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Pee Wee takes on Snoopy!

Regrettably, one of the "Electric Bowden" trophies fell into the wrong hands, during the windswept Summer of '12. That painful experience is mentioned in barely restrained terms in the Summer issue of our magazine, elsewhere on this website. Still stinging from the pangs of defeat, I realised that a new approach was needed.

In fact it was because of my current tenure as Editor, which forces me to attend events on Blustery Barkston whether I want to or not, that I came across two salient facts which helped me choose this design. Firstly, the realisation that in windy weather the best, sometimes only, successful flyers were the small rubber jobs, teaching me that a smallish model that would bounce undamaged would at least survive for the next comp flight. Secondly, my conversation with Ian Hibbert revealing his "Right Tool for the Job" on page 23 of the Winter issue caused me to abandon my intent to use only traditional classic slabsiders for the event and try something simple with a Shockie motor and prop saver........

Motor: Shockie 2204
Battery: 2 - Cell 320 LiPo
ESC 10 amp.
The timer and faceplate are as shewn under
"Technical Articles", April '12. (Provided by IDM.)

Stooping to conquer, I suppose. Another incentive was that I discovered the tailplane, true and flat, while cleaning out the garage: it is probably fifteen years old. I really don't remember whether I ever built the rest if it, but here it is now.


It's the Pee Wee Pal, by Walter Musciano, dated "early 1950's." Ben Buckle can supply the plan. The only alteration that I have made to the outline was to stretch the fuselage by an inch, as it looked rather short coupled. In fact it occurs to me that, if there is to be a ratio event during one of the Kencomps this Summer, a diesel fuselage could be on the cards. Should go like a b. out of h. with an MP Jet Classic... (If I do one, I shall ask Tony to add a bit here.)

John Ashmole
December 2012