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E20 a progress report, preparing for the first spring competition

All photos courtesy of Mick Page

A total of 7 power units were handed out to prospective E20 builders in early January 2014 and three models have so far emerged with 4 still being worked on. The following note is a brief description of how each builder has approached the task.

Bert Whitehead.   He has built a model based on the Ferry_500 and has test flown it at Barkston and at Ferry. The general consensus is that 12s might be too long a motor run as the model ended up in the top of the oak tree at Ferry on 2 occasions. It has a 45degree climb and appears steady as a rock. On the basis of his experience with his E20 power unit, Bert has modified his E30 with a specially prepared FET timer to give a 56s motor run (limit is 60s).

Bert has drawn up the modifications he has made to the Ferry_500 as below:-

If you want hard copy of this, ask Bert.

David Leech   David's model is a Ferry_500 but with a 3mm Depron wing shaped with heat (70 C oven when the Domestic Controller is out). He has achieved a flying weight of 63gm but has yet to fit a DT. The climb rate is much better than my own E20 but, alas, ended up at the top of a tree at Ferry, succesfully retrieved using multiple roach poles and a heap of sellotape.

Brian Waterland   The photo shows Brian's model (banana yellow) alongside my own Ferry_500. It has only just occurred to me that Brian has built a micro Pearl. The wing and tail area are much larger and the fin is a distinctive E36 'Pearl' shape. My model incorporates the JW secret dolphin nose LE. He said of this that he' was only messing about'. I must get to fly this soon as it is win-win. If it works then its na na nee na na time. If it doesn't then JW loses areodynamic expert points.

An early reminder that the first competition for E20 is Tuesday May 6th,14.00-20.00 at Ferry. All are welcome but must use the supplied power unit of 12mm GWS motor, 2 cell 240mah Lipo, GWS 3 x 2 propeller and FET timer with a resistor chosen to limit the motor run to 12s..

Finally, an old photo of my E20 ascending in glorious summer sunshine.

Ian Middlemiss April 2014  

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