step is to try the same material for control line combat models. Has anyone here links to similar experiments in the UK?

Click the thumb nail for a view of the Soo Modellers Flying site.

The Australian firm Micron Wings have a page where they do a Depron vs Modelling Foam comparison.

2nd July
Tuesday 4th is the July round of the 2017 Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competion, see Meetings/Events on the left. Monday there is an "aerobatic workshop" for the control line flyers at the newly cut circles.

A bit late for this but yesterday and today there were control line competitions at BMFA Buckminster.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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